ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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26-12-2017Season's Greetings from JIVEGina Maffey
22-12-2017ASTRON Season's GreetingsASTRON
21-12-2017An unexpected Christmas packagePaula Fusiara
20-12-2017Ger's Twinkling QuasarTom Oosterloo (for Apertif Commissioning Team)
19-12-2017The view of Centaurus A from the Murchison Widefield ArrayBen McKinley, Raffaella Morganti
18-12-2017A tale of Two WorldsPaula Fusiara
15-12-2017Perentie - SKA Low Correlator and BeamformerKoos Kegel
14-12-2017Westerbork milestone!Henk Mulder
13-12-2017Paco Colomer to take over as JIVE directorGina Maffey
12-12-2017Next generation distributed software and processing for LOFARRaymond Oonk
11-12-2017One of the Apertif heroesGert Kruithof
08-12-2017Testing water blocks for the SKASjouke Kuindersma & Gijs Schoonderbeek
07-12-2017Today's Colloquium: WEAVE: The next-generation spectroscopic survey facility for the Northern SkyScott Trager
06-12-2017First science image from the CASA VLBI toolsIlse van Bemmel
05-12-2017An Influential FriendJan Noordam
04-12-2017First Light!Albert van Duin
01-12-2017Improving pipeline description methodsYan Grange
30-11-2017Today's Colloquium: Binary neutron stars and gravitational waves: The dawn of multi-messenger astronomyChris Van Den Broeck
29-11-2017Combining X-ray and HI Luisa Ostorero and Raffaella Morganti
28-11-2017AENEAS all-hands meeting in GranadaYan Grange
27-11-2017SunsetMarjan Timmer
24-11-2017Giant radio jets as seen by LOFARVolker Heesen, Judith Croston, Raffaella Morganti
23-11-2017Today's Colloquium: BeSSeL, masers, a forest of lines and a dash of Diazenylium - a tale of star formation in four actsKatharina Immer (JIVE)
21-11-201760 Second Adventures in Collaborative ScienceGiuseppe Cimo'
20-11-2017How to serve a dozen dishesHanno Holties on behalf of the ALTA team
17-11-2017Highschool students observe the Crab pulsar in DwingelooTammo Jan Dijkema, CAMRAS
16-11-2017Today's Colloquium: Galaxy clusters in the LOFAR Two Metre Sky SurveyTim Shimwell
15-11-2017Jubilee dayRoy van der Werp
14-11-2017ASTRON site back on the power grid!Eric Kooistra, Anne Veendijk
13-11-2017Apertif imaging of the hydrogen in galaxiesTom Oosterloo (for the Apertif Commissioning Team)
10-11-2017Blind self-calibrationStefan Wijnholds
09-11-2017Today's Colloquium: Discovering the origin and nature of jets from accreting stellar-mass black holesThomas Russell
08-11-2017MATISSE ships to ChileFelix Betonvil
07-11-2017BALTICS RF course given in LatviaRoel Witvers, Juergen Morawietz
06-11-2017One swallow does not a summer make, but it makes a nice photo!Thomas Jurges
03-11-2017A team - that's how it works!Gina Maffey
02-11-2017Today's Colloquium: Extremely Metal-Poor Dwarf GalaxiesMercedes Filho
01-11-2017Responsive TelescopeJasper Annyas & Auke Klazema
31-10-2017Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Director-General updates ASTRON about the SKA projectJoe Callingham
30-10-2017I-LOFAR now officially a member of ILT organizationRonald Halfwerk
27-10-2017100 G flowing through the ASTRON buildingLeon Hiemstra, Gijs Schoonderbeek, John Romein
26-10-2017Dwingeloo 1 & 2 are still there!Tom Oosterloo (for the Apertif Commissioning Team)
25-10-20171 + 1 > 2Tom Oosterloo (for Apertif Commissioning Team)
24-10-2017When a jet hits a cloudTom Oosterloo & Raffaella Morganti
23-10-2017Food for thought...Gert Kruithof
20-10-2017Dedication of the de Bruyn Office at the Kapteyn InstituteTom Oosterloo
19-10-2017Recombination lines with ApertifTom Oosterloo (for Apertif Commissioning Team)
18-10-2017CASA VLBI workshop 2017Gina Maffey
