ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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24-12-2018ASTRON Season's GreetingsASTRON
21-12-201825th anniversary of JIVEKatharina Immer
20-12-2018PhD Defence Shahrzad NaghibzadehAlbert-Jan Boonstra
19-12-2018SKA LFAA scale modelJorrit Siebenga
18-12-2018End-to-end Testing of the ARTS FirmwareJonathan Hargreaves & Pieter Donker
17-12-2018UniBoard2 ready for ARTSGijs Schoonderbeek
14-12-2018Building High-performing Campus Infrastructures for ResearchYan Grange
13-12-2018Today's colloquium: Early galaxy formation and its large-scale effectsPratika Dayal
12-12-2018Lankhorst Engineering visit to ASTRONPieter Benthem
11-12-2018Today's colloquium: New insights into AGN, via their radio emissionSarah White
10-12-2018Polarized imaging with the Image Domain GridderAndré Offringa
09-12-2018Goodbye RuudAndre Gunst
07-12-2018LOFAR LBA maintenanceJan-Pieter de Reijer
06-12-2018Today's colloquium: The physical and chemical structure of SgrB2. Studying the most massive cloud in the GalaxyÁlvaro Sanchez-Monge
05-12-2018Klim Mikhailov, PhDJoeri van Leeuwen
04-12-2018Radio Astronomy Meets CybersecurityAndre Gunst
03-12-2018The Small Magellanic Cloud imaged by ASKAPHelga Denes
30-11-2018Wintersleep Tonjes JippingHenk Mulder
29-11-2018Colloquium - Radio-wavelength searches for the basis of dark matterVikram Ravi
28-11-2018A tree-like deep neural network for FRB classificationLiam Connor
27-11-2018Colloquium - The bright FRB populationJP Macquart
26-11-2018The 2018 LOFAR Surveys Key Science Project Meeting.Tim Shimwell
23-11-2018Creativity in birthday ageing riddlesYan Grange
22-11-2018Today's colloquium: Towards Understanding Black Hole Accretion and Jet LaunchingMonika Moscibrodzka
21-11-2018Low Frequency Astronomy and the LOFAR observatoryRoberto Pizzo, George Heald, John McKean
20-11-2018Cosmic serpent reveals new way massive stars dieJoseph Callingham
19-11-2018Impressie Telescooploop 2018Telescooploop 2018
16-11-2018ADASS coming to the Netherlands in 2019!Roberto Pizzo, Yan Grange
15-11-2018Colloquium - Late-phase radiative transfer of Type Ia supernovaeLuke Shingles
14-11-2018LOFAR strides towards Mega-Mode Operations (and more!) with its new correlator (COBALT 2.0)V.N. Pandey, Jan David, Cees Bassa, Jason Hessels, Rene Kaptijn on behalf of COBALT2.0 Team
13-11-2018Science is OerolJason Hessels
12-11-2018Prototype of the MICADO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector Annemieke Janssen
09-11-2018"Let's Gro To The Moon"Albert-Jan Boonstra
08-11-2018ASTRON/UvA 2nd Year Research PracticumJason Hessels
07-11-2018Inaugural speech prof. BentumAlbert-Jan Boonstra
06-11-2018ASTRON's Sarrvesh Sridhar successfully defends his PhD thesisJoseph Callingham
05-11-2018Weighing planets and asteroids using pulsarsGemma Janssen
02-11-2018LOFAR Station Upgrade Architecture ReviewAlbert-Jan Boonstra and René Kaptijn
01-11-2018Colloquium - EVN-(e)MERLIN Stokes-I contour maps of the 1665-MHz flaring emission towards o CetiSandra Etoka
31-10-2018Farewell Truus van den BrinkDiana Verweij
30-10-2018cuFFS: A GPU-accelerated code for Fast Faraday Rotation Measure SynthesisSarrvesh S Sridhar
29-10-2018Non-Iterative Radio Telescope DesignAlbert-Jan Boonstra and Ronald Nijboer
26-10-2018Uniboard Firmware TrainingLeon Hiemstra
25-10-2018Colloquium - A low-frequency radio perspective on AGNLeah Morabito
24-10-201814th EVN Symposium and Users meetingKatharina Immer
23-10-2018It's good to take it slowJason Hessels
22-10-2018Dr. Daniele MichilliJason Hessels
19-10-2018Christiaan Huygens prijsJason Hessels
18-10-2018Colloquium - What Happened in 774 CE? Investigating the Largest Cosmic Radiation Strikes in Human HistoryMike Dee
