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God is an eJ

“God is an Ej. Not a Dj! Not a Vj!!

Welcome in the information Universe where God runs the show as an e-J. On day 1, the moment of the Big Bang, he created information “e” and separated the 0 from the 1.”

Published by the editorial team, 26 August 2011

This is how the show “God is an Ej”, organized by Target and the Kapteyn Institute in Groningen, starts on the top floor of a huge cube with Einstein on the front, in the middle of the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival in Groningen, the Netherlands. The cube is a large building, named Qu3, and shows everything that’s going on in Groningen in science and technology. Qu3 is living proof that science speaks to your imagination, so much so that it takes in a prominent place on an art festival, in this case the Noorderzon Festival 2011.

The show “God is an Ej”, that was visited by 5,500 people last week, is about the information Universe, where information (“e”) is abundantly present. In a nutshell, everything that has happened in the Universe can be seen in the show, the Universe can be seen as one information processing machine. From the Big Bang to genes, the internet and our consciousness. God is an eJ…

“On day 2 he created light – the first information “e” from the early Universe that we can see”, the presenters, clothed in black and white, continue. “That moment, that the light was turned on, is being search for with the LOFAR telescope, here in the North of the Netherlands; a computer- “e” – telescope of which the Gigabit- “e”- flows come together in Groningen where they are processed and saved. “



The LOFAR model in God is an eJ






The presenters show the visitors LOFAR the LOFAR telescope: a big model with mini antennas on a big green field. The blinking lights on the antennas represent the research being done with LOFAR: the search for the first stars and galaxies, the moment the light went on in the Universe.

But of course, with this the Universe wasn’t finished. The hosts continue their narration of the creation of the Universe, in which on day 6, the iPad, Xbox and the internet were created.

“Instead of resting on day 7, God started to wonder about all the “e” he had made and pumped it around in circles and spheres, such as the Infoversum and cubes like Qu3, and he looked up in amazement.”




A 3D printer, that prints all sorts of small shapes, such as bunnies, whistles or cubes.




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