ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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27-12-2021Happy Holidays from ASTRONASTRON
26-12-2021 A messy but tasty end of the yearAgnes Mika
25-12-2021Webb Space Telescope - Go for launch!Ramon Navarro
24-12-2021Happy Holidays from ASTRONASTRON
23-12-2021Purple Friday at ASTRON/JIVE/NOVAPikky Atri (on behalf of the Diversity Committee)
22-12-2021The beauty of winter - just around the cornerJorrit Siebenga
20-12-2021The heat is on!Arno Schoenmakers and the LOFAR2.0 Station Team
16-12-2021Colloquium: Sciencehub de Oerknal - a playful way to learn about the Start, State and Future of the universe.Robin Brouwer
15-12-2021Science at Low Frequencies VIII Wraps UpJoseph Callingham
13-12-2021Imaging meteors with LOFAR / AARTFAACTammo Jan Dijkema, Cees Bassa, Mark Kuiack, Felix Bettonvil et al.
10-12-2021New guides trained for guided LOFAR toursFrank Nuijens
09-12-2021Colloquium: Aurorae – the faintest and the brightest: from Ganymede to Brown DwarfsJoachim Saur
02-12-2021Colloquium: Periodic variability of 6.7GHz methanol maser emission in high mass star-forming regionsMateusz Olech
26-11-2021A visit to Formnext 2021 FrankfurtJorrit Siebenga
25-11-2021 Colloquium: The 100m Effelsberg Radio Telescope: Serving Astronomy for 50 YearsUwe Bach
24-11-2021Imaging Solar Wind ScintillationRichard Fallows
22-11-2021In Memoriam: Henny Lem (1938-2021)Jan Noordam
19-11-2021Results from the Sustainability Committee Commuting PollOlga Bayandina, Arno Schoenmakers and the Sustainability committee
18-11-2021Colloquium: Setting the sails for CMB spectral distortionsJen Chluba
17-11-2021Weighing the Milky Way? Yes we CAN!Michiel Brentjens
16-11-2021New aerial image of the WSRTTammo Jan Dijkema
11-11-2021New aerial image of superterpTammo Jan Dijkema
05-11-2021Graduation of Eline Klomp Mirka Maresca
04-11-2021Colloquium: A Next-Generation Very Large Array: Overview and Project UpdateEric Murphy
01-11-2021Mark Bentum wins Bachelor Teacher of the Year AwardASTRON Communications Team
29-10-2021ADASS 2021 Jan Noordam
28-10-2021Colloquium: Star Formation and ISM DynamicsRalf Klessen
27-10-2021LOFAR4SW CDR: Important milestone achieved!Carla Baldovin
26-10-2021Celebrating 'Darkrai', the LOFAR2.0 test subrackArno Schoenmakers
21-10-2021Colloquium: Full of Orions? Pushing the resolution and bandwidth limits in studies of high-z dusty galaxies.Matus Rybak
14-10-2021Radio studies of strongly-magnetized accreting neutron starsPikky Atri
13-10-2021Cas A supernova remnantAlbert van Duin
12-10-2021Goodbye LeonAndré Gunst
08-10-2021Flying the rainbow flag for Diversity Day & Coming Out DayCommunications
07-10-2021Colloquium: The zoo of brightness temperature distribution in parsec-scale AGN jetsEvgeniya V. Kravchenko (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)
06-10-2021Honorary Professor appointment at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of the University of Groningen for Erwin de BlokMark Bentum
05-10-2021The baryonic Tully-Fisher relation over the last billion yearsBetsey Adams
04-10-2021Exit words master/slave from our codeEric Kooistra
01-10-2021Telescopen Puzzelroute LOFARMonique Sluiman
30-09-2021Radio interferometry with microarcsecond resolution: beyond RadioAstron and EHTLeonid Gurvits (JIVE, Delft University of Technology)
29-09-2021Anchoring LBA and HBA antennasRonald Schrik
28-09-2021Kelly Gourdji successfully defends thesisAntonia Rowlinson
27-09-2021Eco antennas on the testfieldRoel Witvers
24-09-2021"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike"Arno Schoenmakers (and fellow cyclists)
23-09-2021Colloquium: Cold gas and star formation of galaxies in the local UniverseBarbara Catinella
16-09-2021Colloquium: Astronomy and climate crisis: are we part of the problem or part of the solution?Victoria Grinberg
14-09-2021Reaching the skiesZsolt Paragi
09-09-2021RadioAstron observations of the H2O maser emission in the star forming region W49NNadya Shakhvorostova
07-09-2021New HBA tile prototype... it works!Carla Baldovin
03-09-2021Some shadow for LOFAR cabinets, please..!Arno Schoenmakers and the LOFAR2.0 Cabinet Team
01-09-2021LOFAR2.0 Timing Distributor CDRCarla Baldovin
27-08-2021Continuum demos with the Dwingeloo telescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
26-08-2021Apertif and LOFAR uncover a Fast Radio BurstInés Pastor-Marazuela, Liam Connor, Joeri van Leeuwen, Yogesh Maan, Sander ter Veen et al.
