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Monday, 19 June 2017

08.00 Registration, coffee/tea  
There will be continuous registration throughout the day.
09.00 Introduction/welcome  
Epoch of Reionisation and Cosmology (Chair: R. Wayth)
09.10 Jonathan Pritchard Epoch of Reionisation and Cosmology at low frequencies
09.40 Ger de Bruyn The EoR with LOFAR
10.00 Cathryn Trott  Progress towards the EoR with the Murchison Widefield Array
10.20 Emma Chapman Foreground Removal in the Epoch of Reionisation
10.35 Break  
11.05 Gianni Bernardi The Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA)
11.25 Benedetta Ciardi EoR Simulations and 21cm Absorption
11.45 Nichole Barry Sky-Based Calibration and the EoR Power Spectrum: Contamination, Mitigation, and Implications
12:00 Marta Spinelli Polarised synchrotron simulations for EoR experiments
12:15 Carolin Hofer Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment
12:30 Andrei Mesinger Learning about astrophysics with the cosmic 21-cm signal
12:45 Lunch  
Pulsars (Chair: H. Falcke)
14:15 Jason Hessels The low-frequency pulsar renaissance
14:45 Ramesh Bhat Pulsar Astronomy with the Murchison Widefield Array
15:05 Catarina Tiburzi Pulsar Timing with LOFAR
15:25 Cees Bassa Searching for millisecond pulsars towards Fermi gamma-ray sources with LOFAR
15:40 break  
16:10 Bhaswati Bhattacharyya Pulsars and Transients with the GMRT
16:30 Chia Min Tan LOTAAS Periodicity Search for Pulsars
16:45 Mengyao Xue A Low Frequency Census of Southern Pulsars with the MWA
17:00 Elliott Polzin LOFAR study of the eclipses of black widow pulsar J1810+1744
17:15 Jean-Mathias Griessmeier Observations of extrasolar planets at low radio frequencies
17:35 Jake Turner The search for radio emission from exoplanets using LOFAR low-frequency beam-formed observations
17:50 End  




Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies (Chair: R. Dettmar)
09:00 Marijke Haverkorn The Milky Way at low frequencies
09:30 Raymond Oonk Uncovering the diffuse CO-dark gas in cold interstellar clouds
09:45 George Heald Low-frequency observations of nearby galaxies
10:05 David Mulcahy Exploring the low frequency nature of nearby galaxies with observations and modelling
10:20 Krzysztof Chyzy Flattening of low-frequency spectra of nearby galaxies
10:35 Fatemeh Tabatabaei Cloud-Scale GMRT Survey of M33: Unveiling the Low-Frequency Properties of the ISM
10:50 Break  
Solar Physics  
11:20 Divya Oberoi The Sun and the Heliosphere at Low Radio Frequencies
11:50 Diana Morosan LOFAR Tiedarray Imaging and Spectroscopy of Solar Radio Bursts
12:10 Eduard Kontar The First Imaging Spectroscopy of the Solar Radio Burst Fine Structures
12:25 Gottfried Mann Tracking of an electron beam through the solar corona with LOFAR
12:40 Nicolina Chrysaphi Imaging Spectroscopy of a Type II solar radio burst observed by LOFAR
12:55 Lunch  
Instruments and Algorithms (Chair: I. Prandoni)
14:25 Robert Braun Low Frequency Science with the Square Kilometre Array
14:55 Jason Hessels LOFAR 2.0: A premier low-frequency facility for the next decade
15:15 Andre Offringa Low frequency imaging
15:35 Jess Broderick LOFAR MSSS: A low-frequency counterpart to NVSS
15:50 Break  
16:20 Paul Hancock The GLEAM survey: Imaging and Calibration challenges
16:35 Neal Jackson Long baselines at low frequencies
16:55 Franz Kirsten Low Frequency VLBI: fringes between MWA and GMRT
17:10 Francesco de Gasperin Imaging at 50 MHz: the LOFAR LBA survey
17:25 End  




Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Instruments and Algorithms (cont.)

