Dynspec Toolkit Container (DTC): The Jupiter Tutorial

This page provide to DTC users a tutorial to familiarize with the use of the DTC. DTC is documented on this page:

Use the following link to download the 300 Mb of the ICD6 Jupiter data: DATA



In contrast to the other tutorials, the Jupiter data are already in dynspec format (ICD006). User can plays with these data, visualize, convert to linear polarization, rebin them etc …

(click for larger version!)

Type the following command line in a terminal:

Dynspec-LinPol --outDir=$OUTPUT_DIR --ID=L85949 --filename=$FILENAME  --RAM=1

Remember that the “–ID” keyword just determines the output filename (dynspec_tools#tools_sub-package).

The following text will appear on your terminal:

vilchez@lce010:/data/scratch/vilchez/Jupiter$ Dynspec-LinPol --outDir=/data/scratch/vilchez/Jupiter/ --ID=L85949 --filename=/data/scratch/vilchez/Jupiter/Dynspec_rebinned_L85949_SAP000.h5  
Linear Polarisation Process Finished

Duration of processing: 2.3 s

Visualization with Dynspec-Visu (linear polarization):
(click for larger version!)

Now, we investigated all DTC functionalities.
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