As part of our commitment to equality and diversity, ASTRON and JIVE offer a visitor programme to young or established female scientists. They work in the fields of astronomy and engineering research & development.

Named after Helena Kluyver who was one of the first women to actively work as an astronomer in the Netherlands, the programme supports select number of female scientists to visit ASTRON/JIVE and engage in collaborative research with our staff members. The duration of the visits can range from a few weeks up to three months. The programme provides financial support for accommodation, travel expenses and limited local subsistence expenses, but no salary.


Application Procedure

If you are interested in applying for the programme, please first contact the scientist(s) or engineer(s) at ASTRON/JIVE with whom you want to collaborate. Together with your local collaborator(s), you should set up a project or research plan what you want to work on during your visit first, describing the technical details of the subject.

A Helena Kluyver visit can cover a period of three weeks up to a maximum of three months. Candidates of any nationality are eligible to be considered for the programme. Though recent PhD graduates are eligible to apply, priority will be given to advanced-career researchers.

To apply, please send an email to, which includes the following documents:

  • your CV and publication list
  • proposed dates of your visit
  • names of your collaborators within ASTRON/JIVE
  • a one page research proposal outlining the plans and goals for your visit
  • a budget request, assistance for estimating the local expenses will be provided

If you are a recent PhD with less than 3 years post-doctoral experience, you should also send two letters of reference.

There are no fixed deadlines for the application, but the information should be available at least 2 months prior to your intended visit. The programme coordinator will evaluate your proposal and inform you about the decision as soon as possible.


Helena Kluyver visitor stay in the ASTRON guesthouse next to the institute or in a hotel or apartment near to the institute. Local transportation can be provided in the form of a bike. The visitor will have office space and will be provided with a temporary account to access computer facilities at the institute. If you have any specific computing needs, please state this clearly in your research proposal.
In many cases citizens of non-EU countries must hold a valid visa to enter the country. For more information about visa please contact the personnel department: before you plan your visit. In addition, make sure you have an international or European health insurance as grants for the female visitor program don't cover such costs.


If you have any questions about the female visitor program you can contact us at

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