ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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24-12-2022Season's GreetingsASTRON communications team
23-12-2022ESCAPE to the future.Yan Grange
22-12-2022TMSS and agile software developmentTom Kamphuis
21-12-2022L2TS sky image of Cas APaulus Kruger, on behalf of the LOFAR2.0 Development team
20-12-2022Francisco “Paco” Colomer farewell messageFrancisco Colomer
19-12-2022Regiostars Award 2022Nico Ebbendorf
16-12-2022van Swinderen Prize for Pavel Mancera PiñaTom Oosterloo
15-12-2022The new Telescope Manager and Specification System for LOFARSander ter Veen
14-12-2022Purple Friday 2022John D. Swinbank
13-12-2022Spot the difference!Ilse van Bemmel
12-12-2022SKA featured in KidsweekJason Hessels
09-12-2022Tracking a Moon mission with the Dwingeloo telescopeTammo Jan Dijkema, almost all of CAMRAS
08-12-2022Colloquium: How diverse are the faintest dwarf galaxiesMartin Rey
07-12-2022Farewell Franz (kind of...)Jason Hessels
06-12-2022Prof. dr. Michael WiseJason Hessels
05-12-2022New cooling machine installed at ASTRONMischa Brendel
02-12-2022SDCO group uitjeGemma Janssen
01-12-2022Colloquium: The MeerKAT Fornax Survey: ubiquitous HI tails and clouds in the Fornax clusterPaolo Serra
28-11-2022ESCAPE ESAP Training WorkshopJohn D. Swinbank
25-11-2022Meet Your Future @WindesheimFanna Lautenbach
18-11-2022ALMA Advanced GPU Correlator Study Kick-offAndre Gunst
17-11-2022Colloquium: A Magnetic Connection from Stars to Planets Sebastian Pineda
15-11-2022AstroFlash visits SURFJason Hessels
14-11-2022LDV gets busyCarla Baldovin
11-11-2022Jess @Westerbork & LofarDenis Schrama
10-11-2022Colloquium: Unveiling the Cosmic Dawn with the AARTFAAC Cosmic ExplorerBharat Kumar Gehlot
09-11-2022Apertif imaging data release papers are published by A&AAlexander Kutkn
08-11-2022Magnetic fields and relativistic electrons fill entire galaxy clusterAndrea Botteon
07-11-2022Happy 10th birthday to "The Repeater", FRB 121102Jason Hessels
04-11-2022DANTE preliminary design reviewCarla Baldovin
03-11-2022Colloquium: GPUs in Radio AstronomyJohn Romein
02-11-2022SD-Day 2022Tom Kamphuis
01-11-2022Concrete blocks experimentRonald Schrik
31-10-2022New aerial images of ASTRONTammo Jan Dijkema
28-10-2022A year with a yagiTammo Jan Dijkema, Cees Bassa, Simon Bijlsma
25-10-2022New aerial images of superterpTammo Jan Dijkema
24-10-2022SHEIRA: using LOFAR data in a space weather product demonstratorCarla Baldovin
21-10-2022Dwingeloo Bright Pulsar Survey, take 2Tammo Jan Dijkema
20-10-2022Colloquium: Revealing the interstellar medium and the magnetic fields with LOFARVibor Jelic
19-10-2022LOFAR2.0 analog beamformer test using satellitesPaulus Kruger & the LOFAR2.0 team
17-10-2022Radio quiet zonesHenk Mulder
14-10-2022Motorcycle Tour - DiversityAnne Veendijk
10-10-2022Open Day October 2nd, 2022Mischa Brendel
06-10-2022Colloquium: Dark matter and angular momentum in nearby disc galaxiesPavel Mancera Pina
03-10-2022LOFAR2.0 DTS in Contact magazineJason Hessels
27-09-2022Unstuck in time in a ticking cosmosJason Hessels
26-09-2022Astron/Kapteyn student Nika Jurlin defends her thesisRaffaella Morganti
22-09-2022Introducing... Dr. Kenzie!Jason Hessels (promotor), also on behalf of copromotors Benito Marcote and Zsolt Paragi
21-09-2022Deep learning in high angular-resolution radio interferometry Samira Rezaei
19-09-2022How ARTS Finds FRBs - II: Intertwined Beamforming & DedispersionJoeri van Leeuwen