(Chair: R. Vermeulen)
09:00 Cyril Tasse Direction dependent imaging and Wirtinger calibration for low frequency radio surveys
09:20 Huub Rottgering Deep and sharp imaging at low radio frequencies with LOFAR. Studies of clusters, AGN and starburst galaxies
09:40 Tim Shimwell   Galaxy Clusters in the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey
09:55 Gianfranco Brunetti Non thermal phenomena in galaxy clusters at low radio frequencies
10:25 Melanie Johnston-Hollitt A Catalogue of Relics and Halos from the MWA GLEAM Survey
10:40 Break  
11:10 Franco Vazza The low-frequency view on the complex life of galaxy cluster outskirts
11:30 Kamlesh Rajpurohit A spectacular view of the Toothbrush: filaments and inhomogeneous magnetic fields
11:45 Gabriella di Gennaro Deep in the (un)known: the Sausage Cluster
12:00 Christopher Riseley Magnetic Fields in High-z Clusters: A Full-Polarization Study of MACS J0025.4-1222 with the GMRT
12:15 Annalisa Bonafede New radio emission from the cluster MACSJ0717+3745 - LOFAR observations
12:30 Virginia Cuciti New detections of radio halos in galaxy clusters with low frequency GMRT observations
12:45 Lunch  




Thursday, 22 June 2017

AGN Physics (Chair: M. Johnston-Hollitt)
09:00 Raffaella Morganti The physics and lifecycle of local radio AGN
09:30 Joseph Callingham Dying young and frustrated? A low radio frequency view of 'young' radio galaxies
09:45 Simona Giacintucci Tracing multiple AGN outbursts at low frequency in cool-core clusters
10:00 Rajan Chhetri Sub-arcsec compact source properties using wide field interplanetary scintillation with the MWA
10:15 Jeremy Harwood The low-frequency perspective of FR II radio galaxies
10:30 Break  
AGN and galaxy evolution  
11:00 Elaine Sadler Radio AGN populations and their evolution
11:30 Wendy Williams Deep LOFAR imaging and AGN evolution
11:50 Sarah White The MWA GLEAM 4-Jy Sample
12:05 David Nisbet The Determination of the Luminosity Function of Jet-mode AGN out to a Redshift of z~2
12:20 Kimberly Emig The first detections of radio recombination lines at cosmological distances
12:35 Lunch  
14:05 Vernesa Smolcic VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz Large Project: Cosmic evolution of radio AGN and star forming galaxies since z~5
14:25 Tom Muxlow Star-formation Across Cosmic Time: Initial Results from the e-MERGE Study of the µJy Radio Source Population
14:45 Gulay Gurkan LOFAR/H-ATLAS: The low-frequency radio luminosity -- star-formation rate relation
15:00 Volker Heesen The low-frequency radio continuum' star formation rate relation in nearby galaxies with LOFAR
15:15 Nick Seymour The Surprising Complexity of the Radio Emission from Star Forming Galaxies
15:30 Break  
Ionosphere & Upper Atmosphere (Chair: H. Rothkaehl)
16:00 Maaijke Mevius Probing ionospheric structures using LOFAR
16:20 Huib Intema SPAM - 10 years of ionospheric calibration
16:40 Christopher Jordan Ionospheric characterisation above the Murchison Radio Observatory with EoR datasets movie1 movie2
16:55 Maria Rioja Ionospheric studies and calibration using MWA and LOFAR observations
17:10 Richard Fallows From the Sun to the Earth: Observing Space Weather with LOFAR
17:30 Brian Hare LOFAR for Lightning Interferometry and Mapping
17:45 End  




Friday, 23 June 2017

Cosmic Rays (Chair: A. Rowlinson)
09:00 Heino Falcke Cosmic Ray studies at low frequencies movie1
09:30 Tim Huege Precision measurements of cosmic-ray air showers with SKA-low movie1 movie2
09:50 Stijn Buitink Radio detection of neutrinos with LOFAR and ARIANNA
10:10 Olaf Scholten Status and perspectives of the radio detection technique of cosmic ray air showers
10:25 Arthur Corstanje Improving the accuracy of cosmic-ray composition measurements with LOFAR
10:40 Break  
11:10 Tara Murphy Exploring the dynamic radio sky with SKA pathfinders
11:40 Emily Petroff Fast Radio Bursts: Recent Discoveries and Future Prospects
12:00 Ralph Wijers Finding transients in the image plane at low radio frequencies
12:20 Steve Croft Breakthrough Listen
12:35 David Kaplan Faint, Highly-Polarized Flares from UV Ceti with the MWA
12:50 Concluding remarks