ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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28-12-2016Happy holidays from JIVERoy van der Werp
23-12-2016ASTRON Season's GreetingsRoy van der Werp
22-12-2016Christmas Market Roy van der Werp
21-12-20167.33 years At ASTRONHarm Munk
20-12-2016The age, dynamics, and energetics of FR II radio galaxiesJeremy Harwood
19-12-2016Another 12,5-year anniversary at the R&D department of ASTRONRoy van der Werp
16-12-2016The launching point of a protostellar outflow resolvedMatthijs H.D. van der Wiel
15-12-2016MFAA development - system integration testMartijn Brethouwer, David Prinsloo
14-12-2016Unboxing New RFI shielding cansPaula Fusiara
13-12-2016APERTIF busy weeksR.H. van den Brink
12-12-2016Replacing the LOFAR station Control Units (LCUs)Arno Schoenmakers
09-12-2016The LOFAR search for radio pulsars and fast transients in nearby galaxies M33, M81 & M82Klim Mikhailov and Joeri van Leeuwen
08-12-2016Welcome to JIVE, Latvia!Leonid Gurvits
07-12-2016Sjouke's GolemAndre Gunst
06-12-2016Discovery of five low luminosity active galactic nuclei at the centre of the Perseus clusterS. Park, J. Yang, R. Oonk, Z. Paragi
05-12-2016The Terrors of SinterklaasJan Noordam
02-12-2016Telescooploop 2016Ger van Diepen
01-12-2016Today's Colloquium: Cosmic magnetism in the era of broad-band spectro-polarimetryAritra Basu (MPIfR Bonn)
30-11-2016Dutch Embassies visit ASTRONRoy van der Werp
29-11-2016Leah Morabito succesfully defends her PhD thesisRaymond Oonk, Huib Jan van Langevelde, Raffaella Morganti
28-11-2016Dome Seminar Design for Testability, November 17thAlbert-Jan Boonstra
25-11-2016The LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey (LoTSS) preliminary data releaseTimothy Shimwell
24-11-2016Today's Colloquium: Shedding new light on star formation in the early UniverseJacqueline Hodge (Leiden Observatory)
23-11-2016Revision of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope 2013-2016Jan-Pieter de Reijer
22-11-2016Radio jets in IC 5063 are observed to drive a warm and dense molecular outflowK. M. Dasyra, F. Combes, T. Oosterloo, J. B. R. Oonk, R. Morganti, P. Salome', and N. Vlahakis
21-11-2016Inter-FPGA communication with CompaanBas Priest
18-11-2016The Rise of ILOFARJoe Mcauley
17-11-2016The voice of...Hans van der Marel
16-11-2016Today's Colloquium: Recent advances in the theory of pulsar magnetospheresAndrey Timokhin (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
15-11-2016Carbon and hydrogen radio recombination lines from the cold clouds towards Cassiopeia AJ. B. Raymond Oonk
14-11-2016The European VLBI Network welcomes VIRAC as a new memberAntonis Polatidis
11-11-2016The quiet force behind a hard-working R&D departmentGert Kruithof
10-11-2016Today's Colloquium: Highlights of a PhD in Galactic Maser VLBIRoss Burns (JIVE)
09-11-2016OLFAR PhD defence Raj Thilak RajanAlbert-Jan Boonstra
08-11-2016There was a time...Jan Noordam
07-11-2016State visit to AustraliaRoy van der Werp
04-11-2016Very-wide-field VLBI-imaging with LOFARGer de Bruyn
03-11-2016Retirement of Sjouke Zwier and Hans Tenkink Andre Gunst & Bob Campbell