17-10-2017Radio telescopes zoom in gravitational wave counterpartZsolt Paragi
16-10-2017September 13th: submission on a dead lineSander ter Veen
13-10-2017Unboxing the GAMEPaula Fusiara
12-10-2017ASTRON proud member of Innovation Cluster DrachtenGert Kruithof
11-10-2017Particle Rejuvenation In Distant Galaxy ClustersTimothy Shimwell
10-10-2017Hajee's career moveEric Kooistra
09-10-2017Kick-off in the new APERTIF roomGert Kruithof
06-10-2017The Square Kilometre Array and the origins of life Matthijs van der Wiel
05-10-2017Photo impression labs session MSc students RuG at NOVA-ASTRONWillem Jellema
04-10-2017Understanding the nature of drifting subpulses in pulsars.Andrzej Szary
03-10-2017Moonset from La PalmaCees Bassa
02-10-2017RFoF Environmental testLesley Goudbeek
29-09-2017Treasures of the Wiskunde BoekJan Noordam
28-09-2017Today's Colloquium: Wide-field VLBI observations of the COSMOS fieldNoelia Herrera
27-09-2017Open Monumentendag at the Dwingeloo RadiotelescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
26-09-2017RU Groningen Honours Master students at ASTRON Peter Maat and Roel Witvers
25-09-2017Lofar Long-Baseline Working Group Busy Week, 11-15 SeptemberNeal Jackson, for the Long-Baseline Working Group
22-09-2017The first RadioLife student leaves the nest!Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo
21-09-2017Today's Colloquium: Radioastrometry in post-Gaia epochLeonid Petrov
20-09-2017Today's Colloquium: Multiwavelength Studies of Giant Pulses from the Crab PulsarNatalia Lewandowska
19-09-2017Dying radio galaxies in the LOFAR skyMarisa Brienza, Raffaella Morganti & Leith Godfrey
18-09-2017In Memoriam: Nan Rendong (1945-2017)Wim Brouw
15-09-2017The Lockman Hole as seen by ApertifTom Oosterloo (for Apertif Commissioning Team)
12-09-2017Central Works Council visit ASTRON/JIVE.ASTRON OR
11-09-2017The Groningen expedition to the Great American Eclipse (and Jacqueline van Gorkom's meeting)Tom Oosterloo
08-09-2017Looking for broad HI absorption with Apertif Apertif Commissioning Team
07-09-2017Detections of low-frequency radio recombination lines with the EDA, an SKA1-Low prototypeEmma Alexander
06-09-2017Microserver T4240 Standalone version.Sieds Damstra
05-09-2017Software development harmonization and improvementAdriaan Renting
04-09-2017Archaeology of active galaxies across the electromagnetic spectrumRaffaella Morganti
01-09-2017A Dwingeloo background for StellariumTammo Jan Dijkema
31-08-2017MeerLICHT installed!Rik ter Horst
30-08-2017A LOFAR/MSSS view of extended radio sourcesChen Xie
29-08-2017MeasurementSetGer van Diepen
28-08-2017In Memoriam: Johanna Noordam (1946-2017)Oleg Smirnov
25-08-2017Interactive LOFAR MapVanessa Moss
24-08-20173c196 Flanking FieldNivedita Mahesh
23-08-2017Maser Bowshocks in a Water Fountain Outflow: A Case of IRAS 18043-2116Ann Njeri
22-08-2017Jet kinematics of NGC 660Avni Paresh Parmar
21-08-2017Perseid Meteor ShowerChen Xie
18-08-2017IE613 joins regular LOFAR operationsAleksandar Shulevski
17-08-2017Hoisting the antennaLesley Goudbeek
16-08-2017The parsec-scale jet of a young gamma-ray bright AGNYennifer Angarita
15-08-2017Hanny's Voorwerp revisitedAlbert van Duin
14-08-2017ASTRON/JIVE Summer Students Exploring WesterborkJoe Callingham
11-08-2017MaturationTony Willis, Jan Noordam
10-08-2017Group photo, take 2Tammo Jan Dijkema
09-08-2017Peak spectrum sources and galaxy evolution: Modeling gigahertz-peaked spectrum sources over many magnitudes of frequencyMel J Rose
08-08-2017Watercolor LOFARTammo Jan Dijkema
07-08-2017Testing Gemini LRUGijs Schooderbeek (Astron) / Leon Hiemstra (Astron) / Andrew Brown CSIRO
04-08-2017Before Saying CheeseMarjan Tibbe
