ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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05-12-2023From the archive: Sinterklaas at ASTRONTammo Jan Dijkema
04-12-2023MSc thesis prize for David KonijnJason Hessels
01-12-2023Oli Boersma successfully defends thesisJoeri van Leeuwen
30-11-2023Daniëlle Futselaar's astronomy art inducted into the collection of Rijksmuseum BoerhaaveJason Hessels
29-11-2023Aftermovie Klokhuis Vragendag 2023Joeri van Leeuwen
28-11-2023Astron/Kapteyn student Pranav Kukreti successfully defended his thesisRaffaella Morganti
23-11-2023Colloquium: Exploring the radio emission of Ultracool Dwarfs with VLBIRob Kavanagh
22-11-2023"See you soon" party for John McKeanJason Hessels
16-11-2023Colloquium: AT2023fhn (“the Finch”) and other animalsAshley Chrimes
14-11-2023LOFAR meets EuclidFrits Sweijen
13-11-2023PhD defense Kasia BeserMaaijke Mevius
09-11-2023Making the workplace a vibrant spacePaula Fusiara
31-10-2023150 tours in the Dwingeloo telescopeTammo Jan Dijkema, CAMRAS
26-10-2023Het Geheime Heelal (The Secret Universe)Jason Hessels
25-10-2023ASTRON/JIVE Astrofest returns! Joseph Callingham
24-10-2023100,000x faster than the blink of an eyeJason Hessels
23-10-2023Another filming crew at the WSRTMischa Brendel
20-10-2023ASTRON colleagues forfeit in fight for Olympic goldMischa Brendel
19-10-2023Cleaning the SuperterpHenk Mulder and Gemma Janssen
18-10-2023Luminous LOFAR compact radio sources in low mass galaxiesDany Vohl
17-10-2023SD Day 2023Tom Kamphuis
16-10-2023Seeing the trees through the forestJason Hessels
13-10-2023A wonderful open day at the LOFAR superterpMischa Brendel
12-10-2023Colloquium: The Faraday sky and the Galactic magnetic fieldSebastian Hutschenreuter
10-10-2023A happy little magnetarJason Hessels
09-10-2023There is no party like WSRT pizza partyHenk Mulder
06-10-2023Open dag 2023Mischa Brendel
04-10-2023Worskhop ViltenAnja van Veen
03-10-2023SRCnet Tangerine planning at IAAJanneke de Boer
28-09-2023Colloquium: An updated mass-radius analysis of the 2017-2018 NICER data set of PSR J0030+0451Serena Vinciguerra
26-09-2023Filming documentary 'The Night of your Life' at the WSRTMischa Brendel
22-09-2023Astrophysics of Fast Radio Bursts IIJason Hessels
21-09-2023Colloquium: LSSW: an experiment about Health, Lifestyle and Work-Life Balance.Alicia Berciano Alba
20-09-2023Open Source Hardware Conference and ESO visit in MunichReinier van der Walle & Steven van der Vlugt
14-09-2023Colloquium: Gamma-ray Pulsars with the Fermi Large Area TelescopeDavid Smith
07-09-2023Summer project: Holographic station calibration for LOFAR LBAPaul Otieno Akumu
04-09-2023Arecibo Observatory closes science operations - at least for the time beingJason Hessels
01-09-2023New maintenance engineersRonald Schrik
31-08-2023A study of the local environment of FRB 20181030A (R4) using VLBI Lasse Thiellesen
30-08-2023Summer students flag planting ceremonyMarjan Tibbe
24-08-2023Behind the scnene of Klaas kan allesFanna Lautenbach
23-08-2023MeerKAT’s new insight on accretion and AGN feedback from nearby star forming spiral galaxy NGC5643.Karina Santana
18-08-2023A novel radio imaging method for physical spectral index modellingAndré Offringa
16-08-2023Spatio-temporal correlators for lightning physicsAkshat Ahuja
08-08-2023Public lectures at Open Science HubMischa Brendel
