ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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20-12-2019Happy Holidays from ASTRONASTRON
19-12-2019SAGECal on a NVIDIA Jetson NanoHanno Spreeuw
18-12-2019Dwingeloo primary school visits telescopeTammo Jan Dijkema & Cees Bassa
17-12-2019ASTRON/JIVE/NOVA mid-winter walkIna Lenten & Marleen Rohmensen
16-12-2019Jan Geralt bij de Vaate receives his PhD degree. Mark Bentum
13-12-2019General Affairs @ ASTRONGert Kruithof
12-12-2019Retirement(Teun Grit); Exit(43 years at ASTRON);Teun Grit, Adriaan Renting, Arno Schoenmakers
11-12-2019Pulses from the Crab Pulsar, as seen with LOFARJoeri van Leeuwen
10-12-2019Control-room PostersHenk Mulder
06-12-2019GremlinsHenk Mulder
03-12-2019What will we do without Henri MeulmanMr. Observer
02-12-2019A LOFAR search for pulsars in M31Joeri van Leeuwen
29-11-2019PV Telescooploop with goat’s cheeseEric Kooistra
28-11-2019Colloquium - Rapidly Evolving Episodic Outflow in the Fastest Water FountainJosé-María Torrelles
27-11-2019NWA-ORC program Kickoff Meeting with CORTEXArno Schoenmakers
25-11-2019A spatially resolved CO outflow in IRAS 08572+3915Annemieke Janssen
22-11-2019Once upon a Time in the NorthJan Noordam
21-11-2019What does Gender have to do with Physics? (Colloquium by Prof. Tomas Brage)Tomas Brage
20-11-2019Apertif at AstroFestBetsey Adams
19-11-2019An order of magnitude improvement: lessons from Australia on Epoch of Reionization analyses (Colloquium)Nicole Barry
15-11-2019OLFAR at the 70th Astronautical CongressMark Ruiter
14-11-2019TOPCAT for working with catalogues (Colloquium: Mark Taylor, University of Bristol)Mark Taylor
13-11-2019Gemini-XH in productionGijs Schoonderbeek
12-11-2019CHIME - the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping ExperimentKeith Vanderlinde
11-11-2019ASTRON/JIVE Astrofest 2019 Joseph Callingham
08-11-2019Pacman Nebula in Hubble paletteAlbert van Duin
07-11-2019Colloquium: The formation of (very) slowly rotating starsHenk Spruit (MPA, Garching)
06-11-2019Public release of Apertif SVC dataBetsey Adams
05-11-2019Nacht van de Nacht bij de radiotelescoopTammo Jan Dijkema
04-11-2019Pacman Nebula NGC281Albert van Duin
01-11-2019ARTAMIS on a MissionArno Schoenmakers, Henk Mulder, Arthur Coolen
31-10-2019Colloquium - The effect of the Galactic magnetic field on gas accretionAsger Grannow
25-10-2019Weekend van de Wetenschap 2019Tammo Jan Dijkema
23-10-2019Probing the cosmic web with SKARobin Kooistra, Kelley Hess
22-10-2019Colloquium : Black hole X-ray binaries- accurate distances and natal kicksPikky Atri (ICRAR - Curtin)
17-10-2019Colloquium - Jan Hendrik Oort: Master of the Galactic SystemPiet van der Kruit
15-10-2019Scintillation from two Layers in the IonosphereRichard Fallows
14-10-2019HARPS3 FDR, the Terra Hunting Experiment and the Nobel PrizeRamon Navarro
10-10-2019LOFAR early-time search for coherent radio emission from GRB 180706AAntonia Rowlinson
09-10-2019The Netherlands hosting ADASS XXIXRoberto Pizzo
07-10-2019LOFAR 2.0 Stage 1 Station & Timing Distributor passed PDR!René Kaptijn
04-10-2019Diversity day at AstronTammo Jan Dijkema on behalf of the Diversity Committee
03-10-2019The ILT reaches the Baltic Sea!Carla Baldovin
02-10-2019ADASS2019 conference in Groningen coming soon!Marjan Tibbe
01-10-2019Henk Vosmeijer – 40 years anniversary working at ASTRON Gert Kruithof
30-09-2019Colloquium: Sub-milliarcsecond astronomy with Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov TelescopesTarek H.
