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Access to LOFAR

How to get access to LOFAR facilities and become a participant in the project

  • If you are part of one of the Astronomical Key Science Projects, please use your designated contact person.
  • If you are part of one of the International partners of LOFAR, please contact your designated contact person.
  • If you are not part of any of the above please see the information on this page:

Once you are a participant of the project and you need access to the CEP systems as a programmer or scientist, you will need this information:

Please be aware of the following:

  • You share your home directory with ~ 275 neighbors
  • The observe system depends upon good availability
  • The pipeline runs on CEP2 also depend upon good availability
  • Home directories are subject to backup operations, more volume means more vulnerability
  • Moving large volumes on home-directories on head nodes can stall all cluster-nodes!
  • Keep your volume below 100GB (preferably less)
  • Use ``rsync –bwlimit=5000`` (5 MB/s) when coping data, use single thread only!
  • The weekends are used for observing!

You will have to register. See The LOFAR wiki start page.

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