ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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31-12-2020Happy Holidays from ASTRONASTRON
28-12-2020Chris Broekema wins Young eScientist 2020 awardChris Broekema
24-12-2020Solargraph at the Dwingeloo TelescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
21-12-2020LOFAR4SW 2020 highlightsCarla Baldovin
18-12-2020ESCAPE data lake dress rehearsal.Yan Grange
16-12-2020LOFAR detection and frequency-dependent activity of a repeating fast radio burstZiggy Pleunis, Daniele Michilli, Cees Bassa, Jason Hessels, Arun Naidu
15-12-2020Startrails at the instituteZsolt Paragi
11-12-2020Science at Low Frequencies VII Wraps UpJoseph Callingham
10-12-2020Today's colloquium: SunDish Project: Single-Dish Solar Imaging with INAF Radio TelescopesAlberto Pellizzoni (INAF, Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari)
09-12-2020Today's EVN Seminar (10:00): Galactic Maser Astrometry with VLBI: Current Status and BeyondMareki Honma (NAOJ)
08-12-2020Nobel week: discovery of black hole awardedRamon Navarro
07-12-2020Excavation effortRonald Schrik
03-12-2020Colloquium: What can the spider web tell us ? A new pulsar storyGuillaume Voisin (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics)
24-11-2020National Geographic Prize Photo Jan Noordam, Ireen van der Knoop
20-11-2020A fast radio burst source in our own Milky Way?Jason Hessels
19-11-2020Colloquium (19 November 2020): Evan Keane (SKA Organisation)Evan Keane
16-11-2020The CASA-VLBI workshop goes virtualIlse van Bemmel
13-11-2020First direct radio discovery of a brown dwarfHarish Vedantham
12-11-2020Colloquium: The Atomic Gas Mass of Star-forming Galaxies at High RedshiftsNissim Kanekar (NCRA)
11-11-2020Data release from the first year of the Apertif imaging surveysBetsey Adams
10-11-2020LOFAR 2.0 RCU2-H prototypePaulus Kruger
09-11-2020Precise radio astrometry and new developments for the next-generation instrumentsMaria J. Rioja
04-11-2020STELLAR Project Kick OffPietro Zucca
29-10-2020Practical issues at ASTRON/JIVE in corona timeAnne Veendijk
23-10-2020EVN Symposium: Pin-pointing the positions of repeating Fast Radio BurstsJason Hessels
22-10-2020Today's Colloquium: Taking the temperature of the ISM with deep learningClaire Murray (John Hopkins University / STSci)
21-10-2020Hardware Acceleration meetupSteven van der Vlugt
20-10-2020Goodbye Computing GroupTammo Jan Dijkema
19-10-2020Cloud-cloud collision in Sgr B2Helga Denes
16-10-2020Last week's Colloquium: Observing galaxy clusters with LOFAR & LoTSSAnna Bilous
15-10-2020Colloquium: Quasar Feedback Survey : The prevalence of radio AGN and the impact on the host galaxiesChristopher Harrison (New Castle University)
14-10-2020Tango Controls chosen for LOFAR2.0 Monitor & Control Arno Schoenmakers
13-10-2020Postcards of the Dwingeloo TelescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
12-10-2020ASTRON2.0Gert Kruithof
06-10-2020National Diversity Day MT & Diversity Committee
01-10-2020Jonghe Doctor BroekemaStefan Wijnholds
25-09-2020DISTURB-1: a solar spectrograph designMichiel Brentjens
24-09-2020Colloquium (24 September 2020): Maxim Lyutikov (Purdue University)Maxim Lyutikov
23-09-2020CMEchaser, Detecting Line-Of-Sight Occultations Due To Coronal Mass EjectionsGolam Shaifullah