02-11-2016Tomorrow's Colloquium: Getting close to black holes with X-ray spectral-timingPhil Uttley
01-11-2016Visit of the Chinese Society of Astronautics to ASTRONAlbert-Jan Boonstra
31-10-2016Measuring dielectric properties of materialsMichel Arts
28-10-2016Jacqueline van Gorkom: 2016 Jansky LecturererJan Noordam
27-10-2016Today's Colloquium: The impact of warm outflows in rapidly evolving galaxies in the local universeClive Tadhunter
26-10-2016Stefan Wijnholds: Professor ExtraordinaryJan Noordam
25-10-2016Horsehead NebulaAlbert van Duin
24-10-20163D-printed focus for Gridpix detectorJohan Pragt
21-10-2016Not every piece of sky is the same: the LOFAR Lockman Hole projectElizabeth Mahony & Raffaella Morganti
20-10-2016Today's Colloquium: AGN jets and neutrinos: multimessenger studies of blazarsFelicia Krauss
19-10-2016Terrestrial visitHenri Meulman
18-10-2016MeerKAT & Milky Way (MeerMelkweg?)Rob Millenaar
17-10-2016SKA.SaDT EMC emission measurements at ASTRONMark Ruiter
14-10-2016FAME - Freeform Active Mirror ExperimentGabby Aitink-Kroes
13-10-201612.5 year anniversary of Renate van Dalen!Roy van der Werp
12-10-2016Summer student map 2016Natasha Maddox
11-10-2016Harry turns 80Jan Noordam
10-10-2016A visit to the beautiful Observatorio de Yebes (Spain)Roy van der Werp
07-10-2016Cooperatively extinguishing radio "flames"Michiel Brentjens
06-10-2016Today's colloquium: Measuring the outflow of cosmic-ray electrons in star-forming and radio galaxiesVolker Heesen
05-10-2016Goodbye to the old ASTRON radio LABMark Ruiter
04-10-2016Identifying galaxy candidates in WSRT HI imaging of ultra-compact high velocity cloudsBetsey Adams
03-10-2016Never too Young for SciencePaula Fusiara
30-09-2016Dwingeloo-1 revisitedAlbert van Duin
29-09-2016Company visit by EUMA NetherlandsTruus van den Brink-Havinga
28-09-2016Traffic Signs In The Hallway -- What Do You Think?Derk Kuipers & Joeri van Leeuwen
27-09-2016Twin jets pinpoint the heart of an active galaxyRobert Schulz
26-09-2016APERTIF Milestone BBQR.H. van den Brink
23-09-2016Rik Jongerius' defense: the SKA computing challengeAlbert-Jan Boonstra
22-09-2016Astronomy in high-school educationJoeri van Leeuwen
21-09-2016ASTRON variation to The Great Dutch Bake Off!Diana Verweij
20-09-2016Localizing Millisecond Timescale Pulses with EVNYuping Huang
19-09-2016IC342, a dusty spiralAlbert van Duin
16-09-2016The 4th LOFAR Data Processing SchoolRoberto Pizzo & Emanuela Orru'
15-09-2016MeerLICHT telescope achieved first lightDirk Lesman
14-09-2016CEP4 Pulsar pipeline is ready!Vlad Kondratiev & Jan David Mol
13-09-2016SummertimeRik ter Horst
12-09-2016A LOFAR Census of Millisecond PulsarsVlad Kondratiev and LOFAR PWG
09-09-2016LOFAR's view on pulsar skyAnna Bilous & Vlad Kondratiev
08-09-2016Mid-Frequency Aperture Array (MFAA) successfully passed System Requirements Review (SRR)Wim van Cappellen on behalf of the AAMID Consortium
07-09-2016Measuring the image size of a gamma-ray burst, to the diffraction limit and beyond!Floor Broekgaarden
06-09-2016The Cat's Eye Nebula NGC6543Albert van Duin
05-09-2016CSIRO - ASTRON Collaboration UpdateAndre Gunst
