ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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24-12-2014Season's Greetings from ASTRONSeason's Greetings from ASTRON
23-12-2014JIVE goes ERIC in 23 languages!Aukelien van den Poll, Huib van Langevelde
22-12-2014Preparing AARTFAAC hardware for six additional LOFAR stationsAndre Gunst
19-12-2014AGC198606: A gas-bearing dark matter minihalo?Betsey Adams
18-12-2014Successful hand-over of the new International LOFAR station NorderstedtRonald Halfwerk
17-12-2014Kijk eens wat verder dan de SterrenMark Bentum
16-12-2014ERIC decision for JIVEZsolt Paragi
15-12-2014Speed Up Firmware DevelopmentAndre Gunst
12-12-2014Calibratability Fundamentals (2): Impact of observing frequency on apparent source statisticsStefan Wijnholds
11-12-2014AARTFAAC takes another step towards real-time deploymentPeeyush Prasad, for the AARTFAAC team
10-12-2014First Prototype of a Dense Dipole Array for MFAAPieter Benthem
08-12-2014H2020 EXTRIMA proposal submitted G.H.Kruithof
05-12-2014The Low Noise Tile (LNT): Measurements at Parkes (1)Roel Witvers, Bert Woestenburg, Pieter Benthem en Mark Ruiter
04-12-2014Today's Colloquium: Tracing the Structure and Kinematics of the Milky Way through Astrometric VLBI MeasurementsAlberto Sanna (MPIfR)
03-12-2014Heel Nederland Kijkt SterrenHeel Nederland Kijkt Sterren
02-12-2014The HI absorption ZooKatinka Gereb
01-12-2014HuDaGa: Hunt for the Darkest GalaxiesRaffaella Morganti
28-11-2014Meet the Radio Life team!Raffaella Morganti
27-11-2014Today's Colloquium: The evolving polarised jets of stellar mass black holesPeter Curran (ICRAR/Curtin University)
26-11-2014The AARTFAAC correlator is ready to go!Daniel van der Schuur and Peeyush Prasad
25-11-2014The Third LOFAR Data Processing SchoolR. F. Pizzo
24-11-2014The Periphery of DisksTom Oosterloo
22-11-2014Sinterklaas, the Children's FriendJan Noordam
21-11-2014The deepest look of the WSRTRaffaella Morganti
20-11-2014The lonely life of PSR J1745-2900Adam Deller
19-11-2014Released version 15.0 of the LOFAR Imaging CookbookRoberto Pizzo
18-11-2014Today's colloquium: But wait! There's more!: A wealth of science from millisecond pulsarsScott Ransom (NRAO, USA)
17-11-2014SKA MFAA frontend review meeting Pieter Benthem
14-11-2014The Low Noise Tile's Reproducibility and averaged resultsBert Woestenburg, Roel Witvers and Mark Ruiter
13-11-2014Today's colloquium: Formation of neutron stars: Ultra-stripped supernovae and other hot scenariosThomas Tauris (AIfA/MPIfR)
12-11-2014Philae's landing - today, live in the auditorium! Michael Garrett
11-11-2014LOFAR station DE609 (Hamburg) extending the ILTNico Ebbendorf
10-11-2014MFAA analog beamformer testboardAnne Koster
07-11-2014APERTIF successfully passed its Critical Design ReviewWim van Cappellen
06-11-2014Today's Colloquium: BlackHoleCam: Zooming in onto the Galactic Center Black HoleHeino Falcke (Radboud University Nijmegen & ASTRON)
05-11-2014Another pretty picture of LOFARJan Noordam
04-11-2014A Dwarf in DetailErwin de Blok
03-11-2014Tackling the puzzle of pulsar emission with LOFARMaura Pilia
31-10-2014Calibratability Fundamentals (1): Apparent source statisticsStefan Wijnholds
30-10-2014Today's colloquium: Conducting the deepest all-sky radio pulsar survey: The High Time Resolution Universe surveyCherry Ng (MPIfR)
29-10-2014Dome Open Users Platform Event: where science and SME's meetAlbert-Jan Boonstra
28-10-2014LOFAR discovers largest carbon atoms outside our Milky WayLeah Morabito
27-10-2014FAST track to completion!Michael Garrett
24-10-2014The pulsar population detected with LPPSJoeri van Leeuwen