18-09-2020Software lifecycle in particle physics and astronomyYan Grange
17-09-2020Colloquium 17 Sept 2020: How fast are the black hole X-ray binary jetsPayaswini Saikia (NYU, Abu Dhabi)
14-09-2020In Memoriam: Prof Govind Swarup (1929-2020) Richard Schilizzi, Jan Noordam
11-09-2020In Memoriam: Prof Hugo van Woerden (1926-2020)Jan Noordam, Wim Brouw
10-09-2020Colloquium 10 September 2020 - Hannah Stacey (MPA Garching)Hannah Stacey
06-09-2020Fun with the AJDI Archive (IV)Jan Noordam
04-09-2020In Memoriam: Jeanette (Jet) Katgert-Merkelijn (1943-2020) Tony Willis, Jan Noordam
03-09-2020Colloquium 3 September 2020 - Jonathan Nichols (University of Leicester)Jonathan NIchols
02-09-2020LOFAR 2.0 RCU2-L prototypePaulus Kruger
31-08-2020Fun with the AJDI Archive (III)Jan Noordam
27-08-2020In Memoriam: Lloyd Higgs (1937-2020)Tony Willis, Jan Noordam
25-08-2020In Memoriam: Prof Ron Allen (1940-2020)Jan Noordam, Wim Brouw, Tony Willis
24-08-2020Goodbye DESPAndre Gunst
21-08-2020A day at the officeJohan Pragt
18-08-2020Accessible 3D printing of stainless steelJorrit Siebenga
09-08-2020Fun with the AJDI Archive (II)Jan Noordam
30-07-2020Fun with the AJDI ArchiveJan Noordam
27-07-2020Magnetic Field of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 4217Dr. Yelena Stein
24-07-2020Ghayoor Gillani thesis defence: approximate computingAlbert-Jan Boonstra
22-07-2020Release of AOFlagger 3.0André Offringa
20-07-2020The first Clock-board prototype for LOFAR2Albert van Duin
15-07-2020A bright cometCees Bassa
14-07-2020The first new receiver prototypes have been assembled for LOFAR2Albert van Duin
13-07-2020Live streaming the Sun from the Dwingeloo TelescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
10-07-2020Leon Oostrum successfully defends thesis -- at WesterborkJoeri van Leeuwen
09-07-2020Colloquium 9 July 2020 - Katharina Lutz (CDS - Centre de Donnees astronomique de Strasbourg, Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg)Katharina Lutz
08-07-2020ASTRON 1980Tammo Jan Dijkema
07-07-2020Little Planet WSRTTammo Jan Dijkema
06-07-2020LOFAR Mega ModeRené Kaptijn
03-07-2020A 3D printed RFI enclosureLesley Goudbeek
02-07-2020Colloquium: The ALMA Spectroscopic Deep Field (ASPECS)Chris Carilli (NRAO)
30-06-2020The beautiful mess in Abell 2255Andrea Botteon
29-06-2020LOFAR EoR plenaryAndré Offringa
26-06-2020Virtual tour of the Dwingeloo TelescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
25-06-2020Aperiodic and Periodic Radio Bursts from Young Precessing MagnetarsAnna Bilous, on behalf of Jim Cordes
24-06-2020Open source software development pays offYan Grange
23-06-2020A new leap in RFI mitigationSarod Yatawatta
18-06-2020Deep Learning Assisted Data Inspection for Radio AstronomyMisha Mesarcik
16-06-20203d-printing metal with Binder 3DJorrit Siebenga
15-06-2020Open source in action: ASTRON gateware FFT ported to CASPERDaniel van der Schuur
11-06-2020Colloquium 11 June 2020: Bradley Frank (University of Cape Town)Bradley Frank
09-06-2020WSRT-Apertif Surveys to continue throughout 2021Betsey Adams & Emanuela Orrù
08-06-2020METIS Instrument Passes PDR!Jef Lynn
04-06-2020Colloquium 4 June 2020: Florent Mertens (University of Groningen)Florent Mertens
02-06-2020LOFAR on OpenStreetMapTammo Jan Dijkema