17-10-2018First meetup of the Dutch Research Software Engineering communityYan Grange
16-10-2018The Earth and the far side of the MoonCees Bassa & Tammo Jan Dijkema
15-10-2018Beginning of the first APERTIF shakedown!Vanessa Moss + APERTIF team
12-10-2018ASTRON/JIVE/NOVA Open DagPR
11-10-2018The Big WipeReinoud Bokhorst
10-10-2018Taking a look around a LOFAR international station in VRRobert Schulz
09-10-2018Weave Lens Alignment ToolMenno Schuil
08-10-2018The second HI absorption workshopRobert Schulz & Raffaella Morganti
05-10-2018Open Dag / Open Day Iris Nijman / Gina Maffey
04-10-2018Colloquium - Energetics and lifecycles of radio galaxies: what can models tell us?Stas Shabala
03-10-2018Astronomy at the IACPhil Crosby (CSIRO)
02-10-2018Symposium: The New Era of Multi-Messenger AstrophysicsGiuseppe Cimo', Christine Werkhoven
01-10-2018NWO-Groot Grant Awarded for DUPLLOJason Hessels
28-09-2018First e-EVN + e-MERLIN + SRT scienceAard Keimpema and Benito Marcote
27-09-2018Changing sky colors during a lunar eclipseCees Bassa
26-09-2018Beamforming videoPR
25-09-2018SWENED CollaborationGert Kruithof
24-09-201850 years Westerbork Radio Observatory. A continuing Journey to Discoveries and InnovationsArnold van Ardenne
21-09-2018Looking at FRB 121102 at very high energy and optical wavelengthsBenito Marcote
20-09-2018New activity at ASTRON funded by ESACarla Baldovin
19-09-2018Microserver Datacenter delivered at EnTranCeRené Kaptijn
18-09-20185th LOFAR Data SchoolData school LOC and SOC
17-09-2018LOFAR MSSS reveals low-frequency spectra of nearby galaxiesKrzysztof T. Chyzy, George Heald, Jess Broderick
14-09-2018The Oort-Cloud fountain, FranekerRoy de Goei
13-09-2018Westerbork Radio Telescope's major upgrade enlarges field of view 37 timesPR
12-09-2018thermal GraduatePaula Fusiara
10-09-2018Integrated Photonics for Radio TelescopesPeter Maat and Roy van der Werp
07-09-2018LOFAR from a hot air balloonGert Kruithof
06-09-2018Colloquium - The nexus of Australian marsupials and broadband radio polarimetryGeorge Heald
05-09-2018YERAC 2018!Gina Maffey
04-09-2018Phase screen on long baselines of LOFARNeal Jackson, for the LOFAR Long Baseline Working Group
03-09-2018ASTRON/JIVE Traineeship in Science Operations with Massive ArraysEmmanuel Bempong-Manful
31-08-2018Dwingeloo has fringes (again) !Paul Boven
30-08-2018The duty cycle of the radio galaxy B2 0258+35Marisa Brienza and Raffaella Morganti
29-08-2018LOFAR Interferometric Observation of a group of Type III Solar Radio Bursts.Anshu Kumari
28-08-2018VLBI fringes with MeerKATHarro Verkouter
27-08-2018Shock signature in the Solar Corona with LOFARPietro Zucca
24-08-2018Parker Solar Probe makes a star of Richard FallowsFrank Nuijens
23-08-2018A better radio view of M81 and M82Erwin de Blok
22-08-2018A repeating fast radio burst and its persistent radio counterpartAlexander Plavin
21-08-2018Scintillation based search for off-pulse emission from pulsarsIuliana Nitu
20-08-2018ARTAMIS (All-Round Telescope Array Monitoring and Information System)Henk Mulder
17-08-2018A Dutch Summer ASTRON/JIVE Summer Students 2018
16-08-2018Today's Colloquium Sergei Gulyaev
15-08-2018A Summer NebulaAlbert van Duin
14-08-2018Total Lunar Eclipse 2018Zsolt Paragi
13-08-2018Space Studies Programme visited Dwingeloo Local organising committee SSP
10-08-2018Waiting for Wetter TimesJan Noordam
09-08-2018Summer SaturnRik ter Horst
08-08-2018Twinkle, Twinkle, little Quasar - Observing the Solar Wind with LOFARDavid McKenna
07-08-2018Finding Pulsars in the LOFAR Imaging SurveyAmy Tuson
06-08-2018How to become the Coolest Guy in the Building Henk Mulder
03-08-2018ASTRON in Noord-Brabant?Michel Arts
02-08-2018Evidence of life in the ALTA teamNico Vermaas