02-09-2016A thank you to Roy SmitsAstronomy Group
01-09-2016Today's Colloquium: Fast Radio Bursts - What we know and what we don'tSimon Johnston
31-08-2016Farewell, tot kijk! Michael Garrett
30-08-2016Dubbel feest!Richard Strom
29-08-2016Wadlopen Day: stay clean, or not.Benito Marcote
26-08-2016A very inclusive pictureJan Noordam
25-08-2016Searching for gravitational wave radio counterparts with LOFARAnjali A A Piette
24-08-2016Best of luck Adam!Michael Wise
23-08-2016HIZOA J0836-43: A Remarkable HI Massive GalaxyANOJ KHADKA
22-08-2016LOFAR wandelingMarchel Gerbers
19-08-2016First light for ARTS, the new radio transient system at the WSRT.Roy Smits
18-08-2016''Super-sequence'': Emission Patches from PSR B0809+74 at the Low FrequenciesXiaoxi Song
17-08-2016ASTRON/JIVE summer students visit WSRT and LOFARCees Bassa
16-08-2016Subtle DisincentivesJan Noordam
15-08-2016LOFAR universeHiddo Hanenburg
12-08-2016Arcsecond-resolution LBA image of 4C 43.15, a radio galaxy at z=2.4. Leah Morabito
11-08-2016SKA SDP: Face-to-Face meeting on MaltaYan Grange
10-08-2016Giethoorn invasion by ASTRON/JIVE astronomers.Floor Broekgaarden
09-08-2016A glitch in a millisecond pulsarGemma Janssen
08-08-2016Bikers had fun at ASTRON-JIVE tour.Anne Veendijk
05-08-2016AENEAS H2020 project on SKA Regional Centres approvedMichael Wise
04-08-2016Another low frequency array in the NetherlandsEric Kooistra
03-08-2016SKA-TSM environmental testHiddo Hanenburg
02-08-2016 A rare example of low surface-brightness radio lobes in a gas-rich early-type galaxy: the story of NGC 3998Raffaella Morganti & Tom Oosterloo
01-08-2016Testing APERTIF DCU boardsSieds Damstra
29-07-2016Slicing through Jupiter's cloudy veilRichard Strom
28-07-2016In Memoriam Karin Spijkerman (1963-2016)Roy van der Werp
27-07-2016Fringe-fitting in CASADes Small
26-07-2016Satellite rescue by CAMRASNico Ebbendorf
25-07-2016Traditional MIDPREP summer pancake dinnerArnold van Ardenne
22-07-2016Long-baseline images of a Survey field from the Long-Baseline Busy WeekNeal Jackson
21-07-2016Today's Colloquium: MeerKAT status updateOleg Smirnov
20-07-2016Pokemon at ASTRONTammo Jan Dijkema & Rik Jongerius
19-07-2016The Connecting Strength of Big Science ProjectsTruus van den Brink-Havinga
18-07-2016Another piece of the puzzle: the fast HI outflow in Mrk 231Raffaella Morganti & Tom Oosterloo
15-07-2016The missing link: tracing molecular gas in the Outer Filament of Centaurus ARaffaella Morganti & Tom Oosterloo
14-07-2016Good to see an old friendJan Noordam
13-07-2016MICADO Consortium Meeting at NOVA-ASTRON Ramon Navarro
12-07-2016The new generationFelix Bettonvil
11-07-2016ASTRON new analog lab environmentNico Ebbendorf
08-07-2016M13 through the eye of the LynxAlbert van Duin
07-07-2016ASTRON/JIVE Summer Students visit the ESA/ESTECBenito Marcote
06-07-2016Jacki Gilmore awarded PhD for her work on Dense Dipole ArraysJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
05-07-2016MacAstron lilts a knobbly-kneed Goodbye Jan Noordam
04-07-2016Engineering Companies TourMonique Sluiman
01-07-2016Dutch Eyes on the Skies at the SPIE 2016, EdinburghRamon Navarro, Ronald Halfwerk