23-10-2014Today's Colloquium: The light and the dark: Can the super-massive black hole at the Galactic centre dominate the Galaxy?David Jones (Radboud University Nijmegen)
22-10-2014Shared SkyRob Millenaar
21-10-2014Gravitational lensing at the highest angular resolution (II)John McKean
20-10-201412th European VLBI Network Symposium and Users MeetingGabriele Surcis
17-10-2014Gravitational lensing at the highest angular resolutionJohn McKean
16-10-2014Today's Colloquium: Jetted Ultra- and Hyperluminous X-ray sourcesDavid Cseh (Radboud University Nijmegen)
15-10-2014We welcome another NOVA Fall SchoolJan Noordam
14-10-2014Summer student project: HI in the star forming ring around UGC 9519Maolin Zhang
13-10-2014Working in Shifts for UniBoard^2Andre Gunst
10-10-2014DSL team at the 2nd ESA-CAS workshop in CopenhagenAlbert-Jan Boonstra
09-10-2014Sharp radio images unravel the mystery of gamma rays in stellar explosionsZsolt Paragi
08-10-2014Katinka Gereb awarded PhD for her thesis on HI stacking analysis of WSRT dataRaffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo
07-10-2014New member of IAA and vice-chair of the SETI Permanent CommitteeZsolt Paragi
06-10-2014Measuring dielectric constant and loss of foam materialsMichel Arts
03-10-2014The first low-frequency limit on Fast Radio BurstsJoeri van Leeuwen, Jason Hessels, Vlad Kondratiev et al.
02-10-2014Today's Colloquium: Quantifying the feedback from radio AGNStas Shabala
01-10-2014The SKA Architecture Group steps outJan Noordam
30-09-2014Radio WavesJoeri van Leeuwen
29-09-2014Wise oversight for the new Radome of the 20m at Onsala Space ObservatoryArnold van Ardenne
26-09-2014ASTERICS! Michael Garrett
25-09-2014Today's colloquium: Resolved stellar populations in the nearby Local Group dwarf galaxiesEline Tolstoy (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Groningen)
24-09-2014SKA LFAA antenna pattern measurements using Uniboard processing in CambridgeLeon Hiemstra
23-09-2014North America and the PelicanAlbert van Duin
22-09-2014Dome face-to-face meeting in ZurichAlbert-Jan Boonstra
19-09-2014First 10 LOFAR pulsar discoveriesSally Cooper
18-09-2014Today's Colloquium: The power of maser Zeeman splitting: today and in the era of the SKAJimi Green (SKA Organization)
17-09-2014LOFAR Imaging Busy Week XXIGeorge Heald
16-09-2014Launch of Het Logboek by Anke den DuynTruus van den Brink
15-09-2014M101 observed with the WSRT (again)Tom Oosterloo
14-09-2014Het LogboekAnke den Duyn
12-09-2014PSR B0823+26: Emission modes in single pulsesCharlotte Sobey
11-09-2014Today's colloquium: Science with the first station of the Long Wavelength Array and beyondFrank Schinzel (University of New Mexico)
10-09-2014What triggers a radio AGN? The intriguing case of PKS B1718-649Filippo Maccagni, Raffaella Morganti and Tom Oosterloo
09-09-2014To Save the RhinosJan Noordam
08-09-2014DOME Users Platform PCB WorkshopAlbert-Jan Boonstra
05-09-2014Using Art to Reveal Science in Astronomy Public Outreach Images Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo
04-09-2014Today's Colloquium: The Physics of Angular Momentum RadioBo Thide (Swedish Institute of Space Physics)
03-09-2014AstroFest 2014Raffaella Morganti
02-09-2014Low Frequency Science and Technology SymposiumAlbert-Jan Boonstra
01-09-2014ASTRON News summer edition 2014Roy van der Werp
29-08-2014The Great and the GoodJan Noordam
28-08-2014World largest Microphone phased arrayRonald Halfwerk
27-08-2014Mode-switching pulsar B0943+10 holds yet another surpriseAnna Bilous
26-08-2014Dust as Food for Galaxies Raffaella Morganti
25-08-2014Attention to DetailMadroon E.J.