16-09-2022Cabinet roof topsRonald Schrik
15-09-2022Colloquium: The birth and death of massive galaxies: insights from strong gravitational lensing and ALMAHannah Stacey
14-09-2022Four months of DTS…!Arno Schoenmakers
12-09-2022LOFAR2.0 team achieves digital beamformingArno Schoenmakers, on behalf of the LOFAR2.0 Development team
30-08-2022Cygnus-AAlbert van Duin
29-08-2022Testing Radio Continuum Emission As a Star Formation Tracer in Dwarf GalaxiesVasu Dipakkumar Pipwala
24-08-2022The anisotropy of the diffuse radio background Fraser J Cowie
23-08-2022Saturn near oppositionRik ter Horst
22-08-2022Perseids 2022Tammo Jan Dijkema
19-08-2022A field trip for the summer studentsGemma Janssen
18-08-2022Going home Eric Muires
17-08-2022Absolute calibration of an LBA dipoleCristina-Maria Cordun
16-08-2022Forecasting Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs) by combining SXR and low frequency radio observationsLiam Clarke
15-08-2022Summer Student Project: HI gas in the heart of 3C 84Claire Cook
12-08-2022ASTRON livens up exhibition of Nebra sky discFrank Nuijens
10-08-2022WSRT at dawnLute van de Bult
08-08-2022Strong RFI source found nextdoorTammo Jan Dijkema, Michiel Brentjens, Albert van Duijn
01-08-202215th EVN Symposium & Users' MeetingBenito Marcote on behalf of the LOC
06-07-2022Colloquium: The complex process to protect radio astronomy from harmful interferencesGyula Jozsa
05-07-2022Lorentz Centre Joseph Callingham
01-07-2022Looking inside the accretion disc around a supermassive black holeWillem Baan
28-06-2022Visualizing RFI with AARTFAACBharat Kumar Gehlot
27-06-2022How ARTS Finds FRBs - I: Innovative Hierarchical BeamformingJoeri van Leeuwen
24-06-2022Renewed Melkwegpad completedComms team
23-06-2022Colloquium: The evolution of the atomic gas reservoir of star-forming galaxies in the past four billion years Apurba Bera
22-06-2022Back to the beginning with MeerGasErwin de Blok
21-06-2022LOFAR Family Meeting 2022Irene Bonati
17-06-2022Full subband correlator test for a LOFAR2 StationEric Kooistra
16-06-2022Colloquium: Masers and Dense molecular gases in active galactic nuclei Yoshiaki Hagiwara
09-06-2022Colloquium: Imaging with FARSIDE: A Radio Telescope on the Lunar FarsideNivedita Mahesh
08-06-2022Special astrolunch: Illustrating the UniverseHarish Vedantham
07-06-2022 Testing with the Dwingeloo Test Station (DTS)LOFAR2.0 DTS
03-06-2022Klokhuis Joeri van Leeuwen
01-06-2022New ASTRON Science website live!Marjan Tibbe
31-05-2022EVN Users' Training EventB. Marcote
30-05-2022LOFAR2.0 Dwingeloo Test Station opening eventArno Schoenmakers
26-05-2022ICD LOFAR Field TripJohan Pragt & Lonneke Kerkhoff
24-05-2022LOFAR 2.0 Dwingeloo Test Station First FringesAlbert-Jan Boonstra
23-05-2022The quiet Sun image in multiple frequencisA deep look at the Sun in the full radio window
20-05-2022EXPOWER’s Ice Breaker: 'Unleashing the power of exponential functions'David Prinsloo, Annie Cuyt (University of Antwerp)
19-05-2022Colloquium: The fast rotating and not-so-turbulent discs of high-redshift galaxiesFilippo Fraternali
16-05-2022DandelionDenis schrama
12-05-2022Colloquium: Raining onto Galaxies and Supermassive Black HolesMassimo Gaspari
09-05-2022A new HBA LOFAR 2.0 tile in DwingelooSjouke Kuindersma, Zabet Ahmadi, Mark Ruiter
05-05-2022[Thursday 5 May] EVN Seminar: Intermediate-mass black holes in the era of radio astronomyBenito Marcote (on behalf of the EVN Seminars O.C.)
