Stop-day activities Dec 6, 2016

Coordinated by Reinoud. Prefered end time 15:00.

The order of the stop-day will be Cobalt, CEP4, CEP3.

  • Swap ports of Cobalt node 8 to address the UDP packet loss (Arjen)
  • Cabinet D8 need to power down to replace a power meter at 10:00 (Kees)
    (affected systems: lcs116, lcs117, mgt001, all portal virtual machines: agro, cosmic, dep1, dep2, geo, geolofar, knmi, nap, portal, smtp)
  • Cabinet A1 (Dragnet) needs to power down to replace a power meter
  • All NL LCU's need to reload ntpd using Ansible. It will change the priority of ntpd to -6.
  • All (!) International stations will replace their LCUs. Uninterrupted network access is vital.

The international LCU's will be switched off at 08:15 LT

Note: The LCU in the Concentrator Node will be replaced Jan 3, 2017

  • Update spacewalk host (make image first!)
  • Reboot of all nodes
  • Reset idrac
  • Reboot
  • Do a filesystem check on /data of lof001-022 (Done by Robin)
  • Reboots
  • Reset idrac
  • ?
  • dop215 (Northstar) reboot
  • dop216 (Proposal) reboot
  • dop303 (Lofar MoM) reboot
  • dop293 (MySQL database) reboot
  • none
  • none
  • Make LOFAR Release 2.19 default version
  • Make WSClean 2.0 the default version
  • none
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