22-08-2014EWASS 2014 Symposium on Low-frequency Radio AstronomyMichael Wise
21-08-2014M51 observed at 151 MHz with LOFARDavid Mulcahy
20-08-2014Probing the gas content of radio galaxies through HI absorption stackingKatinka Gereb
19-08-2014A day in the life of a millisecond pulsarCees Bassa, Gemma Janssen, Vlad Kondratiev, Jason Hessels, Roy Smits
18-08-2014Einstein cake and moreJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
15-08-2014An unknown hydrogen cloud near spiral galaxy NGC 2403Erwin de Blok
14-08-2014Becoming a H.I.T.Ronald de Wild
13-08-2014The APERTIF Phase Locked Loop (PLL) UnitJ. Morawietz, R. van den Brink on behalf of the LOG team
12-08-2014A Deep 20-GHz Survey in the SouthElizabeth Mahony
11-08-2014ALMA Band 5 Mirrorblock ProductionJohan Pragt
08-08-2014Millisecond Pulsar Scintillation Studies with LOFAR: Initial ResultsAnne Archibald
07-08-2014Connecting with the Portuguese for SKA Aperture Array developmentsASTRON SKA team
06-08-2014Scintillation Arcs in the IonosphereRichard Fallows
05-08-2014A contingent from South Africa's RATT groupGriffin Foster
04-08-2014MATISSE N-band shipped to NiceFelix Bettonvil
01-08-2014Astronomy Pretty Poster Pageant (APPP) 2014Joeri van Leeuwen
31-07-2014LOFAR images of polarized emission from our Galaxy Vibor Jelic
30-07-2014LOFAR's Calibration & Imaging Tiger Team (CITT) reflects on a Year of ProgressGeorge Heald
29-07-2014Twinkle, twinkle, little star...Adam Deller
28-07-2014LED it be - 3D prototypingJohan Pragt / Ronald Halfwerk
25-07-2014ASTRON/JIVE MTB 2014Joeri van Leeuwen
24-07-2014Get-together of the PhD studentsRaffaella Morganti
23-07-2014The Standalone Selfcal Tool (SST)Nicolas Vilchez
22-07-2014Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing: coming to an observatory near you! Michael Garrett
21-07-2014The Nature of Filamentary Cold Gas in the Core of the Virgo ClusterRaymond Oonk
18-07-2014South African delegation visit DwingelooZsolt Paragi
17-07-2014Apertif QDR correlator ready for testingDESP
16-07-2014Dutch Ambassador visits ICRAR to talk about SKAJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
15-07-2014ASTRON Bike To Work Day 2014Joeri van Leeuwen
14-07-2014Best paper award at ISC 2014Erik Vermij
13-07-2014Meeting of MindsMadroon E.J.
