ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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28-12-2015Happy Holidays from JIVE !Aukelien van den Poll
24-12-2015Season's Greetings from ASTRONSeason's Greetings from ASTRON
23-12-2015In memoriam Dan Harris 1934-2015 Jan Noordam
22-12-2015'Audio' meets 'Ultra-Mega-High Hertz'Erik van der Wal
21-12-2015APERTIF-6 first-fringe partyRaymond van den Brink
18-12-2015The International LOFAR Telescope family has been extended!Rob van der Meer
17-12-2015Christmas High TeaRoy van der Werp
16-12-2015Our Commissioning team at work in LOFAR station Borowiec (PL610)Ronald Halfwerk
15-12-2015ASTRON/JIVE scientists, looking the partJan Noordam
14-12-2015UniBoard2 has arrivedGijs Schoonderbeek
11-12-2015Sampling the Ionosphere with Rigid Floating Groups (RFG)Jan Noordam
10-12-2015Today's colloquium: Emergent Gravity and the Dark UniverseErik Verlinde
09-12-2015LOFAR Dynamic Spectrum ArtMenno Norden
08-12-2015Neutral atomic hydrogen in Hickson Compact Group 44Sahba Yahya
07-12-2015CoolErik van der Wal
04-12-2015Bootes field with LOFAR @ 150 MHzDuy Hoang
03-12-2015Today's colloquium: Seeing through clouds: the role of radio astronomy in modern Dutch astronomyDavid Baneke
02-12-2015Open Day prize winners visit the DRTYan Grange
01-12-2015Searching for pulsars with coherent dedispersionCees Bassa
30-11-2015A new full member of IAAZsolt Paragi
27-11-2015Three new LOFAR stations will connect to the ILT on 1 January 2016Rob van der Meer
26-11-2015Today's Colloquium: The "BAaDE" SiO maser survey in the Galactic BulgeLorant Sjouwerman (NRAO)
25-11-2015Tonight on TV: The last episode of Klokhuis Heelal Joeri van Leeuwen
24-11-2015First bright fireball captured by BINGO!Felix Bettonvil
23-11-2015Still going strong: Henk (94) and Willy (89) SiedersJan Noordam
20-11-2015Broadband radio emission from Kardashev Type II civilisations.Michael Garrett
19-11-2015Today's Colloquium: How to SPAM the 150 MHz skyHuib Intema
18-11-2015In Memoriam: Prof. Rod Davies CBE, FRS (1930-2015)Michael Garrett
17-11-2015Software Architecture Course at ASTRONArno Schoenmakers
16-11-2015First Light of the APERTIF Correlator!Boudewijn Hut and Hajee Pepping for the APERTIF team
13-11-2015Dominic Dirkx, PhD Cum Laude!Leonid Gurvits
12-11-2015Today's Colloquium: Big and young SMBHs in the early UniverseTullia Sbarrato
11-11-2015First 2 Gbit/s e-EVN fringesMark Kettenis
10-11-2015LOFAR discovers mysterious structures in our GalaxyVibor Jelic
09-11-2015LFAA AAVS1 Detailed Design Review Pieter Benthem
06-11-2015In memoriam Bill Erickson 1930-2015Johan en Jornarose Hamaker
05-11-2015Today's Colloquium: Observing nearby spiral galaxies with a new generation of radio telescopesDavid Mulcahy
04-11-2015LOFAR Holographic Station CalibrationDavid Bordenave, Michiel Brentjens
03-11-2015NeighboursZsolt Paragi
02-11-2015TV: Zapp Wetenschapsweek: "Ontdek de Ruimte"Joeri van Leeuwen
01-11-2015Bus of stiltemeter put schools to workJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
30-10-2015Alternative uses for the LOFAR LBATammo Jan Dijkema
29-10-2015Today's Colloquium: A Multi-Wavelength View of Nearby GalaxiesLiese van Zee
28-10-2015LOBOS mini survey - challenging the LOFAR systemEmanuela Orru'
27-10-2015searching for cool neutral meduim in UCHVCsBahar Bidaran, Betsey Adams
26-10-2015E-ELT from LEGO bricksFelix Bettonvil
25-10-2015Heel Nederland Kijkt Sterren 2015Joeri van Leeuwen
23-10-2015The Existence of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence: The Idea Behind SETIJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
22-10-2015Real-time recording of IVS R1 observationsSimone Bernhart, Stuart Weston, Harro Verkouter