27-09-2019Royal couple visits ASTRONCommunications
26-09-2019LOFAR4SW project passed the Mid Term ReviewPieter Benthem
25-09-2019RCU2.0 Design by INAF and ASTRONGijs Schoonderbeek
24-09-2019Colloquium - How exoplanets are affected by their host starsAline Vidotto
18-09-2019Cake to celebrate the Royal Visit today Antonia Rowlinson
17-09-2019Colloquium - General relativistic modeling of extragalactic jet formationOliver Porth
13-09-2019Precision requirements for Epoch of Reionization imagingThe LOFAR EoR team
12-09-2019Can radio astronomy improve machine learning?Sarod Yatawatta
11-09-2019LofarDag 2019Monique Sluiman
10-09-2019Correspondence Oort - Grote ReberTammo Jan Dijkema
09-09-2019Exploring the Galactic foreground of the gamma ray burst GRB070508Helga Denes
06-09-2019Pedestal or PaddenstoelGert Kruithof
05-09-2019Galaxy 3C 236 as seen by LOFARAleksandar Shulevski
04-09-2019LOFAR as a passive radar, part twoAlbert Jan Boonstra and Mattheijs Eikelboom
03-09-2019The evolution of the Westerbork CornerHenk Mulder
02-09-2019Summer opening of the Dwingeloo TelescopeCAMRAS (Tammo Jan Dijkema)
30-08-2019Discovery of a new systematic effect in LOFAR LBA dataFrancesco de Gasperin
29-08-2019Correcting for Direction-dependent Effects in LOFAR Data with ScreensDavid Rafferty
28-08-2019Data compression aided AI for LOFAR system health managementMaurine Santigny and Albert Jan Boonstra
27-08-2019Pulsars as tools to study turbulence in the interstellar mediumM. A. Krishnakumar and Yogesh Maan
26-08-2019Netherlands first country to ratify SKA Observatory ConventionFrank Nuijens
23-08-2019Summary of 2nd ASTRON/JIVE Traineeship in Science Operations with Massive ArraysThomas Franzen
22-08-2019Maser astrometry in CASASophia Vaughan
21-08-2019Constraining Inclinations of Black Widow PulsarsCaroline El Khoury
20-08-2019Latvian LOFAR station LV614 passed the Site Acceptance Test!Ronald Halfwerk
19-08-2019Employing AARTFAAC as an ionospheric instrumentArianna Saba
16-08-2019Constraining coherent low frequency radio flares from compact binary mergersAntonia Rowlinson
15-08-2019A man in a logarithmic scale: Nikolai Kardashev, 1932–2019Leonid Gurvits
14-08-2019Comparing LOFAR Epoch of Reionization target fields using 21-cm power spectraJishnu Nambissan Thekkeppattu
13-08-2019Listening to meteorsCees Bassa
12-08-2019HI in Fornax with MeerKATErwin de Blok
09-08-2019The Inner Jet of the Blazar OJ287John Martin Hunter
08-08-2019Milky way and radio telescopePeijin Zhang
07-08-2019HI imaging of candidate Local Group dwarf galaxiesLilly Bralts-Kelly
06-08-2019Stellar systems at low radio frequencies: possible exoplanet hosts?Ivey Davis
05-08-2019MAMMOET: A hobby that got out of handRené Kaptijn
02-08-2019A Mechanical Workshop milestoneJorrit Siebenga
01-08-2019Extragalactic megahertz-peaked spectrum radio sources at milliarcsecond scalesMichael Alan Keim
31-07-2019'Code oranje'Monique Sluiman
30-07-2019The LOFAR observation of Type III radio burstPeijin Zhang
29-07-2019Impact of interference on 21-cm EoR analysesAndré Offringa
26-07-2019Successful Veni Grant for Joe CallinghamJoseph Callingham