11-07-2014The Disturbed Galaxy NGC 4414Erwin de Blok
10-07-2014Hardware for APERTIFSieds Damstra
09-07-2014Today's Colloquium: The Jodrell Bank 966 MHz Survey and Optical IdentificationsRichard Porcas (MPIfR)
08-07-2014ASTRON Mid-term Report (2014) - Front coverMichael Garrett
07-07-2014A supermassive black hole blasting molecular gas from a galaxy at one million kilometers per hour Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo & Raymond Oonk
04-07-2014The GBNCC pulsar surveyAnne Archibald
03-07-2014DOME Microserver PremiereAlbert-Jan Boonstra
02-07-201412 Meuro for Netherlands contribution to design of the Square Kilometre ArrayMichiel van Haarlem/Truus van den Brink-Havinga
01-07-2014Cobalt project finishedMichiel Brentjens on behalf of the Cobalt team
30-06-2014A Nice Stroll with our NeighboursIna Lenten/Truus van den Brink
27-06-2014So close...Jan Noordam
26-06-2014Trio of supermassive black holes shakes space-timeZsolt Paragi
25-06-2014Sunflower GalaxyAlbert van Duin
24-06-2014Today's Colloquium at 11:00: The Chinese Space Science Programme & The Dark Age Interferometric ArrayProf. Ji Wu & Dr. Jingye Yan (National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
23-06-2014Prototyping plastic conductive partsRaymond van den Brink
20-06-2014Goodbye to Pavillion WestJan Noordam
19-06-2014Today's Colloquium: Numerical Simulations of Relativistic AGN Jets at Different Scales: Spectral Evolution of Blazar Jets and Heating of the Intracluster MediumManel Perucho (Universitat de Valencia)
18-06-2014Yearly ASTRON R&D outingTammo Jan Dijkema & Sjouke Kuindersma
17-06-2014Successful SKA meeting in SicilyTom Oosterloo
16-06-2014The Dwingeloo ComplexPatricia Breman, Jan Noordam
13-06-2014Dutch CamelopardalidsFelix Bettonvil
12-06-2014ASTRON & POLFAR sign for three new Polish LOFAR antenna stationsRonald Halfwerk
11-06-2014ASTRON Bike To Work Day -- Monday June 16Joeri van Leeuwen
10-06-2014New ASTRON Board Member - Albertiene HaddersMichael Garrett
06-06-2014Close-up of the MoonRik ter Horst
05-06-2014MATISSE LM Cold Optics Bench at MPIAFelix Bettonvil
04-06-2014Artificial Intelligence finds six new pulsars in Arecibo data.Joeri van Leeuwen
03-06-2014Presidential Decoration for Raffaella MorgantiAstron
02-06-2014A-MKID warm mirrors for SRONJohan Pragt
28-05-2014MSSS-HBA observations are complete!George Heald
27-05-2014Today's Colloquium: Gamma-Ray Bursts from GeV to GHz and BeyondAlexander van der Horst (API)
26-05-2014The Low Noise Tile: Full array results Bert Woestenburg, Roel Witvers, Mark Ruiter and Pieter Benthem
23-05-2014Tribute to Wubbo OckelsNico Vermaas
22-05-2014Today's Colloquium: From Hertz to the Herschel Telescope - Development of the reflector antenna in radio astronomyJacob Baars (MPIfR)
21-05-2014Out of Paviljoen WestGer van Diepen on behalf of the PWT software group
20-05-2014Radio astronomy at ICASSP 2014Rik Jongerius
19-05-2014 Girlsday DrawingsRoy Smits
16-05-2014Girl's Day 2014: Finding the future Engineer PowerWomanAdriaan Renting
15-05-2014Evidence for magnetically arrested accretion disks across the black hole mass scaleEric Clausen-Brown (MPIfR)
14-05-2014Proven reliability of large structure simulationsBenedetta Fiorelli
13-05-2014A special Bospub lunch for the pulsar groupGemma Janssen
12-05-2014APERTIF LO-Generator Control boardSieds Damstra
09-05-2014At the Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia (IAR), a personal accountRob Millenaar
08-05-2014Today's Colloquium: ESO - Present and FutureTim de Zeeuw (ESO)
07-05-2014The Scintillating CrabRichard Fallows
06-05-2014HI discs in real and simulated early-type galaxiesPaolo Serra, Tom Oosterloo & Raffaella Morganti
05-05-20141st MIDPREP workshop at ASTRONTruus van den Brink-Havinga
04-05-2014A site visit to WSRT, EMBRACE and LOFARTruus van den Brink-Havinga
02-05-2014Resisting InterferenceAnne Archibald
01-05-2014Astron astronomer featuring in film for national celebration of Liberation DayPeter Bennema/Tom Oosterloo
30-04-2014The new ASTRON Photonics LabKlaas Dijkstra
29-04-2014Today's Colloquium: The cold ISM in massive early-type galaxies: origin, morphology, kinematics, and black-holesTimothy Davis (ESO)
28-04-2014It has pleased His Majesty...Jan Noordam
25-04-2014The first infrared fringes with MATISSEFelix Bettonvil
24-04-2014Today's NOVA colloquium: Unlocking Secrets of Pulsars with the Fermi Gamma-Ray TelescopeAlice Harding (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
23-04-2014First fringes with APERTIF ALPHA-3Boudewijn Hut and Wim van Cappellen for the APERTIF team
22-04-2014Shipping UniRacks for AAVSGijs Schoonderbeek
21-04-2014Whistling to WorkHiddo Hanenburg
18-04-2014Being Interviewed: All part of the job.Madroon E.J.
