Installing Losoto in a Virtual environment on Ubuntu 14.04

  • Tested/installed on an ubuntu 14.04
  • Uses generic ATLAS library form ubuntu, which is probably not optimized.
# install the following packages (with apt-get, aptitude or so):
python-virtualenv libhdf5-serial-1.8.4 libhdf5-serial-dev python-tables python-progressbar

# First create a virtual environment
virtualenv losoto
# Enter the environment with the following command
source losoto/bin/activate
# (re-)install some packages
pip install numpy
pip install numexpr
pip install cython
pip install tables
pip install progressbar
pip install matplotlib
pip install scipy
# Finally, download losoto from [[]]
git clone
  • You need to enter the virtual environment before running losoto. So run
source losoto/bin/activate
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