01-08-2018Summer Student Project: Zeeman splitting in OH EGOsDaysi Quinatoa
31-07-2018ASTRON/JIVE summer students visit WSRT and LOFARCees Bassa
30-07-2018Student project: radio telescope for amateur astronomersPeter Maat and Roel Witvers
27-07-2018Open for Business againJan Noordam
26-07-2018The jet-driven outflow in the young radio galaxy PKS B1934-63: one more piece in the puzzle of cold gas formation.Francesco Santoro
25-07-2018Preserving NEWSTARTammo Jan Dijkema & Wim Brouw
24-07-2018ASTRON @ Zwarte CrossJoeri van Leeuwen
23-07-2018ASTERICS European Data Provider ForumAdriaan Renting
20-07-2018Bedtime story for a windy dayAgnes Mika
19-07-2018Proposal Tool Workshop at ESOAdriaan Renting
18-07-2018LOFAR's first automatic response to an astrophysical transientAntonia Rowlinson
17-07-2018Scaling SAGECal to SKAHanno Spreeuw, Ben van Werkhoven and Sarod Yatawatta
16-07-2018Do objects with extreme gravity fall the same way as normal ones?Anne Archibald
13-07-2018Hier... Radio-Melkweg!Tammo Jan Dijkema
12-07-2018Einstein’s theory still passes the testIris Nijman
11-07-2018LOFAR MSSS: searching for peaked-spectrum sourcesChristiaan Bozon, Joe Callingham, Jess Broderick
10-07-2018LOFAR 2.0 Busy weeksWim van Cappellen
09-07-2018The optical side of RadioLifeRaffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo
06-07-2018Frederik Kaiser, a nearly forgotten Dutch astronomy legendArno Schoenmakers
05-07-2018Colloquium - Gamma-ray emission from pulsars and their environments: an experimental perspectiveRoberta Zanin
04-07-2018Mapping the neutral atomic hydrogen gas outflow in the restarted radio galaxy 3C 236Robert Schulz, Raffaella Morganti
03-07-2018ASTRON supports!Daniel van der Schuur
02-07-2018LAB survey (and many more) in StellariumTammo Jan Dijkema
29-06-2018The ASTRON/JIVE summer students of 2018Cees Bassa
28-06-2018Colloquium - X-ray, mm and radio wavelength observations of the nuclear activity in lensed dusty star forming galaxiesMarcella Massardi
27-06-2018RadioAstron in DwingelooGina Maffey and Leonid Gurvits
26-06-2018An early start to planet formationMatthijs van der Wiel
25-06-2018Roadtripping Mechanical GroupiesJorrit Siebenga
22-06-2018Klokhuis Vragendag (Question Day) 2018 @ NEMO Joeri van Leeuwen
21-06-2018Colloquium - Active Galaxies in the local UniverseRebecca McElroy
20-06-2018Curiouser and curiouser : Multifrequency behaviour of the anomalous events of PSR J0922+0638 Golam Shaifullah
19-06-2018SOS Team's Visit to SURFsara in Amsterdam Bernard Asabere
18-06-2018Arts Tabs First LightJonathan Hargreaves
15-06-2018The external tour for the interns Channah Vogel
14-06-2018Today's colloquium: Knottiness of X-ray jets: testing the obstacle-in-jet modelSarka Wykes
13-06-2018The organiser of the Applied Radio Frequency technology courseRonald Halfwerk
12-06-2018Visit Minister Van EngelshovenPR
11-06-2018Experiential learning!Menno Norden
08-06-2018Taking the JIVE experienceRoss Burns
07-06-2018Today's colloquium: eROSITA - The Next X-ray All Sky SurveyJoern Wilms
06-06-2018Jan-Willem Steeb wins URSI Student Paper Competition!Stefan Wijnholds
05-06-2018A new road map for the Radio Observatory processing pipelinesEmanuela Orru
04-06-2018PV Event: Drone Clinic (23-05-2018)Merijn Martens
01-06-2018Systems Engineering CourseAndre Gunst
31-05-2018Colloquium - Measuring spatial scales in the line-to-continuum ratio from cosmic reionization in redshifted 21 cm interferometer experimentsNithyanandan Thyagarajan
30-05-2018ARP117 (IC983) and ARP79 (NGC5490C)Albert van Duin
29-05-20182018 SKA-NL Science MeetingJess Broderick
28-05-2018First SKA-Low Prototype Station Completed On SiteASTRON