17-04-2014Today's Colloquium: The Role of Molecular Gas in OutflowsKalliopi Dasyra (Observatoire de Paris)
16-04-2014Gabby Aitink-Kroes wins Engineer PowerWoman Award 2014Ramon Navarro
15-04-2014The Birth of Dutch Radio Astronomy: 70 years ago!Richard Strom
14-04-2014Very Small BoardGert Kruithof
11-04-2014LOFAR Science Week 2014Michael Wise et al.
10-04-2014ASTRON extends LOFAR telescope with new antenna station near HamburgFemke Boekhorst
09-04-2014Today's Colloquium: Seeing double - looking for dual active galactic nuclei with VLBISandor Frey (FOMI)
08-04-2014Almost invisible heroesWim van Cappellen for the APERTIF team
07-04-2014Dwingeloo Telescope re-openedJan Noordam
04-04-2014Joe Taylor is Back!Jan Noordam
03-04-2014Today's Colloquium: Waterfalls, fountains and water bombs: infall, outflows and shocks in solar-mass protostars traced by rotational lines of waterJoseph Mottran (Leiden Observatory)
02-04-2014MFAA environmental prototypes realized! Pieter Benthem
01-04-2014UniBoard in combination with the UniServerVereese van Tonder
31-03-2014SKA MFAA All-HandsJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
30-03-2014Another "amateur" image: Messier 81Albert van Duin
28-03-2014New EVN baselinesSergei Pogrebenko
27-03-2014Today's Colloquium: The ALFALFA Census of Gas-Bearing Galaxies at z=0 Martha Haynes (Cornell University)
26-03-2014Arctic storm damage at KAIRADerek McKay-Bukowski
25-03-2014Discovery of a Super-Powered Black Hole in the Nearby Galaxy M83Leith Godfrey
24-03-2014Stargazing event organized by the PVLesley Goudbeek / Albert van Duin / Marchel Gerbers
21-03-2014The Low Noise Tile: First array resultsBert Woestenburg, Roel Witvers, Mark Ruiter
20-03-2014Today's Colloquium: Science with the Murchison Widefield ArrayLister Staveley-Smith
19-03-2014The hardware for APERTIF ALPHA-3 is coming inWim van Cappellen for the APERTIF team
18-03-2014The Lessons of HistoryJan Noordam
17-03-2014Where to place the MFAA environmental prototypes?Pieter Benthem
14-03-2014M15A pulse profile with Earth-sized phased arrayAard Keimpema, Mark Kettenis, Huib Jan van Langevelde, and Arpad Szomoru.
13-03-2014Today's colloquium: Detecting Gravitational Waves with Pulsars: Taming the Interstellar MediumDan Stinebring (Oberlin College & ASTRON)
12-03-2014What is the weather like at the LOFAR core?Anna Nelles
11-03-2014Professor Huib Jan van LangeveldeJan Noordam
10-03-2014MFAA environmental prototypes on their way to the South Africa Karoo SKA site.Marco Drost
07-03-2014A scintillating radio movieGer de Bruyn and the LOFAR EoR team
06-03-2014Today's Colloquium: Jet production in the nearby universe: testing feedback across the Eddington scaleAnthony Rushton (Oxford University)
05-03-2014First EVN fringes to new NASA JPL digital backendMark Kettenis
04-03-2014Inauguration of Marco de Vos at the Hanze UniversityGert Kruithof
03-03-2014A Moonbounce Wedding by the Dwingeloo TelescopeJan Noordam
28-02-2014GhostbustedTrienko Grobler, Ridhima Nunhokee & Oleg Smirnov
27-02-2014Today's Colloquium: Harvesting ALFALFA: The Faint End of the Galaxy Luminosity FunctionJohn Cannon (Macalester College)
26-02-2014LOFAR HBA repairMarchel Gerbers
25-02-2014Im Memoriam Lambert Nieuwenhuis (1946-2014)Bert Woestenburg et al
24-02-2014Olympic Excitement in DwingelooMadroon E.J.