03-08-2017NCLE: First LightDavid Prinsloo
02-08-2017Sky and ground imaging with LOFAR LBAVanessa Moss
01-08-2017The Group PhotoRoy van der Werp
31-07-2017Liquid Cooling DistributionAndre Gunst (on behalf of Gijs, Hiddo and Sjouke)
28-07-2017Sharpest groundbased images of jupiter and SaturnRik ter Horst
27-07-2017Irish LOFAR station IE613 successfully passed the SATRonald Halfwerk
26-07-20171st Light for LOFAR station IE613 ! (I-LOFAR at Birr, Ireland)Ronald Halfwerk
25-07-2017First HI images with ApertifTom Oosterloo
24-07-2017WimSym77: Our Wizard and his WifeJan Noordam
21-07-2017Dipole UnitedJeremy Harwood
20-07-2017PhD defence Erik VermijErik Vermij
19-07-2017Session on roles and interactions for smooth LOFAR DRAGNET operationsAlexander S. van Amesfoort, on behalf of the DRAGNET team
18-07-2017RO Uitje 2017SOS
17-07-2017AJDI winner 2016: Paula FusiaraJan Noordam
14-07-2017In memoriam: Ger de Bruyn (1948-2017): More than TallJan Noordam, V.N.Pandey
12-07-2017Apertif Imaging Early Science WorkshopBetsey Adams
11-07-2017The hidden life of a radio galaxyLeith Godfrey and Raffaella Morganti
10-07-2017Engineering of a cryogenic filter mount for MICADONiels Tromp
07-07-2017Zooming in on the host galaxy of the repeating fast radio burstCees Bassa
06-07-2017Today and tomorrow: WimSym77Jan Noordam
05-07-2017First Light of APERTIF Delay Compensation and Fringe Stopping!Boudewijn Hut for the APERTIF team
04-07-2017NCLE Radio Receiver proceeding to the next phase Albert-Jan Boonstra
03-07-2017DRAGNET enters operations to participate in LOFAR observationsAlexander S. van Amesfoort, on behalf of the DRAGNET team
30-06-2017The Broad Impact of Low Frequency Observing & the 4th LOFAR Users MeetingRoberto Pizzo
29-06-2017Far-infrared emission in luminous quasars accompanied by nuclear outflowsNatasha Maddox
28-06-2017The Leiden Radio Astronomy class of 2017Huib van Langevelde
27-06-2017HI absorption surveys: ready to start! Raffaella Morganti, Robert Schulz
26-06-2017The ASTRON/JIVE summer students of 2017Cees Bassa
23-06-2017SKA Advanced Instrumentation Program (AIP) meeting at ASTRONWim van Cappellen
22-06-2017WSRT Holography Mode Available (again)!Boudewijn Hut
21-06-2017It's LOFAR Pulsar Observing Time!Alexander S. van Amesfoort
20-06-2017Ghosts on the moon??Rik ter Horst
19-06-2017Unboxing a Mysterious Parcel from the UKPaula Fusiara
16-06-2017Mapping LOFARTammo Jan Dijkema
15-06-2017Griffon Vultures (Vale Gieren) spotted in ExlooAnneke Steenbergen
14-06-2017HI absorption 2017: a workshop preparing for the upcoming absorption surveysRaffaella Morganti & Tom Oosterloo
13-06-2017Building a remote stationAlbert van Duin
12-06-2017Successful upgrade of CEP3Jasper Annyas
09-06-2017Dome symposium, paths towards exascale in radio astronomyAlbert-Jan Boonstra
08-06-2017Today's Colloquium: MultiView: High Precision Astrometry at Low FrequenciesGabor Orosz
07-06-2017Anne Koster retiresNico Ebbendorf
06-06-2017Lunar images Rik ter Horst
02-06-2017Local interest in our new DirectorJan Noordam
01-06-2017Today's Colloquium: A white dwarf pulsarThomas Marsh
31-05-2017Dr Oleg Strangelove hits townJan Noordam
30-05-2017A successful last survey of the 'old' Westerbork Synthesis Radio TelescopeFilippo Maccagni, Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo
29-05-2017EC FP7 Biostirling for SKA projectArnold van Ardenne
26-05-2017Purple StorkDan Stinebring, Jan Noordam
25-05-2017WEAVE slit head interface plateEddy Elswijk
23-05-2017Supernova 2017eaw in NGC 6946Albert van Duin
22-05-2017BALTICS LOFAR trainingMenno Norden
19-05-2017A glimpse of Ghana's future in radio astronomyGina Maffey