25-05-2018e-ASTROGAM: A space mission for MeV-GeV gamma-ray astrophysicsBenito Marcote
24-05-2018En route for NCLERonald Halfwerk
23-05-2018NCLE towards the moon (May 21st, 2018)Albert-Jan Boonstra
22-05-2018Recipe for a successful brainstormPaula Fusiara
18-05-2018The effect of the ionosphere on ultra-low frequency radio-interferometric observationsF. de Gasperin and M. Mevius
17-05-2018Today's colloquium: The different regimes of accretion and feedback in compact objectsTobias Beuchert
16-05-2018LOFAR data quality inspection using machine learningAlbert-Jan Boonstra
15-05-2018Supporting radio astronomy in GhanaRoss Burns and Jay Blanchard
14-05-2018Het Logboek is doing well in AustraliaJan Noordam
11-05-2018Dwingeloo - Westerbork 1977-1978Tammo Jan Dijkema
10-05-2018First observations through a tied-array beam of ApertifYogesh Maan and Joeri van Leeuwen
09-05-2018Farewell Ronald NijboerGert Kruithof & Jan Noordam
08-05-2018'top astronomy requires top technics' - internship event Innovation Cluster DrachtenMonique Sluiman
07-05-2018Beware of the PV, it locks its members up!Agnes Mika
04-05-2018Thailand is building a radio telescope!Willem Baan
03-05-20188 eyes of hairy inspirationPaula Fusiara
02-05-2018ASTRON Hackathon Joseph Callingham and Amruta Jaodand
01-05-2018The ArtefactJoeri van Leeuwen & Daniël van der Schuur
30-04-2018A workshop on energetics and life cycle of radio galaxies Raffaella Morganti for the LOC
27-04-2018Girlsday 2018Iris Nijman
26-04-2018Today's colloquium - Testing General Relativity Using a Pulsar in a Triple SystemAnne Archibald
25-04-2018Kick-off PV activities 2018 Agnes Mika on behalf of the PV board
24-04-2018The story of just another day at the officeGert Kruithof
23-04-2018Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2018Gina Maffey and Iris Nijman
20-04-2018JIVE confirms first interferometric fringes with the Colombo radio telescope (Azores islands)Gina Maffey
19-04-2018Today's colloquium: The role of gas flows in regulating galaxy evolutionAmelie Saintonge
18-04-2018AENEAS all-hands meeting in Nice, FranceRob van der Meer
17-04-2018What can VLBI do for your Research?Gina Maffey
16-04-2018R&D department outing 2018 Monique Sluiman & Pieter Benthem
13-04-2018A LOFAR map of W50 and SS433Jess Broderick
12-04-2018Today's colloquium: Make your code famous! (Or at least discoverable)Alice Allen
11-04-2018Running LOFAR imaging pipelines in a docker containerSarrvesh Sridhar
10-04-2018Today's Colloquium: Low-frequency polarimetry on the path to the SKA: the POGS projectChristopher Riseley
09-04-2018WinCC OA, The NavigatorHenk Mulder
06-04-2018ASTERICS All-Hands meetingGiuseppe Cimo' and Christine Werkhoven
05-04-2018Mechanical RiddlePaula Fusiara
04-04-2018Signal Processing - an intensive course, part 2Roel Witvers, Ronald de Wild
03-04-2018ARP286 (NGC 5566 & 5560)Albert van Duin
02-04-2018Another RadioLife (and LOFAR) thesis!Raffaella Morganti
01-04-2018Apertif Tracking Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster Henk Mulder
30-03-2018Another RadioLife (and LOFAR) thesis!Raffaella Morganti
29-03-2018Colloquium - Cold gas in the center of radio-loud galaxies: New perspectives on triggering and feedback from HI absorption surveys and molecular gas.Filippo Maccagni
28-03-2018"No exceptions"Joeri van Leeuwen
27-03-2018Prospects of a future LOFAR station in SpainCarla Baldovin
26-03-2018Life-cycle workshop 2018 Raffaella Morganti, Joe Callingham for the LOC
22-03-2018AstroFest 2018Gemma Janssen
21-03-2018Strong Gravitational LensingAlbert van Duin
20-03-2018Discovery of a Highly Relativistic Double Neutron Star Joeri van Leeuwen
19-03-2018Today's colloquium: VLBI scintillometryUe-Li Pen
16-03-2018The LABJoeri van Leeuwen