25-08-2021A goodbye to Tim BerendsJorrit Siebenga
02-08-2021Charging an electric carMenno Norden
29-07-2021Ghana's first Astronomer Dr. Bernard AsabereMr. Observer
12-07-2021CNC-milling a corrugated horn antennaJorrit Siebenga
09-07-2021EVN Seminar: Tying the Sky to the GroundBenito Marcote on behalf of the EVN Seminars O.C.
08-07-2021Colloquium: Searching for fast radio bursts with MeerKATDr. Manisha Caleb
30-06-2021Upgrade MelkwegpadMonique Sluiman
25-06-2021Online escape room The Great EscapeMischa Brendel
24-06-2021Colloquium: Stellar interactions & transientsDr. Silvia Toonen
23-06-2021Model Dwingeloo telescope in the Science HubTammo Jan Dijkema
19-06-2021Our King Willem-Alexander opens largest solar parkMenno Norden
17-06-2021Live-streaming the partial solar eclipseTammo Jan Dijkema, Hans van der Meer
16-06-2021Rebuild CS026Ronald Schrik
14-06-2021Smart Back-end Demo MeetingsAndré Gunst & Walter Jansen
09-06-2021[Wednesday at 10:00] EVN Seminar: X-ray binaries unveiled by very high resolution radio imagingBenito Marcote on behalf of the EVN Seminars O.C.
07-06-2021Mastery in communication workshopAndré Gunst
03-06-2021Colloquium: Journey with Maser Variability to Research High-mass Star Formation and Key Science Topics with Forthcoming 40-m Thai National Radio TelescopeKoichiro Sugiyama
28-05-2021Facility maintenance using classic LandroverRonald Schrik
26-05-2021Check: update CRM completed!Monique Sluiman
21-05-2021Smart data processing in radio astronomySarod Yatawatta and Ian Avruch
18-05-2021Cobalt 2.0 phase 2 project finalisedChris Broekema on behalf of the Cobalt 2.0 team
15-05-2021The localization of FRB 20201124A gets precise with PRECISEBenito Marcote on behalf of the PRECISE Collaboration
07-05-2021First release renewed Confluence and new intranetGert Kruithof
06-05-2021Colloquium: Thai National Radio Observatory: Current Progress and PlanPhrudth Jaroenjittichai
30-04-2021ASTRON building as Faraday cagePaulus Kruger & Mark Ruiter
29-04-2021Colloquium: The JUICE missionOlivier Witasse
26-04-2021EUCARA-2021Paul Boven, Tammo Jan Dijkema, Hans van der Meer, Harm Munk, Sigrid Witteveen
23-04-2021An Apertif search for radio emission from a double neutron-star mergerOliver Boersma
22-04-2021Colloquium: Of Bubbles, Filaments, Echoes and Eruptions: First Results from eROSITA on SRGAndrea Merloni
21-04-2021Arrival of the t4Science iMASER3000Welcome to our new MASER
16-04-2021In Memoriam: Tony Foley (1957 - 2021)Jan Noordam, Sharmila
15-04-2021Colloquium: How to publish (and write) an impactful paper in Nature AstronomyMarios Karouzos
08-04-2021Colloquium: star formation signposts archive and statistical analysis toolDmitry A. Ladeyschikov
06-04-2021Confluence training with AvisiAdriaan Renting
02-04-2021EUCARA 2021Tammo Jan Dijkema, Paul Boven