30-06-2016Farewell Symposium MikeRoy van der Werp
29-06-2016Dutch radio antenna to depart for the moon on Chinese missionRoy van der Werp
28-06-2016NGC 3718 and NGC 3729Albert van Duin
27-06-2016Non-parametric estimation of morphological lopsidednessNadine Giese
24-06-2016A small step for the telescopes, a giant leap for the e-EVNZsolt Paragi
23-06-2016PancakesZsolt Paragi
22-06-2016The LOFAR Imaging Cookbook v.19 is out!Aleksandar Shulevski
21-06-2016CEP3 cluster changes access policyMarco Iacobelli
20-06-2016LFAA AAVS1 concrete bases - site arrivalPieter Benthem
19-06-2016Astronomy ConcertMark Kettenis
17-06-2016An extraordinary binary systemCees Bassa
16-06-2016Live fringe-plots for Jive Uniboard CorrelatorDes Small, Harro Verkouter
15-06-2016LOFAR Ionospheric Workshop in PolandMaaijke Mevius, Emanuela Orru, Richard Fallows
14-06-20163C196 @171MHz at a resolution of 0.25 arcsecGer de Bruyn
13-06-2016Black Hole Fed by Cold Intergalactic DelugeJ. B. Raymond Oonk
10-06-2016ALFALFA Discovery of the most metal-poor gas-rich galaxy known: AGC 198691Betsey Adams
09-06-2016Today's Colloquium: The too-big-to-fail problem is too-persistent-to-die: new constraints from nearby field dwarfsManolis Papastergis
08-06-2016ASTRON bikes in the rainJan Noordam
07-06-2016MFAA environmental prototypes, 2 years later.Robert van der Horn
06-06-2016ASTRON colleagues crammed together like sardinesAndre Gunst
03-06-2016New Distance Record Promises Important Tool for Studying GalaxiesTom Oosterloo (for CHILES)
02-06-2016Today's Colloquium: The Large Binocular Telescope - the telescope, its instrumentation and scientific perspectiveJochen Heidt
01-06-2016An online tutorial for TaQLTammo Jan Dijkema
31-05-2016GUIs for UniBoardHajee Pepping
30-05-2016LFAA AAVS1 fibre deploymentPieter Benthem
27-05-2016Touching base: Grant HampsonJan Noordam
26-05-2016Keeping track of ASTRON R&D boardsGijs Schoonderbeek
25-05-2016Giant solar radio sourceEduard Kontar
24-05-2016Farewell Erik vd WalRadio group
23-05-2016APERTIF-12 FrontEnds ready for installationR.H. van den Brink
20-05-2016Dissolution of the Dutch Electronics and Radio SocietyMichel Arts & Arnold van Ardenne
19-05-2016Today's Colloquium: Optical Pulsars: Current and Future PolarimetryAndrew Shearer
18-05-2016First byte: Poznan joins the LOFAR Long-Term ArchiveYan Grange
17-05-2016A star is born!Raffaella Morganti & Francesco Santoro
16-05-2016UniBoard2: Ready for shippingSjouke Zwier
13-05-2016UK-NL cooperation Wim Brouw (with the aid of Hette Weijma)
12-05-2016Today's Colloquium: Effects of embedded planets in protoplanetary disks: Models vs. ObservationsPaola Pinilla
11-05-2016A novel fibre-chip coupling technique at the Hannover MessePeter Maat
10-05-2016A possible link between a blazar outburst and a neutrino detectionRobert Schulz
09-05-2016APERTIF optical fibre labellingR.H. van den Brink
06-05-2016Drone measurements on LOFARStefan Wijnholds
05-05-2016e-EVN measurement of the FRB 150418 host galaxy candidateZsolt Paragi
04-05-2016ARTS: A new radio transient detection system at Westerbork.The ARTS team