21-02-2014Low Noise TileRoel Witvers, Mark Ruiter, Bert Woestenburg
20-02-2014Today's Colloquium: The Galactic Center Weather ForecastMonika Moscibrodzka (Nijmegen University)
19-02-2014Optical spectra from the millisecond pulsar triple systemAnne Archibald
18-02-2014Changing your profileErwin de Blok
17-02-2014PhD thesis defence of Gregory Hellbourg (Orleans)Albert-Jan Boonstra
14-02-2014Cobalt sees a PulsarMichiel Brentjens
13-02-2014Today's Colloquium: The Use of the Moon as a Particle Detector Justin Bray (University of Southampton)
12-02-2014Extra Colloquium Today: The Virtual Observatory and Why It Matters To YouMarkus Demleitner (Universitaet Heidelberg)
11-02-2014First Results from the APERTIF ALPHA-3 CorrelatorGijs Schoonderbeek for the APERTIF team
10-02-2014Storm-damaged HBA tile in transitMarchel Gerbers, Nico Ebbendorf
07-02-2014Of Beams and Blue RibandsOleg Smirnov & Rick Perley
06-02-2014Today's Colloquium: Searching for protoclusters in the far-infrared with Herschel/SPIREEmma Rigby (Leiden Observatory)
05-02-2014What does the presence of grating lobes do to your effective area - part IIMichel Arts & Stefan Wijnholds
04-02-2014Crippled by unenlightened NatureDaniela Mikkers & Ronald Halfwerk
03-02-2014Winter Wildlife in the LOFAR Core Marchel Gerbers
31-01-2014StefStefCal edging into the MainstreamJan Noordam
30-01-2014Supernova 2014J in M82Albert van Duin
29-01-2014What does the presence of grating lobes do to your effective area - part IMichel Arts & Stefan Wijnholds
28-01-2014UvA 2nd year research practicumJason Hessels
27-01-2014A SKA First for LFAAAndre van Es
24-01-2014The power of wimpy radio sourcesRaffaella Morganti, Kristina Nyland (New Mexico Tech/NRAO)
23-01-2014Tracking tied-array beam wobbleWilfred Frieswijk, Jason Hessels & Vlad Kondratiev
22-01-2014Visit from Hoogeschool WindesheimRik Jongerius
21-01-2014Discovery of Carbon Radio Recombination Lines in absorption towards Cygnus ARaymond Oonk
20-01-2014In memoriam: Peter Fridman (1940-2014)Jan Noordam (ed.)
17-01-2014The Hendrik C. van de Hulst AuditoriumMichael Garrett
16-01-20144th NL SKA Industry Information meetingMichiel van Haarlem
15-01-2014Four new participants DOME Users PlatformAlbert-Jan Boonstra
14-01-2014"If you want to predict the Future, you will have to invent it"Jan Noordam
13-01-2014Apertif DCU sub-rackErik van der Wal
10-01-2014A New Broom presents himselfJan Noordam
09-01-2014LOFAR HoneyAnna Scaife
08-01-2014Observation of HI absorption line by APERTIF UniBoardBoudewijn Hut for the APERTIF team
07-01-2014Pulsar with two white dwarf companions promises to test theories of gravityAnne Archibald and Jason Hessels
06-01-2014Thijs Coenen awarded PhD for thesis "Searching for pulsars with LOFAR"Joeri van Leeuwen
03-01-2014Seating Patterns IIMadroon E.J.
02-01-2014Getting in the Mood for 2014Jan Noordam