Stop-day activities August 7-8, 2018

Coordinator Teun Grit
Software Support Adriaan Renting
Science, Operations and Support Thomas Franzen
Observer Richard Blaauw

Description of stopday procedures
LOFAR Schedule cycle 10
⇒ The next stopdays are scheduled for October 2-3.

  • √ Reboots and idrac reboots. (Hopko)
  • √ Block access at 08:00 (Teun)
  • √ All nodes: file system check and reboot. (Kees)

After the reboot a problem appeared, where the NIS netgroup “cep3” seem to miss 2 users. A workaround was implemented and it was solved the next day.

  • √ No Reboot needed. Was done last week(Hopko)
  • √ No action. Were rebooted last week. (Hopko/Robin)
  • √ Only 13 of them need reboot: CS004C CS021C CS024C CS026C CS101C CS501C CS302C CS401C RS509C RS508C DE605C SE607C FR606C
  • √ cn001 is 540 days up, needs reboot
  • √ All other machines are okay
  • √ Update & reboot using Spacewalk
  • OS upgrade and reboot
  • OS upgrade and reboot
  • None
  • √ Reboot of nodes agc001,agc002, ads001, ais001…ais007 (Teun/Jasmin)

The correlators agc001 and agc002 were rebooted. Others (ads001, ais001 - ais007) received an upgrade to the latest Ubuntu 16.04. A cleanup of old Linux kernels on those systems 8GB from each systemdisk and shorted the upgrade significantly

  • None
  • none
  • none (A problem was solved in the configuration of the supervisor daemon of scu001)
  • ✘ Upgrade matplotlib to at least 2.2.1 (ref. ROHD-1004) Postponed. Needs to be tested thouroughly. Was temporary solved in ROHD-1004.
  • √ Upgrade pip to the latest version ( pip install –upgrade pip )
  • √ Install lmfit (ref. ROHD-1022)
  • √ Slurm update to version 17.11 (latest) (Hopko/Robin/Kees)
  • None
  • None (Slurm update not tested yet. Probably on Oct. stop-day)
  • None
  • none
  • none

The minutes of the review meeting can be found here.

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