18-05-2017Today's Colloquium: X-raying the clumpy winds of giant starsVictoria Grinberg
17-05-2017RFoF In-house production toolLesley Goudbeek
16-05-2017Glass plate negatives of the Dwingeloo Radio TelescopeMichel Arts
15-05-2017PV: Popular Scientific Lectures in Dutch attract wide InterestJuergen Morawietz, Ger van Diepen
12-05-2017Announcing WimSym77: 6/7 July 2017Jan Noordam
11-05-2017Today's Colloquium: The HI4PI SurveyBenjamin Winkel
10-05-2017More ApertifApertif Team
09-05-2017Towards the origin of the radio emission in AR Sco, the first radio-pulsing white dwarf binaryBenito Marcote
08-05-2017Making custom designs is FUN :)Paula Fusiara
04-05-2017Today's Colloquium: The first Be/BH binary system in context: discovery, evolution and accretion/ejection couplingMarc Ribů
03-05-2017LOFAR container sailing to IrelandRonald Halfwerk
02-05-2017NGC 5395 and NGC 5394 - the Heron GalaxyAlbert van Duin
01-05-2017Testing Gemini POCLeon Hiemstra (Astron) / Andrew Brown CSIRO / Gijs Schooderbeek (Astron)
27-04-2017The King's 50th birthdayJan Noordam
26-04-2017Wurzburg radar dishesRamon Navarro
25-04-2017Oort Lecture to be given by Imke de Pater Jan Noordam
24-04-2017Measuring UniBoard2Sjouke Kuindersma & Gijs Schoonderbeek
21-04-2017I-LOFAR skid frames halfway through productionPaula Fusiara
20-04-2017Today's Colloquium: Magnetic fields in the multi-phase interstellar mediumAndrew Fletcher
19-04-2017This year's Cascade Run participants (well, most of them)Ruud Beukema
18-04-2017Welcome to our new DirectorRoy van der Werp, Jan Noordam
17-04-2017VLBI: when people care about picoseconds, but can't remember the dateIlse van Bemmel
14-04-2017Girlsday 2017Tammo Jan Dijkema / Diversity Committee
13-04-201750 years of VLBI!!Ilse van Bemmel
12-04-2017TMS III is out!Ronald Nijboer, Jan Noordam
11-04-2017Department of Space Engineering at TU Delft visits JIVEGina Maffey
10-04-2017Vapour Phase SolderingAlbert van Duin
07-04-2017R&D team outing 2017 to NEWAYS LjouwertMark Ruiter
06-04-2017Today's Colloquium: Athena, the Advanced Telescope for High-Energy AstrophysicsJan-Willem den Herder
05-04-2017Octopus with vacuum tentaclesJohan Pragt
04-04-2017Twins of the Dwingeloo Radio TelescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
03-04-2017INAOE in Mexico starts Mirror Polishing for WEAVE SpectrographJohan Pragt
31-03-2017Old news: newspapers about building the Dwingeloo TelescopeTammo Jan Dijkema
30-03-2017Today's Colloquium: Molecular gas in typical low-mass star-forming galaxiesClaudia Cicone
29-03-2017First light with JIVE Uniboard Correlator!Benito Marcote
28-03-2017The heart of the Soul NebulaAlbert van Duin
27-03-2017CEP2, The end of an unruly workhorse Jasper Annyas
24-03-2017BlackGEM prototype being tested in NijmegenSteven Bloemen
23-03-2017Today's Colloquium: The quest for particle-accelerating colliding-wind binaries across the electromagnetic spectrumMichaŽl de Becker
22-03-2017Cloudify Casa with JupyterAard Keimpema
21-03-2017The heart of the Orion NebulaRik ter Horst
20-03-2017Best paper award at the IEEE Aerospace conference in Big Sky, Montana, USA Mark Bentum
17-03-2017APERCAL Unleashed! Apertif Imaging Commissioning Team
16-03-2017Today's Colloquium: Radio emission of binary stars in the AB Doradus moving groupRebecca Azulay
15-03-2017EPED assignment for HanzehogeschoolNico Ebbendorf
14-03-2017Black Hole X-ray Binary XTE J1908+094 shows spectacular outburstZsolt Paragi
13-03-2017Training OndernemingsraadArno Gregoor, Marcel Loose, Ingrid Arling, Yan Grange, André Offringa, Adriaan Renting
10-03-2017JUMPING JIVE kicks offGina Maffey
09-03-2017Today's Colloquium: The High-resolution View of Radio Jets in the Southern SkyCornelia Mueller