31-07-2023Choco-bursts!Jason Hessels
28-07-2023Group 7 lights up @ ASTRONPaula Fusiara
27-07-2023AMD Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) workshopSteven van der Vlugt
18-07-2023First simultaneous LBA and HBA all-sky images with LOFAR2.0!Cees Bassa
17-07-2023Scaling up towards LOFAR2.0!The LOFAR2.0 Station team
14-07-2023Tour around the gardenMischa Brendel
12-07-2023KHMW Prize for Dr. Katharine MulreyJason Hessels
11-07-2023The workshop group working togetherCorne Lukken
10-07-2023Apertif Fast Radio Bursts: From sketch to movieJoeri van Leeuwen
07-07-2023Kerastari meeting 2023Pikky Atri
06-07-2023Colloquium: Observables for moving, extremely charged and massive primordial black holesJenny Wagner
05-07-2023LOFAR Family Meeting 2023Irene Bonati
04-07-2023ASTRON Bike To Work Day(s) 2023Joeri van Leeuwen
03-07-2023SRCnet team Tangerine at SKAO HQJanneke de Boer
30-06-2023Pulsar clocks open new window on gravitational wavesGemma Janssen
29-06-2023Colloquium: The cold molecular medium around high-redshift radio galaxies: environmental impact on galaxy evolutionBjorn Emonts
28-06-2023Rainbow reaches its 1000th ticketYan Grange
27-06-2023Oratie Prof. dr. Marijke HaverkornJason Hessels
26-06-2023SRCnet Program Forum Janneke de Boer
22-06-2023Colloquium: Cosmos and Canvas: Using Data Visualization to Explore and Communicate Your ScienceJayanne English
21-06-2023ASTRON at Alles Kids Festival in EmmenMischa Brendel
20-06-2023JIVE hosts the third CASA VLBI workshopIlse van Bemmel
19-06-2023SDC community day 2023Janneke de Boer
16-06-2023See the new LOFAR crew..!Arno Schoenmakers, Marco Drost, Gerda Sikken, Joanne Jager, Zabbet Ahmed
15-06-2023The MICADO atmospheric dispersion correctorJoost van den Born
14-06-2023New data release of ApertifAlexander Kutkn
13-06-2023A new pulsar model for the Dwingeloo telescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
12-06-2023Dynamically Scheduling LOFAR Cycle 20!Team Ruby and Gemma Janssen
09-06-2023First release of the Rapthor pipeline!André Offringa
08-06-2023Colloquium: The BlackGEM telescopes – Hunting for optical counterparts of gravitational wave sourcesSteven Bloemen
06-06-2023The rapid removal of HI from dwarf galaxies in the Fornax cluster Dane Kleiner
05-06-2023Guest lessons at Stad&Esch DieverMischa Brendel
23-05-2023Looking at JUICE with PRIDELeonid Gurvits
18-05-2023Finding the interference at 1421.015 MHzTammo Jan Dijkema
17-05-2023‘Meet METIS’- a New NOVA mini-DocumentaryJeff Lynn
16-05-2023Goodbye to Gert KruithofRoelien Attema and Mark Bentum
15-05-2023How ARTS Finds FRBs III -- Don't blink: the FRB sky in sharp view with WSRT.Joeri van Leeuwen
12-05-2023In Memoriam: Reltje (Bob) Rijf (1936 - 2023)Sieds Damstra
11-05-2023Colloquium: Chandrashekar MurugeshanChandrashekar Murugeshan
10-05-2023How will the #BiggestEyeOnTheSky explore the Universe?Jeannet Molema
04-05-2023Colloquium: Cold gas dynamics in high-z galaxiesFederico Lelli
02-05-2023Extended neutral hydrogen filamentary network in NGC 2403Simone Veronese
26-04-2023PV welding workshopMichel Arts, Jürgen Morawietz and Gijs Schoonderbeek
21-04-2023Blast from the PastJan Noordam, Ger van Diepen
20-04-2023Colloquium: Tying glitch phenomenology to neutron star physicsDanai Antonopoulou
19-04-2023JUICE on its way to JupiterLeonid Gurvits
18-04-2023A week of hydrogenTammo Jan Dijkema
