Planned activities for Stopday October 4th, 2016

Coordinated by Teun. Prefered end time 15:00.

  • Fix apt repository, install numactl (Reinoud)
  • Perform tests with MonetDB (shutdown Postgres, numactl)
  • Put NFS server on no-break (cable from D3 to D1) (Done by Kees)
  • Repair locus081 memory (Done by Kees)
  • Reset switch module for Cobalt node 8 (UDP packets are dropping) (Hopko/Arjen)
  • shutdown lexar005 and lexar006 and bring them to Dwingeloo (Teun)
  • Do a filesystem check on /data of lof001-022 (Done by Robin)
  • Replace 1Gbps network cards on 10 CPU nodes (Done by Hopko)
  • none
  • Update default Lofar to LOFAR-Release-2_18_0
  • Update DS9 to version 7.4
  • Update of WSClean imager to 1.12
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