28-05-2020Colloquium: Active galactic nuclei in the multi-messenger eraBindu Rani (KASI & NASA-GSFC)
26-05-2020Single pulse modeling and the bi-drifting subpulsesAndrzej Szary
25-05-20203d point cloud of the LOFAR coreTammo Jan Dijkema
22-05-2020AIPS++, a Necessary ProjectJan Noordam
18-05-2020Virtual Observatory meets virtually.Yan Grange
15-05-2020Where are we now? Celebrating John Romein 25 year at ASTRON/NWOAlbert-Jan Boonstra and Walter Jansen
14-05-2020Colloquium 14 May 2020: Samayra Straal (NYU Abu Dhabi) - Pulsar wind nebulae as multi-facetted Astronomy probesSamayra Straal
13-05-2020In Memoriam Wout Beerekamp (1941-2020)Jan Noordam, Jaap Baars
12-05-2020Imaging RFI issues at RS210Menno Norden & Tammo Jan Dijkema
08-05-2020Commemorating war victims with the Westerbork telescopeASTRON Communications Team
07-05-2020Colloquium: The Molecular torus of NGC1068Violette Impellizzeri (ALMA)
06-05-2020Casacore 3.3.0 releasedTammo Jan Dijkema
30-04-2020The GLEAM 4-Jy (G4Jy) Sample: the ‘brightest’ radio-sources in the southern skySarah White, Thomas Franzen, Joseph Callingham, Carole Jackson, André Offringa, and co-authors
29-04-2020Predictions for prompt low-frequency radio emission from gamma-ray burstsRhaana L.C. Starling
24-04-2020Guiding users on the scheduling of EVN observationsBenito Marcote & Katharina Immer
23-04-2020An AJDI integration for SlackTammo Jan Dijkema
22-04-2020Thumbs up for TMSS!TMSS team
21-04-2020The Galaxy Group HI Mass FunctionKelley Hess on behalf of Mike Jones and fellow co-authors
20-04-2020LOFAR4SW reaches an important milestoneCarla Baldovin
17-04-2020Queen Juliana on the Dwingeloo Radio TelescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
16-04-2020National Secretary DayDiana Verweij
15-04-2020 Unknown unknowns: MeerKAT discovers strange filaments connecting the radio lobes of ESO 137-006Mpati Ramatsoku and co-authors
14-04-2020Working@home lunch walkMarjan Tibbe
09-04-2020Venus passes the Pleiades above DwingelooTammo Jan Dijkema
08-04-2020The timing stability of three Black Widow pulsarsCees Bassa
07-04-2020ERC Advanced Grant for Erwin de BlokErwin de Blok
06-04-2020Lunar cratersRik ter Horst
03-04-2020Luis Henry Quiroga-Nuñez defended his thesis in styleHuib Jan van Langevelde
02-04-2020Virtual ASTRON office with virtual LOFAR roomEric Kooistra
01-04-2020LOFAR maintenance @ safe distanceLute van de Bult
31-03-2020End of EMBRACEJan-Pieter de Reijer
30-03-2020Collaboration tools in the LOFAR2.0 Station TeamArno Schoenmakers, René Kaptijn, Johan Boekema, Auke Klazema, Reinoud Bokhorst
27-03-2020No fever for Gemini-XH amidst Corona VirusLeon Hiemstra / Gijs Schoonderbeek
26-03-2020Triple FRB detection weekend at ApertifALERT Team
25-03-2020A clear night in DwingelooTammo Jan Dijkema
24-03-2020Prototyping @homeJorrit Siebenga
23-03-2020First Virtual Astro CoffeeJoeri van Leeuwen
20-03-2020Bertine 12.5 year anniversaryEdward Damman
19-03-2020Coronavirus measures for ASTRON and JIVEFrank Nuijens
17-03-2020Diffuse Galactic Emission around the North Celestial Pole with NenuFARFlorent Mertens
16-03-2020Energy flow and costs of utilities ASTRON Dwingeloo.Alex Benjamins
13-03-202025 anniversary civil service Ina LentenGert Kruithof
12-03-2020Colloquium: How to make astrophysical jets - MHD simulations of accretion and ejectionChristian Fendt (MPIA, Heidelberg)