25-07-2019New pulsars discovered with LOFARCees Bassa
24-07-2019ASTRON News Summer 2019ASTRON
23-07-2019Visit to SURFsaraChanka Noah
22-07-2019Bonn-Dwingeloo meetingDhanya Nair
19-07-2019Training the next generation of support scientistsKatharina Immer
18-07-2019Dwingeloo downloads solar eclipse image from lunar orbitTammo Jan Dijkema, Cees Bassa & Paul Boven
17-07-2019Origin of the off-pulse emission from pulsars!Benito Marcote & Yogesh Maan
16-07-2019COBALT2.0 is ready for useRené Kaptijn
15-07-2019Students developingJohan Pragt
12-07-2019"Detailed studies of low-redshift AGN" Meeting in IrelandSean Mooney
11-07-2019Goodbye Jan Slagter, goodbye friendRoelof Boesenkool
10-07-2019Tomorrow's Colloquium (11 July 2019): Simulating VLBI observations of black holes from space and from the groundFreek Roelofs
09-07-2019SCADA Conference Europe 2019 (Milan)Henk Mulder
08-07-2019First-light for the NenuFAR Cosmic Dawn KSPHarish Vedantham
05-07-2019WEAVE Large Integral Field UnitRemko Stuik
04-07-2019Colloquium (4th July 2019): Gravitational lensing science challenges in the era of all-sky surveysGiorgos Vernardos (University of Groningen)
03-07-2019AARTFAAC sees a lightning stormAntonia Rowlinson
02-07-2019There and back againHarish Vedantham
01-07-2019Apertif surveys starting today!Betsey Adams, Vanessa Moss, Emanuela Orru
28-06-2019Building a LOFAR station, one stick at a timeTammo Jan Dijkema
27-06-2019Galaxy clusters caught in the first moment of collision Timothy Shimwell
26-06-2019Veder prize for Wim van CappellenMark Bentum
25-06-2019An orphan gamma-ray burst afterglowBenito Marcote, Kenzie Nimmo, et al.
24-06-2019LOFAR2.0 System ReviewWim van Cappellen
21-06-2019From Spartan battles to modern radio telescopesLeonid Gurvits
20-06-2019Colloquium (20 June 2019): Tracing Galactic magnetic fields with diffuse radio polarisationAlec Thomson (ANU)
19-06-2019APERTIF 10000!Nico Vermaas
18-06-2019Colloquium - The next phase of time domain astronomy Shri Kulkarni
17-06-2019Apertif Compound Beam ShapesKelley M. Hess on behalf of Apertif Imaging Commissioning Team
14-06-2019Visit to LOFAR core and Westerbork Synthesis Radio TelescopeSumit Kumar Jaiswal
13-06-2019Colloquium (13 June 2019): Exoplanet Atmospheres at High Spectral Resolution Jayne Birkby
12-06-2019CORTEX: Self-learning machines hunt for explosions in the UniverseJoeri van Leeuwen and Antonia Rowlinson
11-06-2019Apertif is ours now!Arno Schoenmakers
10-06-2019Real-time interference mitigation with ARTSD. Vohl
07-06-2019Italian ambassador visits ASTRON/JIVEPR Team
06-06-2019Colloquium - Characterizing Exoplanets’ Atmospheres to Unveil Planetary Origins, Climate and HabitabilityJean-Michel Désert
05-06-2019Special colloquium 5 June - Development of Thai National Radio Telescope, and Prospects for Astronomy Development in ThailandSaran Poshyachinda and Busaba Kramer
29-05-2019Firmware testing of ARTS SC4 IQUV outputJonathan Hargreaves
28-05-2019Cooling electronics with a waterkruikGijs Schoonderbeek
27-05-2019The Making Of..!Jorrit Siebenga
24-05-2019Goodbye, Jacob!Agnes Mika on behalf of the Apertif team
