Preliminary programme

Updated version 2017/05/18



Day 1: Thursday 8 June

09:00 Registration and coffee
09:30 Words of welcome by Carole Jackson (ASTRON) and Alistair McPherson (SKAO)
09:45 Setting the scene, objectives of the meeting, Wim van Cappellen (ASTRON)

Session 1: Evolving Science with the SKA

Topics: Science with the AIP/ODP technologies.  How new technologies will vastly improve the prospects for SKA. Where do they have an advantage over existing technologies?  What sort of “new science” might they enable?  What are the clear differentiators?


A broad brush overview of AIP science with the SKA, Jeff Wagg (SKAO)


The Dynamic Radio Sky: New Prospects in Pulsars and Fast Radio Bursts, Joeri van Leeuwen (ASTRON)

11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Survey science, Jess Broderick (ASTRON)
12:00 New frontiers in cosmology with SKA2 technologies, Alkistis Pourtsidou (University of Portsmouth)
12:30 Lunch

Session 2: Observatory Development

Topics: SKA observatory development, characteristics of other (planned and expected) facilities, organizational aspects

13:30 Advanced Instrumentation Programme, Alistair McPherson(SKAO)
Considerations from AIP partners, Wim van Cappellen (ASTRON)
Discussion on the structure and content of the AIP/ODP, requirements, timescales, costs, roles of the SKAO and consortia. Convener: Mark Bowen
15:30 Coffee break

Session 3: Overview and Status of AIP Consortia


MFAA Status and plans, Wim van Cappellen (ASTRON)

16:30 PAF Status and plans, Steve Barker (CSIRO)
17:00 WBSPF Status and plans, Miroslav Pantaleev (Chalmers University of Technology)
17:30 End of day 1



Day 2: Friday 9 June

Session 4: Technology

09:00 MFAA Architecture and design trade-offs, André Gunst (ASTRON)
09:20 Aperture Array Front-End Design for MFAA, David Zhang (University of Manchester)

Development of PHased Arrays for Reflector Observing Systems (PHAROS), Lei Liu (Jodrell Bank Observatory)


INAF contribution to PHAROS2: Warm Section, Signal transportation and iTPM digital backend, Alessandro Navarrini (INAF)

10:20 Receivers for WBSPF and Dish, Stephane Gauffre (University of Bordeaux)

WBSPF Band B test results, Miroslav Pantaleev (Chalmers University of Technology)

11:00 Coffee break

Session 5: Conclusions


Discussion and wrap-up.
(the AIP Meeting Outcomes will be presented in a plenary talk at the SKA Engineering Meeting)

13:00 End of Meeting
13:00 Lunch



After the meeting, there will be face-to-face progress meetings of MFAA (Muller Kamer) and PAF (Reading Room).
On June 9 and 10, the Dish Consortium is having a face-to-face meeting at ASTRON.