11-03-2020LOFAR images cosmic radio monstersFrancesco de Gasperin
10-03-2020Realising the next Telescope Manager Specification System for LOFARRoberto Pizzo
09-03-2020The making of…A pyramidal sinuous antenna for the Westerbork Synthesis Radio TelescopeJorrit Siebenga
06-03-2020Improved upper limits on the 21-cm signal power spectrum of neutral hydrogen at z ≈ 9.1 from LOFARFlorent Mertens
05-03-2020Colloquium (5 March 2020): Robert Main - Using pulsar scintillation as an interstellar interferometerRobert Main
04-03-2020Programming FPGAs in a High-Level LanguageJohn Romein (on behalf of the Triple-A 2 / DEEP-EST teams)
03-03-2020First OPC-UA-based prototype monitoring interface for a LOFAR2.0 StationArthur Coolen, Thijs Snijder, Leon Hiemstra, Arno Schoenmakers
02-03-2020Successful demonstration of ASTRONs Compact Receiver technology at the final DISPERSE project reviewPeter Maat, Lesley Goudbeek, Leon Hiemstra, Roel Witvers
28-02-2020All hands on deck, Ciara!Henk Mulder
27-02-2020RadioHDL on OpenCores with a DOIEric Kooistra, Daniel van der Schuur, Yan Grange
26-02-2020The Launch of LOFAR Radio Galaxy ZooTimothy Shimwell
25-02-2020Some statistics after 100 proposals submittedBenito Marcote
24-02-2020Veni, vidi, viciJason Hessels
21-02-2020The ESCAPE Virtual Observatory (VO) tech forum.Yan Grange
20-02-2020Colloquium (20 Feb 2020): Liam Connor - An update on, and forecast for, the fast radio burst fieldLiam Connor
19-02-2020The hunt for exo-auroraeHarish Vedantham
18-02-2020Colloquium : The X-ray view of interstellar dustElisa Costantini (SRON, Utrecht)
17-02-2020RadioHDL on OpenCores with a DOIEric Kooistra
13-02-2020Constraining galaxy and black hole binary mergers with pulsars (Colloquium, Siyuan Chen, CNRS Orléans)Siyuan Chen
11-02-2020Smart Frontend: 3D-MID by 3D-printingJohan Pragt
10-02-2020ASTRON booth at AAS 235Betsey Adams
06-02-2020Colloquium - Auroral radio emissions: a tool to probe planetary magnetospheres of the solar system and beyondLaurent Lamy
03-02-2020Can low-frequency pulsar emission escape M31 unharmed?Joeri van Leeuwen
30-01-2020Kick starting water-cooling Gemini SKASven Franken
29-01-2020Plenary talk at AAS 235Jason Hessels
28-01-2020Colloquium - Off-axis relativistic jets and electromagnetic counterparts to NS mergers Resmi Lekshmi
27-01-2020Press conference at AAS 235Jason Hessels
24-01-2020Academy president Bai Chunli presents Richard Strom with the CAS gold medal on 17 January.Richard Strom
23-01-2020Colloquium - Linear polarization in radio galaxies at low frequenciesVijay Mahatma
21-01-2020GRATE project: phased array system to mitigate interferenceKoos Kegel
20-01-2020The AJDI TreasureJan Noordam
17-01-2020First LOFAR2.0 LBA SpectrumJonathan Hargreaves / Gijs Schoonderbeek
16-01-2020Colloquium - Identifying AGN in the faint radio sky Jack Radcliffe
15-01-2020LOFAR Unified Calculator for Imaging (LUCI)Sarrvesh S Sridhar
14-01-2020AJDI Image of the Year Award 2019ASTRON
10-01-2020New aerial picture of superterpTammo Jan Dijkema
09-01-2020CORTEX Kicked off!Arno Schoenmakers
08-01-2020Gala van de SterrenkundeJoeri van Leeuwen
07-01-2020A repeating fast radio burst source localized to a nearby spiral galaxyB. Marcote, K. Nimmo, J. Hessels.