03-05-2016HESS J1943+213: a non-classical high-frequency-peaked BL Lac objectSamayra Straal and Joeri van Leeuwen
02-05-2016In Memoriam: Per-Simon Kildal (1951-2016)Arnold van Ardenne
29-04-2016FAST approaching filled surfaceNan Rendong, Wim Brouw and Leonid Gurvits
28-04-2016Full Dual-Pol Backend for the APERTIF Feed!Boudewijn Hut for the APERTIF team
27-04-2016Kids UniverseJoeri van Leeuwen
26-04-2016Collaboration on Big Data for Radio Astronomy (COBRA) Monique Sluiman
25-04-2016In Memoriam Kurt Weiler (1943-2016)Friends of Kurt
22-04-2016Real-time dedispersion for fast radio transient surveys, using auto tuning on many-core acceleratorsAlessio Sclocco
21-04-2016Dwingeloo telescope and ASTRON on SchoolTVSamayra Straal, Roy Smits and Joeri van Leeuwen
20-04-2016Girlsday Drawings 2016Roy Smits
19-04-2016First LOFAR millisecond pulsar discoveryZiggy Pleunis
15-04-2016Today: Showing the film of the restoration of the 25m DRTMichel Arts and Ard Hartsuijker
14-04-2016Today's Colloquium: Planet formation in the ALMA era: gas and dust in protoplanetary disksNienke van der Marel
13-04-2016The LOFAR Collaboration Meeting 2016Roberto Pizzo
12-04-2016Jason Hessels joins De Jonge AkademieMichael Garrett
11-04-2016APERTIF-12 LOG racks readyR.H. van den Brink
08-04-2016The DishwasherRob Millenaar
07-04-20163rd MIDPREP/AAMID workshop in Cape TownArnold van Ardenne
06-04-2016Joining up with BALTICSEmanuela Orru
05-04-2016Team ASTRON / SKA SA-NL Finished Cape Epic 2016Joeri van Leeuwen
04-04-2016National SETI meeting - presentations online. Michael Garrett
01-04-2016EUCARA 2016Paul Boven, Harm Munk
31-03-2016Today's Colloquium: High Resolution Imaging of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich EffectTony Mroczkowski
30-03-2016LFAA AAVS1 groundplane deploymentPieter Benthem
29-03-2016Feeding a newly born radio sourceFilippo Maccagni
28-03-2016A Harbinger of SpringJan Noordam
25-03-2016In memoriam Roel Gathier 1953-2016Harry van der Laan
24-03-2016Today's Colloquium: The cold molecular medium around high-z radio galaxies: cold accretion and jet-triggered feedback on scales of giant galaxy halosBjorn Emonts
23-03-2016How they see usSjouke Zwier / Gijs Schoonderbeek
22-03-2016The sunny face of ASTRONJan Noordam
21-03-2016Evacuation Drills and Fire-Fighting at ASTRONAnne Veendijk
18-03-2016A LOFAR project for DanRaffaella Morganti
17-03-2016LOFAR operations: towards the SKAMarco Iacobelli & Roberto Pizzo
16-03-2016Today's Colloquium: The Breakthrough Listen Initiative: Our Boldest Effort to Answer Our Oldest QuestionAndrew Siemion
15-03-2016Dutch National SETI meeting - ASTRON: 15th & 16th of March 2016. Michael Garrett
14-03-2016Northern Lights seen from Zuidwolde (Gr, March 6, 2016)Rik ter Horst
11-03-2016Harvey Butcher visiting ASTRONGert Kruithof
10-03-2016Today's Colloquium: Search for a variation of fundamental constants from astronomical observationsWim Ubachs (Amsterdam)
09-03-2016APERTIF-6 Software readyR.H. van den Brink
08-03-2016This year's Kluyver Visitor: Imke de Pater Jan Noordam
07-03-2016MFAA development - the testing of mounting optionsMartijn Brethouwer
