ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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31-03-2023ERC Advanced Grant for Jason Hessels - EuroFlash: exploring the origins of fast radio bursts using a network of European radio telescopesJason Hessels
30-03-2023Colloquium: Supermassive Binary Black Holes at the HorizonSilke Britzen
27-03-2023Team Tangerine plans in LausanneYan Grange
17-03-2023WSRT in the snowRene Lourens
16-03-2023Colloquium: First JWST results on Galaxy Evolution in the Early UniverseKarina Caputi
15-03-2023Testing the Ford Focus Wagon 1.0 EcoBoost HybridMartijn Tilma
14-03-2023LOFAR core from spaceTammo Jan Dijkema
13-03-2023The building of LOFAR Latvia from spaceTammo Jan Dijkema
10-03-2023Orion rising over the LOFAR station in UnterweilenbachSteven Hämmerich
09-03-2023Colloquium: Cosmological studies with strong lensing and VLBICristiana Spingola
07-03-2023Placing white stickers on the HBA'sLOFAR becomes art
06-03-2023Sterrenkijkdagen 2023Tammo Jan Dijkema, CAMRAS
03-03-2023An ASTRON life in laptopsJason Hessels
02-03-2023Colloquium: WEAVE: Designing, building, and using the next-generation spectroscopic survey facility for the Northern SkyScott Trager
28-02-2023The winter sky above the LOFAR antenna near UnterweilenbachPhilipp Weber
27-02-2023Inés Pastor-Marazuela successfully defends thesisJoeri van Leeuwen
24-02-2023Roadmap Netherlands Instrumentation for the European Extremely Large TelescopeRamon Navarro
23-02-2023Colloquium: Supernova remnants and their environmentsMaria Arias
22-02-2023Original ASTRON typewriter from 1956Tammo Jan Dijkema
21-02-2023New Flexbuff WSRTRichard Blaauw
17-02-2023Virtual tour around the Milky WayTammo Jan Dijkema, Marco de Vos, Paul Steward
16-02-2023Colloquium: Astrochemistry and the Origin of LifeVeronica Allen
15-02-2023New Klokhuis with Our Telescopes Premieres TomorrowJoeri van Leeuwen
09-02-2023Colloquium: Tectonics and magma oceanography of rocky exoplanetsTim Lichtenberg
06-02-2023It's raining burstsJason Hessels
02-02-2023Colloquium: The carbon footprint and energy consumption of LOFARGert Kruithof
27-01-2023Green surprisePaula Fusiara
26-01-2023Colloquium: Blazar scam above redshift 4Krisztina Gabányi
24-01-2023ASTRON at the American Astronomical Society Meeting (AAS241)Joseph Callingham
23-01-2023Award ceremony at New Year's speechesMischa Brendel
19-01-2023Colloquium: Novel views on planet formation and dust evolution: connecting protoplanetary disk demographics with exoplanet populations and atmospheresNienke van der Marel
17-01-20232nd year research practicum at ASTRONJason Hessels
16-01-2023Michiel Brentjens wins Teacher of the Year 2022 awardMark Bentum
13-01-2023Rudolf le Poole turns 80Jan Noordam
12-01-2023Colloquium: Updates from the NOVA optical-infrared instrumentation group in DwingelooAnnemieke Janssen
03-01-2023Prestigious Chinese award for Richard StromTom Oosterloo
02-01-2023Congratulations Dr. Alex Cooper!Antonia Rowlinson