René Kaptijn

Timing Distributor is the realisation of a central clock for all Dutch LOFAR stations using White Rabbit technology.

For Timing Distributor the predecessor CSYLOPHON project terminated at 31 January 2020. The project continues as Timing Distributor under the DUPLLO proposal.

We are currently creating the PMP. Main objective of the project is to get the White Rabbit central clock technology into the current LOFAR as soon as possible. This to reduce risks for the other LOFAR2.0 projects (e.g. the STAT(ion) project).

In February we plan the first test observations with four LOFAR stations connected to a central clock via White Rabbit technology. More measurements and investigations have to be performed and the documentation has to be updated according to the PDR remarks.

In a first draft schedule we plan the CDR in September 2020. In Q4 a tender is planned (White Rabbit and network equipment purchase). Then after the delivery period the roll-out and commissioning are planned in the first half of 2021.