23-05-2019LOFAR Science 2019Pietro Zucca
22-05-2019Warm-starting Apertif: Improved ImagesBetsey Adams
21-05-2019Dwingeloo Telescope model for Science Hub 'de Melkweg'Jorrit Siebenga
17-05-2019Goodbye Monique SluimanAndre Gunst
16-05-2019Colloquium - Young radio sources: from newly born to short-lived objectsMonica Orienti
15-05-2019FPGA firmware in Apertif and ArtsEric Kooistra
14-05-2019RadioAstron AGN working group meeting in DwingelooGina Maffey and Leonid Gurvits
13-05-2019Eradicate data loss of the APERTIF Data Writer for ImagingMarcel Loose
10-05-2019 May the Force be with You, SEPMaster!Agnes Mika on behalf of the SEPM group
09-05-2019Multi-Scale Jet Feedback (Colloquium)Dr. Dipanjan Mukherjee
08-05-2019APERTIF commissioning as seen from ATDBNico Vermaas
07-05-2019ASTRON at Expeditie NextCommunications
02-05-2019Approaching the mystery of HeII with MUSE (2nd May 2019 Colloquium by Themiya Nanayakkara)Themiya Nanayakkara (Leiden University)
01-05-2019Minor planet 12656 gerdebruynYan Grange and Joeri van Leeuwen
30-04-2019The purpose of chocolateAgnes Mika
29-04-2019Optimising transient searches in radio images with machine learning Antonia Rowlinson
26-04-2019 The Cool Guy(s)Agnes Mika
25-04-2019Extended radio AGN at 3-GHz VLA-COSMOS (Vardoulaki et al. 2019)Dr. Eleni Vardoulaki
24-04-2019Acronym hunters wanted!Agnes Mika
23-04-2019ADASS XXIX coming to the NetherlandsRoberto Pizzo
19-04-2019Astronomers capture first image of a black holeIlse van Bemmel
18-04-2019Colloquium - PAFs and polarisation and radio galaxies, oh my!Craig Anderson
17-04-2019National Secretary DayGert Kruithof
16-04-2019M87 from low to high frequencyFrancesco de Gasperin
15-04-2019NGC4725 and its neighbourAlbert van Duin
12-04-2019Sunspot 2738Rik ter Horst
11-04-2019Girlsday 2019PR
10-04-2019Apertif sees Perytons in real timeVanessa Moss
09-04-2019PV trip to ElburgGer van Diepen
08-04-2019ESCAPE kicking offYan Grange
05-04-2019Willem Wever Woos WesterborkJoeri van Leeuwen
04-04-2019Colloquium - A Relativistic Particle-in-Cell (PIC) Pair Plasma Jet SimulationNicholas MacDonald
03-04-2019Congratulations Tatiana Bocanegra!Gina Maffey
02-04-2019SKA article in NRC featuring ASTRON scientistsAntonia Rowlinson
01-04-2019Meet the new R&D MTMonique Sluiman
29-03-2019Farewell to ASTRON and the DwingelderveldJess Broderick
28-03-2019Colloquium - The First Large Absorption Survey in HI: A history of cold gas in the UniverseJames Allison
27-03-2019PhD Defense Samayra StraalJoeri van Leeuwen
26-03-2019First Pick&Place machine testAlbert van Duin
25-03-2019All hands on deck!Agnes Mika
22-03-2019NGC3486 automatic colour calibrationAlbert van Duin
21-03-2019Colloquium - Gravitational lensing at milliarcsecond angular resolutionCristiana Spingola
20-03-2019A busy year for the PVJrgen Morawietz
19-03-2019An HBA as seen through the eyes of RembrandtRonald Halfwerk
18-03-2019Founding Members sign SKA Observatory treatyAlice Spruit
15-03-2019Butterfly effect on International Women's DayPaula Fusiara
14-03-2019Colloquium - Short lived accretion states in magnetic cataclysmic variables (and other systems)Mark Kennedy