01-04-2021Colloquium: Astrophysical Sciences with African Instruments: Bent Jets and Double-scythe Structures Seen by MeerKATJames O. Chibueze
31-03-2021Peter Maat <--> Photonics @ASTRON Johan Pragt
30-03-2021International Women’s Day 2021Comms
26-03-2021#Guess-Who?Lonneke Kerkhoff
24-03-2021An up to date view on TMSS progress: TMSS InfographicsRoberto Pizzo, Marco Iacobelli, Auke Klazema, Jan David Mol, Sander ter Veen on behalf of the TMSS team
23-03-2021Ice sculpting Henk Mulder
18-03-2021Colloquium: Astronomical discovery in the era of Big DataPikky Atri
11-03-2021Colloquium: Finding and Observing Pulsars in the Galactic CentreRalph Eatough
05-03-2021New aerial picture of superterpTammo Jan Dijkema
04-03-2021Colloquium: High-resolution study with interstellar lensesDongzi Li
03-03-2021LOFAR2.0: DTS ready to rock 'n rollArno Schoenmakers, Mark Ruiter
26-02-2021LED there be light!Derkjan Pepping
25-02-2021Colloquium: A Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS)Di Li
24-02-2021LOFAR from spaceTammo Jan Dijkema
23-02-2021Low-frequency monitoring of flare star binary CR Draconis: Long-term electron-cyclotron maser emissionJoseph Callingham
22-02-2021AJDI Image of the Year Award 2020ASTRON
19-02-2021Cygnus X-1 contains a 21-solar mass black holeB. Marcote (Miller-Jones et al.)
18-02-2021Colloquium: Origin of pulsar radio emissionPikky Atri
17-02-2021Climate neutral by 2030Monique Sluiman
16-02-2021WinterwonderlandMerijn Martens
15-02-2021Resolving the extreme collision of stellar winds at the heart of ApepBenito Marcote
12-02-2021Last Time to See? Jan Noordam
11-02-2021Colloquium: Recent activities of the Maser Monitoring Organisation Ross A. Burns
10-02-2021A welcome wobbleHarish Vedantham
09-02-2021Code Red - LOFAR picturesMarchel Gerbers
08-02-2021A new year, a new projectCarla Baldovin
05-02-2021EVN Seminar (Friday 5 at 15:00): Distance of optically-obscured evolved starsBenito Marcote on behalf of the EVN Seminars O.C.
04-02-2021(Colloquium) SETI: Going beyond a signal searchSeth Shostak
03-02-2021Radiosterrenkunde in Dwingeloo 1979-1984Tammo Jan Dijkema
01-02-2021NenuFAR strides towards imaging observations with NICKELC. Viou, E. Tremou, A. Loh and J. Girard (on behalf of NenuFAR team)
29-01-2021In Memoriam: Prof Ir Cees van Schooneveld (1933-2021)Jan Noordam
28-01-2021Colloquium: The Deep Synoptic Array programVikram Ravi
27-01-2021First confirmation of Solar-wind variability in pulsar timingCaterina Tiburzi
22-01-2021Detection of radio emission from the Tau Bootis system by LOFARJean-Mathias Griessmeier, Jake Turner, Philippe Zarka
21-01-2021Colloquium: The astrophysics of black hole jetsMonika Moscibrodzka (Radboud University)
14-01-2021Goodbye Aspirant Senior PaulHenk Mulder
12-01-2021European Microwave Week 2020Wim van Cappellen
11-01-2021360 panoramas of the superterpTammo Jan Dijkema
08-01-2021Installing a smart e-meterRonald Schrik