04-05-2022Scaled LOFAR mapTammo Jan Dijkema
03-05-2022EVN Users' Training EventBenito Marcote
02-05-2022First public images of MIRILars Venema
28-04-2022Colloquium: NRAO530: Not a boRing cAlibratOrHarish Vedantham
26-04-2022SKA construction kickoff at the TOPIC headquartersDaniel van der Schuur
25-04-2022Kootwijk Würzburg found!Tammo Jan Dijkema, Ger Geertsma, Ard Hartsuijker, Frans de Jong
22-04-2022Earth Day 2022: what can YOU do?Arno Schoenmakers and the Sustainability Committee
21-04-2022Colloquium: The physics behind the low-frequency emission from massive starsSantiago del Palacio
15-04-2022Building cabinet sheltersRonald Schrik
14-04-2022Fast radio bursts at the dawn of the 2020sJason Hessels
13-04-2022LOFAR2.0 Station FPGA firmware implementation cake momentEric Kooistra
08-04-2022The Leiden LOFAR group visits ASTRONJoseph Callingham
07-04-2022The EVN archive: now officially part of the VOMark Kettenis
06-04-2022Need a tool? Make a tool!Lute van de Bult
05-04-2022LOFAR image of M51Jebin Larosh Jervis
04-04-2022LOFAR2.0 Team outing to .... LOFAR!Arno Schoenmakers
01-04-2022The WSRT gives an HI perspective on galaxies 2.5 billion years agoRaffaella Morganti
31-03-2022Colloquium: How Bright is the Radio Sky? We Don't Know…yetJack Singal
30-03-2022End of Apertif ObservingBetsey Adams
28-03-2022Milliarcsecond Localization of the Repeating FRB 20201124ANimmo, Hewitt, Hessels, Kirsten, Marcote et al.
25-03-2022Bachelor Students Applied Physics on Safari in Innovative Northern NetherlandsJohan Pragt
24-03-2022Colloquium: Improved Limits on the Reionization 21 cm Power Spectrum with HERA and Constraints on IGM HeatingNicholas Kern
23-03-2022Irradiated but not eclipsed, the case of PSR J0610-2100Emma van der Wateren
21-03-2022Astrocoffee: live in Dwingeloo this Wednesday!Jason Hessels
18-03-2022Telescope Puzzle Route WSRT publishedMonique Sluiman
17-03-2022Colloquium: Algorithms for radio interferometric imagingAndré Offringa
16-03-2022EffelsbergRonald Schrik
11-03-2022Update on Upgrade Milky Way PathMonique Sluiman
10-03-2022Colloquium: AGN-Galaxy Interaction: Studying Highly Absorbed Compton Thick AGNs with Chandra’s high-resolution X-ray spectral imagingGiuseppina Fabbiano
04-03-2022Katholieke Illustratie, 1955Tammo Jan Dijkema
03-03-2022Colloquium: Probing relativistic gravity with radio astronomyMichael Kramer
01-03-2022Apertif overview paper published in A&AWim van Cappellen
28-02-2022Burst timescales and luminosities as links between young pulsars and fast radio burstsKenzie Nimmo, Jason Hessels, Franz Kirsten, Aard Keimpema et al.
25-02-2022A repeating fast radio burst source in a globular clusterFranz Kirsten, Benito Marcote, Kenzie Nimmo, Jason Hessels et al.
24-02-2022Colloquium: A new look at Centaurus A: Multiscale feeding and feedbackBen McKinley
23-02-2022Storm repairsMr Observer
17-02-2022Colloquium: Life as an Autistic Astronomer - a post-apocalyptic survival trainingCaterina Tiburzi
16-02-2022Little radio jets that may!Suma Murthy & Raffaella Morganti
15-02-2022Suma Murthy thesis defenceRaffaella Morganti
10-02-2022Colloquium: LIFT: Lightning corona Imaging From a radio TelescopeBrian Hare
09-02-2022Telescopes Puzzle route number 2: ASTRONMonique Sluiman
03-02-2022Colloquium: A multifaceted view of the interplay between gas and radio AGNSuma Murthy
02-02-2022Getting LOFAR coordinates from the airTammo Jan Dijkema, Merijn Mertens, Mark Ruiter
01-02-2022Inflows and outflows in Centaurus AAndré Offringa
31-01-2022Astrophysical Lunar Observatory (ALO)Albert-Jan Boonstra
28-01-2022Friday's EVN Seminar: High resolution observations of magnetic fields in the Central Molecular Zone of the Galactic CenterBenito Marcote
20-01-2022Colloquium: The Canadian Hydrogen Observatory and Radio-transient Detector (CHORD)Keith Vanderlinde
19-01-2022Satellite drift scans with the Dwingeloo telescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
14-01-2022Two ERC Starting Grants awarded to (space) weather research projects with the LOFAR radio telescopeMark Bentum
12-01-2022A year-long keogramCees Bassa