13-03-2019Late Dutch winter: a chance of rainbowsThomas Juerges
12-03-2019PV skiing event Winterberg 2019Eric Kooistra
08-03-2019Building a new brain for LOFARCees Bassa
07-03-2019Today's colloquium: Diet for the monsters: molecular tori in active galaxiesLeonard Burtscher
05-03-2019A pyramid and a telescopeZsolt Paragi
04-03-2019LFAA CDR: the panel, the consortium and the SKAOJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
01-03-2019LOFAR Surveys paper splash gives rise to media splashFrank Nuijens
28-02-2019Today's colloquium: Statistical Modelling of the High-Latitude IonosphereGarreth Dorian & Alan Wood
27-02-2019Customisable antenna array for SILIKAJorrit Siebenga
26-02-2019On apple mass and other mattersLeonid Gurvits
25-02-2019Lunar farside and Earth in the mediaTammo Jan Dijkema
22-02-2019The aftermath of an explosionZsolt Paragi
21-02-2019The First Westerbork HALOGAS Data ReleaseErwin de Blok
20-02-2019Monitoring sky brightnessPaco Colomer
19-02-2019The first data release from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey (LoTSS) Timothy Shimwell
18-02-2019AARTFAAC2.0 WorkshopMaaijke Mevius
15-02-2019Kleibrink about Grote ReberHarm-Jan Stiepel & Tammo Jan Dijkema
14-02-2019Today's colloquium: Globular clusters in the Gaia eraAlice Zocchi
13-02-2019First detection of chromatic DM in pulsar observationsCaterina Tiburzi
12-02-2019Keeping an Eye on the Sky with I-LOFARDavid McKenna
11-02-2019Moon behind the focusTammo Jan Dijkema
07-02-2019Colloquium - Exoplanet radio searchesPhilippe Zarka
06-02-2019Sport and games eveningGer van Diepen
05-02-2019A silent Tribute to the Power WomanPaula Fusiara
04-02-2019The Netherlands will partner to build the largest radio telescope in the worldPR ASTRON
01-02-2019Time to look for White RabbitsHuib van Langevelde
31-01-2019Colloquium - The Magnetic Field of the Milky WayMarijke Haverkorn
30-01-2019Gert Kruithof leaves the R&D nestAndr Gunst
29-01-2019Efficient Deep Learning programme kick-offAlbert-Jan Boonstra
28-01-2019PCIe on Uniboard2Dehim Verveen, Thijs Snijder and Leon Hiemstra
25-01-2019The True Master BlasterPaula Fusiara
24-01-2019How nature builds planetsMatthijs van der Wiel
23-01-2019A decade of AstrolunchJason Hessels
22-01-2019Automated cable layout for LOFAR fieldsThomas Tijsma
21-01-2019Chang'e-4 relay satellite and NCLE scale modelJorrit Siebenga
18-01-2019Celebrating 10 years of digital leave requestsDiana Verweij
17-01-2019Today's colloquium: Radio and laser tracking of planetary missions: past, present and futureDominic Dirkx
16-01-2019View from the focusTammo Jan Dijkema
15-01-2019Knowing the APERTIF room teamGer van Diepen
14-01-2019Behind the Scenes: Mechanical Riddle solutionPaula Fusiara
11-01-2019LOFAR Minecraft - LOFAR Enters the Virtual Universe Peter Gallagher
10-01-2019Last DESP Project Progress Meeting of 2018Andre Gunst
09-01-2019BALTICS final Conference and WorkshopCarla Baldovin
08-01-2019ASTRON at AAS 233Alice Spruit
07-01-2019Scattering features and variability in the Crab pulsarGemma Janssen
02-01-2019ASTRON News Winter editionASTRON