On Friday 25 April, Prof. Arnold van Ardenne, connected to ASTRON and inhabitant of Assen (Drenthe), received a decoration by mayor Mrs. C. Abbenhues of Assen. In total, five people received the decoration for special merits to society. The ceremony took place in the council chamber in the city hall of Assen.

Prof. Van Ardenne (65) has been connected to ASTRON since 1994 in different positions. His last position at the institute was director of the division Emerging Technologies. Van Ardenne has, from his position and by participating in different international cooperations, committees and panels, largely contributed to developments in radio astronomy and space research in general.

Besides this, he also contributed to the design and development of new technologies in the field of radio telescopes and antennas. The LOFAR telescope in Drenthe, designed and built by ASTRON, was in this respect the first large scale radio telescope in the world and is a worldwide unique project. The activities of Van Ardenne have contributed to a leading position that the Netherlands and ASTRON have in this field.

Prof. Van Ardenne was appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Published by the editorial team, 25 April 2014


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