04-03-2016SKA CSP Low.CBF dPDR succesfully passedAndre Gunst
03-03-2016Today's Colloquium: Detecting Gravitational Waves with Millisecond PulsarsPaul Demorest
02-03-2016Ready to shoot...Rik ter Horst
01-03-2016What's going on here?Gert Kruithof
29-02-2016SKALA2 antenna assemblyPieter Benthem
26-02-2016The host galaxy of a fast radio burstEmily Petroff
25-02-2016Today's Colloquium: Catching Quenching Galaxies: Following the Roads Less Traveled to Galaxy TransformationKatherine Alatalo
24-02-2016Ghost huntingStefan Wijnholds, Trienko Grobler and Oleg Smirnov
23-02-2016LOFAR Science HighlightsRichard Fallows
22-02-2016Proper SKA footwearPieter Benthem
19-02-2016ASTERICS and a new era of multi-wavelength/multi-messenger astronomyMichael Garrett
18-02-2016Today's Colloquium: Characterizing the Epoch of Planet Formation in Circumstellar DisksLaura Perez
17-02-2016All-Sky HBA movie with Polish station Baldy PL612 Menno Norden
16-02-20169th meeting of ASTRON's Scientific Advisory Committee Michael Garrett
15-02-2016APERTIF DCU PowercardR.H. van den Brink
12-02-2016PAASARAlbert van Duin
11-02-2016Today's Colloquium: The Radio Time Domain with the Murchison Widefield Array and BeyondDavid Kaplan
10-02-2016The Parkes HI Zone of Avoidance SurveyGeorge Heald
09-02-2016Big step forwards towards 2 Gbit/s e-VLBIMark Kettenis
08-02-2016Visit to ASTRON by students of the Universities for Applied Sciences in the Northern NetherlandsRonald de Wild
05-02-2016A thin meniscus shaped parabolic mirrorRik ter Horst
04-02-2016Today's Colloquium: Peering through Jupiter's Clouds with the Upgraded Very Large ArrayImke de Pater
03-02-2016Winner - ASTRON-JIVE Daily Image 2015Michael Garrett
02-02-2016Get-together of the LOFAR nearby AGN groupRaffaella Morganti
01-02-2016APERTIF-12 FrontEnds waiting for assemblyR.H. van den Brink
29-01-2016Shaping the Future in New MexicoArnold van Ardenne
28-01-2016Nowhere to Hide - Radio Quiet AGN in the HDF-NJack Radcliffe
27-01-2016MFAA environmental prototypes - going strong.Pieter Benthem
26-01-2016Up Close & Personal with 3C293Raffaella Morganti
25-01-2016Mounting the APERTIF DCU backplaneAnne Koster
22-01-2016South-Africa-Dutch SKA data science partnership seek to address Big Data conundrumRoy van der Werp
21-01-2016Rick Perley hounoured with Van Biesbroeck PrizeJan Noordam
20-01-2016The Wideband Low Noise Tile - The HI-line over five daysMartijn Brethouwer, Bert Woestenburg, Roel Witvers
19-01-2016SKA1_LOW precursor, AAVS1 station clearingPieter Benthem
18-01-2016APERTIF-6 hardware in placeR.H. van den Brink
15-01-2016Jobs at ASTRON websiteRoy van der Werp
14-01-20162016 New Year's SpeechesRoy van der Werp
13-01-2016LOFAR to extend into IrelandRoy van der Werp
12-01-2016SDSS versus BDSSAlbert van Duin
11-01-2016RF cabling APERTIF-6Raymond van den Brink
08-01-2016CSIRO - ASTRON Collaboration Gets in ShapeAndre Gunst
07-01-2016AARTFAAC 12-station correlator commissionedPeeyush Prasad, for the AARTFAAC team
06-01-2016Sander ter Veen: a new 'Doctor' in the LOFAR Science Support groupRoberto Pizzo
05-01-2016The East Asian ObservatoryRob Millenaar
04-01-2016APERTIF-6 FrontEndsRaymond van den Brink