14-04-2023Second place in Rotary Pub QuizTammo Jan Dijkema, Michiel Brentjens, Lute van de Bult, Roelien Attema
13-04-2023Colloquium: Diffuse radio emission from galaxy clusters at high definitionAndrea Botteon
06-04-2023Special colloquium: Explaining life-cycle adaptation of migratory birds to global climate changeChristiaan Both
04-04-2023Artisanal poster of unique masers and observations at the IAUS 380Gabor Orosz
03-04-2023Waving “Course bye” to our RF lecturersRonald Halfwerk and Simone Kajuiter
31-03-2023ERC Advanced Grant for Jason Hessels - EuroFlash: exploring the origins of fast radio bursts using a network of European radio telescopesJason Hessels
30-03-2023Colloquium: Supermassive Binary Black Holes at the HorizonSilke Britzen
27-03-2023Team Tangerine plans in LausanneYan Grange
17-03-2023WSRT in the snowRene Lourens
16-03-2023Colloquium: First JWST results on Galaxy Evolution in the Early UniverseKarina Caputi
15-03-2023Testing the Ford Focus Wagon 1.0 EcoBoost HybridMartijn Tilma
14-03-2023LOFAR core from spaceTammo Jan Dijkema
13-03-2023The building of LOFAR Latvia from spaceTammo Jan Dijkema
10-03-2023Orion rising over the LOFAR station in UnterweilenbachSteven Hämmerich
09-03-2023Colloquium: Cosmological studies with strong lensing and VLBICristiana Spingola
07-03-2023Placing white stickers on the HBA'sLOFAR becomes art
06-03-2023Sterrenkijkdagen 2023Tammo Jan Dijkema, CAMRAS
03-03-2023An ASTRON life in laptopsJason Hessels
02-03-2023Colloquium: WEAVE: Designing, building, and using the next-generation spectroscopic survey facility for the Northern SkyScott Trager
28-02-2023The winter sky above the LOFAR antenna near UnterweilenbachPhilipp Weber
27-02-2023Inés Pastor-Marazuela successfully defends thesisJoeri van Leeuwen
24-02-2023Roadmap Netherlands Instrumentation for the European Extremely Large TelescopeRamon Navarro
23-02-2023Colloquium: Supernova remnants and their environmentsMaria Arias
22-02-2023Original ASTRON typewriter from 1956Tammo Jan Dijkema
21-02-2023New Flexbuff WSRTRichard Blaauw
17-02-2023Virtual tour around the Milky WayTammo Jan Dijkema, Marco de Vos, Paul Steward
16-02-2023Colloquium: Astrochemistry and the Origin of LifeVeronica Allen
15-02-2023New Klokhuis with Our Telescopes Premieres TomorrowJoeri van Leeuwen
09-02-2023Colloquium: Tectonics and magma oceanography of rocky exoplanetsTim Lichtenberg
06-02-2023It's raining burstsJason Hessels
02-02-2023Colloquium: The carbon footprint and energy consumption of LOFARGert Kruithof
27-01-2023Green surprisePaula Fusiara
26-01-2023Colloquium: Blazar scam above redshift 4Krisztina Gabányi
24-01-2023ASTRON at the American Astronomical Society Meeting (AAS241)Joseph Callingham
23-01-2023Award ceremony at New Year's speechesMischa Brendel
19-01-2023Colloquium: Novel views on planet formation and dust evolution: connecting protoplanetary disk demographics with exoplanet populations and atmospheresNienke van der Marel
17-01-20232nd year research practicum at ASTRONJason Hessels
16-01-2023Michiel Brentjens wins Teacher of the Year 2022 awardMark Bentum
13-01-2023Rudolf le Poole turns 80Jan Noordam
12-01-2023Colloquium: Updates from the NOVA optical-infrared instrumentation group in DwingelooAnnemieke Janssen
03-01-2023Prestigious Chinese award for Richard StromTom Oosterloo
02-01-2023Congratulations Dr. Alex Cooper!Antonia Rowlinson