21-10-2015Goodbye to Rob (and Janni) MillenaarArnold van Ardenne, Jan Noordam
20-10-2015Klokhuis "Universe" series: every Wednesday in NovemberJoeri van Leeuwen
19-10-2015ASTRON/JIVE Open Day great success!Roy van der Werp
16-10-2015The spectacular halos of spiral galaxiesGeorge Heald
15-10-2015WEAVE Spectrograph Production startedJohan Pragt
14-10-2015Calibratability fundamentals (4): psf sidelobe noise in LOFARStefan Wijnholds
13-10-2015Remnant radio galaxies in the LOFAR skyMarisa Brienza
12-10-2015Excellent AAVS1 LINFRA progress in AustraliaPieter Benthem
09-10-2015Sorama visiting AstronFloris Driessen
08-10-2015Today's Colloquium: Far-infrared fine-structure line studies of early galaxies: Where are we? Where do we need to go?Carl Ferkinhoff
07-10-2015VLBI goes on at the WSRT - First fringes with the DBBC and a single radio telescopeAntonis Polatidis
06-10-2015TAQL gemGer van Diepen
05-10-2015Smoke and MirrorsTony Willis
02-10-2015ASTRON/JIVE Open Day (Dwingeloo) and LofarDag (Exloo)Roy van der Werp
01-10-2015WSRT steering and power distribution upgradeJan-Pieter de Reijer
30-09-2015The DRAGN is breathing fireVikram Singh, Minnie Mao, Zsolt Paragi
29-09-2015Agreement signed for METIS Instrument E-ELTFelix Bettonvil
28-09-2015Today Signing of Agreement METIS Instrument for E-ELTFelix Bettonvil
25-09-2015Colloquium (next week tuesday!) Data and Data Services at TACCNiall Gaffney
24-09-2015Today's Colloquium: Zooming in on the planet-forming zones of disks: Sweet Results from ALMAEwine van Dishoeck
23-09-2015Local gas, global meetingTom Oosterloo
22-09-2015The ``shook up`` galaxy NGC 3079Nebiha Shafi (Witwatersrand and Hartebeesthoek), Tom Oosterloo, Raffaella Morganti
21-09-2015AG to the EftelingGemma Janssen
18-09-2015VLBI observations of ESA's MEX flying-by PhobosJoseph Kania
17-09-2015Today's colloquium: Follow the chirp: seeing and listening to the transient UniverseSamaya Nissanke (Radboud University Nijmegen)
16-09-2015It happens all the time...Jan Noordam
15-09-2015Good night, sleep tight!Michael Garrett
14-09-2015Experiments in Face RecognitionMinnie Mao, Jan Noordam
11-09-2015First SKALA2 antenna on the MRO sitePieter Benthem
10-09-2015ATESE: An ATCA survey for Extreme Scattering EventsKeith Bannister
09-09-2015First MSSS paper and data available online!George Heald
08-09-2015Feasibility test of FRB searching and localization with the EVNZhigang Wen
07-09-2015Boards ready for Apertif Correlator Subrack testing.Gijs Schoonderbeek
04-09-2015Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere!Amidou Sorgho, Erwin de Blok, Claude Carignan & Tom Oosterloo
03-09-2015(Almost) perfect prediction of antenna behaviourMichel Arts
02-09-2015Waveguide for Chalmers University of TechnologyJohan Pragt, Menno Schuil
01-09-2015Walking the CourseTom Oosterloo
31-08-2015The Art of making name badgesLiesbet Elpenhof and Marjan Tibbe
28-08-2015The Zoo of Accreting Compact ObjectsJason Hessels, Caroline D'Angelo, Cees Bassa & Ale Patruno
27-08-2015Dreamy but not DreamingJan Noordam
25-08-2015Children used the LOFAR telescope to generate their first astronomical image.Nicolas Vilchez
24-08-2015The International LOFAR Telescope now has more than 100.000 dipole antennas!Ronald Halfwerk
21-08-2015ASTRON News Summer 2015 editionASTRON News Editorial Team
20-08-2015SKA Board meeting No. 18Michael Garrett
19-08-2015Annual ASTRON JIVE softball matchDes Small
18-08-2015A fast molecular outflow as seen by ALMARaffaella Morganti & Tom Oosterloo
17-08-2015Muddy Feet (but not of Clay)Minnie Mao
14-08-2015Large Prototype of a Dual-Polarized Dense Dipole Array ManufacturedJacki Gilmore
13-08-2015ASTRON/JIVE Nearest Neighbours Juergen Morawietz
12-08-2015Building Bridges (pun intended)Jan Noordam
