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Planetron, CAMRAS & ASTRON organise Sterrendag Dwingeloo

What exactly can we see in the sky? How does a radio telescope work? And what exactly is radio astronomy? These and other questions will all be answered during the Sterrendag Dwingeloo (Star Day Dwingeloo). On this day, the Planetron Cinedome, CAMRAS and ASTRON, Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, organise different activities for young and old. This day is organised in honour of the International Year of Astronomy and Oktober Kennismaand.

Published by the editorial team, 7 October 2009

On the Sterrendag Dwingeloo visitors can see a special show in the Planetron. During this show, the stars, planets and constellations of the sky of that night will be described in the Planetarium. Visitors can see the show by reserving tickets on the website of the Planetron.

In the exposition room of the Planetron, ASTRON will give information about the new LOFAR telescope, that is currently under construction in Exloo, Drenthe (the Netherlands). There will also be astronomers from ASTRON in the Planetron telling about their discoveries.

The Dwingeloo Telescope of ASTRON has recently acquired an official monumental status. At CAMRAS, the foundation that manages the telescope, visitors can take a look in the control room. For this, a ticket can be reserved on the website of the Planetron.

Everyone who wants to visit the Sterrendag is welcome at the Planetron Cinedome, address: Drift 11b, Dwingeloo, phone: + 31 521 59 35 35. From the Planetron, a free bus will drive between the Planetron and the Dwingeloo Telescope. In the  radio quiet zone around the telescope no traffic is allowed. The building of ASTRON will not be open on this day. More information about this day can be found on:

For more information, please contact:

Gert Kieft, director. Tel.: 0521 59 35 35. E-mail:

Ard Hartsuijker, PR officer. Tel.: 0570 546 747 and 06 51 51 49 81. E-mail:

Femke Boekhorst, PR & Communication officer. Tel.: 0521 595 204 and 06 21 23 42 43. E-mail:

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