15-03-2018Today's colloquium: Blunders and FailuresJan Noordam
14-03-2018EDU roboticsMonique Sluiman
13-03-2018Close-up of the MoonRik ter Horst
12-03-2018First time cool & right, right?:)Paula Fusiara
09-03-2018Successful review of DISPERSE projectPeter Maat
08-03-2018Colloquium - Galaxy clustering in the near- and far-infraredWilliam Cowley
07-03-2018ARGO: the Apertif Radio - Gravitational wave ObservatoryJoeri van Leeuwen
06-03-2018Putting the Dwingeloo telescope to use: a Bright Pulsar SurveyTammo Jan Dijkema & Cees Bassa
05-03-2018The (nearly) infinite possibilities of 3d printingJorrit Siebenga
02-03-2018AJDI Awards 2017Carole Jackson & Francisco Colomer
01-03-2018Today's colloquium - Radio galaxies: Models and RealityMartin Hardcastle
28-02-2018LUnar Cubesats for Exploration (LUCE) ReviewAlbert-Jan Boonstra
27-02-2018Shanghai Correlator Firmware Development at JiveJonathan Hargreaves
26-02-2018Heating up Gemini LRU Gijs Schoonderbeek / Leon Hiemstra / Sjouke Kuindersma
23-02-2018MATISSE Ready! Felix Bettonvil
22-02-2018Today's colloquium Growing massive black holes in the high redshift UniverseTiago Costa
21-02-2018ASTRON NCLE Analogue Flight Hardware DeliveredAlbert-Jan Boonstra
20-02-2018Behind the scenes of The Big Bang TheoryGeorgina Maffey
19-02-2018Thank you, RonaldGert Kruithof / Monique Sluiman
16-02-2018ARTS opening strikes a ChordJoeri van Leeuwen
15-02-2018Today's Colloquium - Approaching a second Renaissance in the studies of globular cluster pulsarsAndrea Possenti
14-02-2018Ferocious ConcentrationJan Noordam
13-02-2018JIVE Director handover eventYvonne Kooi, Jan Noordam
12-02-2018Guest lecture at the Storkschool in DwingelooAnnemieke Janssen
09-02-2018Catch them young (jong geleerd, is oud gedaan)Monique Sluiman
08-02-2018Today's Colloquium - Multi-Messenger EM-GW Astronomy: The View from the Radio End of the EM SpectrumDale Frail
07-02-2018Goodbye SD&IAndre Gunst
06-02-2018Discovering a resurrected NASA space probeCees Bassa
05-02-2018LOFAR4SW - Excellent kickoff meetingPieter Benthem
02-02-2018The Dwingeloo RT in the snowPieter Benthem
01-02-2018DeconvolutionAlbert van Duin, Jan Noordam
31-01-2018Online CAMRAS software defined radio 'meteor scatter' receiver.Simon Bijlsma
30-01-2018Magnetised, masering methanol moleculesHuib van Langevelde
29-01-2018COBALT2.0 Phase 1 Kickoff meetingRene Kaptijn
26-01-2018ALMA observations of AGN fuelling: the case of PKS B1718-649Filippo Maccagni, Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo
25-01-2018Colloquium - Probing cosmic magnetic fields with observations of high-energy particlesJustin Bray
24-01-2018400 mm F/13 telescope with built-in Atmospheric Dispersion CorrectorRik ter Horst
23-01-2018LOFAR4SW Kickoff meetingPieter Benthem
22-01-2018Commodity trading at AASCarole Jackson
19-01-2018A new twist in the story of the repeating FRBJason Hessels
18-01-2018Colloquium - Learning lots from LoTSS: Getting from visibilities to astrophysicsKenneth Duncan
17-01-2018The LOFAR Imaging Cookbook v.22Sarrvesh Sridhar
16-01-2018Improving pipeline description methods, take 2Tammo Jan Dijkema, Yan Grange, Hanno Holties, Emanuela Orru
15-01-2018A New Year, a renewed Mechanical Group at ASTRON R&D departmentJohan Pragt
12-01-2018The fun is starting...Raffaella Morganti
11-01-2018Joint effort in the construction of a Meccanoid XL personal robot 2.0Monique Sluiman
10-01-2018The marvel of low-techAgnes Mika and Marcel Loose
09-01-2018Some changes at the R&D department of ASTRONGert Kruithof
05-01-2018Stewing White RabbitsPaul Boven
04-01-2018Hiddo Hanenburg retiredJohan Pragt
03-01-2018Jan Idserda retiredJohan Pragt
02-01-2018Milky Way simulations at SKA Calendar for December 2017Luis Henry Quiroga Nunez