08-03-2017Ajinkya Patil defends his thesis on the LOFAR EoR project Ger de Bruyn
07-03-2017Simultaneous radio/X-ray detection of the first Be/BH binary MWC 656Benito Marcote
06-03-2017De Inrichting van de HemelMichel Arts
03-03-2017Famous in the Donald DuckTammo Jan Dijkema
02-03-2017The Making of...Gert Kruithof
01-03-2017Operations BoF at the ADASSYan Grange
28-02-2017NGC 6951Albert van Duin
27-02-2017Cleanroom prepared for WEAVE SpectrometerJohan Pragt
24-02-2017Polygoonjournaal april 1956Tammo Jan Dijkema
23-02-2017Measuring RF shielding cans of the MFAA LNAMichel Arts & Martijn Brethouwer
22-02-2017First ARTS busy weekR.H.vandenBrink/J.vanLeeuwen
21-02-2017LOFAR observations of decameter carbon radio recombination lines towards Cassiopeia ARaymond Oonk
20-02-2017NWO Special Interest Group on Software Engineering visits ASTRONRonald Nijboer
17-02-2017Resolved magnetic structures in the disk-halo interface of NGC 628David Mulcahy, George Heald
16-02-2017Today's Colloquium: Cosmic tsunamis and tornadoesAndra Stroe
15-02-2017Systematic effects on LBA phasesFrancesco de Gasperin - Maaijke Mevius
14-02-2017Characterising pipeline workloadsYan Grange
13-02-2017SKA Software Architecture WorkshopAgnes Mika
10-02-2017LOFAR MSSS: Discovery of a 2.56 Mpc giant radio galaxy associated with a disturbed galaxy groupAlex Clarke, George Heald, Jess Broderick
09-02-2017Today's Colloquium: First results from the analysis of the Gaia Data Release 1: A box full of chocolatesAmina Helmi
08-02-2017The Repeating Fast Radio Burst FRB 121102 as Seen on Milliarcsecond Angular ScalesBenito Marcote
07-02-2017Maser jets in a massive star forming regionRoss A. Burns
03-02-2017The AARTFAAC skyMark Kuiack
02-02-2017Today's Colloquium: How cosmic rays shape galaxiesChristoph Pfrommer
01-02-2017Zooming in on an old AGN remnant with LOFARAleksandar Shulevski
31-01-2017First image with Apertif: a new life for the Westerbork radio telescopeTom Oosterloo
30-01-2017A direct localization of a fast radio burst and its hostBenito Marcote
27-01-2017Radio receiver geared to going to the MoonJeanette Bast and Albert-Jan Boonstra
26-01-2017Today's Colloquium: Blazar jet physics through variability studies and direct imagingVassilis Karamanavis
25-01-20176th Long-Baseline Busy Week: First long-baseline maps produced entirely through a pipeline.Marco Iacobelli
24-01-2017Observing GSH 006-15+7 with the Dwingeloo TelescopeVanessa Moss
23-01-2017Tiny pcb's for Eindhoven University of TechnologyAleksei Dubok (TU/e)
20-01-2017In Memoriam: Arie Hin (1927-2016)Albert Jan Boonstra, Jaap Baars, Wim Brouw, Jan Noordam
19-01-2017CEP4 in productionJasper Annyas
18-01-2017DIY Aperture Arrays David Prinsloo
17-01-2017OLFAR PhD defence Steven EngelenMark Bentum
16-01-2017Presentations Project ManagementGert Kruithof
13-01-2017Who was Who in postwar Dutch astronomyJan Noordam
12-01-2017ASTRON RFoF purchased by the MWAPieter Benthem, on behalf of the ASTRON RFoF team
11-01-2017Het Logboek -> The JournalJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
10-01-2017Whisper Dish stolen (and returned)Tammo Jan Dijkema
09-01-2017Filming @ ASTRON for Biostirling for SKAArnold van Ardenne
06-01-2017Dwingeloo Radio Telescope on popular science TV-show GalileoMichel Arts
05-01-2017The Precise Localization and Host of Fast Radio Burst FRB121102: A TriptychAdams, Bassa, Hessels, van Langevelde, Maddox, Marcote & Paragi
04-01-2017BALTICS DSP course week in LatviaRoel Witvers
03-01-2017Speeding things up with 3D printingvandenBrink / Kuindersma / Morawietz
02-01-2017The schaatsen of Jan OortJan Noordam