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Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Cellular, RFID, 5G and many other wireless technologies are all important to drive Internet of Everything growth. The long term expansion of the market will be dependent on wireless technology becoming invisible so that the consumers will be oblivious to which technology is used and only know that it works.” (ABI Research, 10 Mei 2013, Microwave Journal).

But there are also people who want to know how it works! Or want to know why it works. Or why it doesn't work.

We have been organizing our successful course “Applied RF technology” since 2002 twice a year and for more than 470 course participants now. 83% of the course participants in recent years recommend this course to colleagues in similar positions!

Why? Because after following this course you have clear insight into:

  • (communication) systems based on their high-frequency behavior
  • the importance of impedance matching in high-frequency systems
  • various modulation techniques
  • the operation of various antennas
  • performing practical microwave measurements

The course has been taught in Dutch language so far. As we would like to expand our RF knowledge more widely, we will organize an English version of the course.

Please read the enclosed course flyer for more information or contact us via

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Our congratulations go out to Anna Bilous and her colleagues, for this intriguing paper, which was published in Nature.

Every year on May 4th we put our Westerbork telescopes into mourning mode, to remember all the victims who fought for our freedom. Watch the video that we made a couple of years ago in cooperation with @kampwesterbork, demonstrating this. #4mei #Memorial

Our radio telescopes don't need the darkness to function, but they do need quiet skies, free from radio interference. This month is Dark and Quiet Skies month. What can you do to keep our skies dark and quiet?

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