Stop-day activities Mar 7, 2017

Coordinated by Teun. Preferred end time 15:00 LT (CET).

NorthStar will stay online on 7 March because the Cycle 8 proposal submission deadline is on 8 March. This concerns dop303 and dop293 (mysql1) in Dwingeloo.

Software Support: ??

  • Possible Dragnet shutdown to replace powermeter in rack A2 (maybe next stop-day)
  • reboots and idrac reboots
  • All systems: Filesystem check and reboot
  • Test large scale deletion of data on an empty system
  • Install Docker on lexar003
  • Reboot all LCU's in small portions. This to investigate the reboot problem.
  • Update GPS position from Ansible (Richard)
  • Check crontab after reboot lcuhead (check for ORPHAN tasks)
  • scu001 & scu199: Double amount of memory and nr of cores
  • scu001 & scu199: Add 100G in /localhome
  • none
  • Update LOFAR Offline to release 2.20
  • none
  • none
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