11-08-2015Cool and warm gas in nearby galaxiesErwin de Blok
10-08-2015First ever on-site assembled LOFAR High Band Antenna touched down in Baldy, PolandLeszek Blaszkiewicz & Ronald Halfwerk
07-08-2015Endorsement that money can't buyTeun Grit, Jan Noordam
06-08-2015Quad-mode antenna for sparse L-band tilesDavid Prinsloo
05-08-2015Neutron stars strike back at black holes in jet contestAdam Deller
04-08-2015AGC 226067: A possible interacting low-mass galaxyBetsey Adams
03-08-2015Automated low noise test systemEmiel Brommer
31-07-2015First light of the Kapteyn Radio TelescopeJohn McKean
30-07-2015Running the Mad MeerKAT Dash and the Losberg LoopRob Millenaar
29-07-2015The LOFAR Imaging Cookbook v.17 is out!Aleksandar Shulevski
28-07-2015Summer student party Zsolt Paragi
27-07-2015AAVS1 System Requirements ReviewPieter Benthem
24-07-2015DRAGNET GPU Cluster DeliveredThe DRAGNET Team
23-07-2015Breaking the 1Tbps barrier with UniBoard2Leon Hiemstra, Jonathan Hargreaves and Gijs Schoonderbeek
22-07-2015Apertif Radio Transient System passes PDRJoeri van Leeuwen
21-07-2015LOFAR sees lightning Aleksandar Shulevski
20-07-2015SKA Science Data Processor consortium all-hands meetingChris Broekema
17-07-2015A black hole comes back to lifeIlse van Bemmel
16-07-2015AAVS1 detailed design meetingPieter Benthem
15-07-2015Goodbye to our friend Kees van het Klooster (ESTEC)Arnold van Ardenne
14-07-2015Meet Pluto in the van der Hulst auditorium today ! Michael Garrett
13-07-2015"First light" in ILT Container for new Polish station BaldyRonald Halfwerk
10-07-2015Giant gas reservoir around an old lenticular galaxyMustafa Yildiz & Tom Oosterloo
09-07-2015MFAA FrontEnD meetingPieter Benthem
08-07-2015Dome Seminar on Quality in Electronic Design and ManufacturingAlbert-Jan Boonstra
07-07-2015Antenna measurements at ASTRON by students from University of TwenteMichel Arts & Mark Bentum
06-07-2015LOFAR first DIRECT lightning strike in LBA arrayMenno Norden and Jaap Bregman
03-07-2015Hunting for the Black Hole: workshop on mm-VLBIIlse van Bemmel & Des Small
02-07-2015Today's colloquium: Taking the pulse of the gamma-ray skyLucas Guillemot (LPC2E / Université d'Orléans)
01-07-2015POLFAR subrack assembly and testingMenno Norden
30-06-2015How do you build a galaxy cluster?Kelley Hess
29-06-2015In Memoriam Cees Boon (1943-2015)Roy van der Werp
26-06-2015Afscheid Henny van HaarstFrits Moller, Jan Noordam
25-06-2015The End of an Era, the Beginning of the NextTom Oosterloo
24-06-2015More deep HI observations with KAT-7: The nearest starburst galaxy NGC 253Claude Carignan & Tom Oosterloo
23-06-2015Aurora Display 1989 revisitedRik ter Horst
22-06-2015ASTRON/JIVE Summer Student Pancake Welcome PartyMichael Wise
19-06-2015Leiden (radio) astronomy students field tripHuib van Langevelde
18-06-2015Research Collaboration between NOVA and TATA SteelRamon Navarro
17-06-2015The Mission of the Digital and Embedded Signal Processing group (DESP)Andre Gunst
16-06-2015New Quasars in the Near-InfraredNatasha Maddox
15-06-2015Go-ahead for APERTIF-10 approved!Michael Garrett
12-06-2015Tracing the gas with a stacking experiment with the WSRTKatinka Gereb, Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo
11-06-2015Today's colloquium: The Planck 2015 Cosmology ResultsJörg Rachen (Radboud University Nijmegen)
10-06-2015The '2nd LOFAR Users Meeting' and the '2015 LOFAR Science Workshop'Roberto Pizzo
09-06-2015LOFAR discovery of a quiet emission mode in PSR B0823+26Charlotte Sobey
08-06-2015Final locations of the ASTRON/JIVE libraryArno Schoenmakers
05-06-2015Casacore 2.0 was releasedTammo Jan Dijkema
04-06-2015ASTERICS Kick-off meeting 26/27 May 2015Rob van der Meer
03-06-2015Best Paper Award at the 2015 International Conference on Computing FrontiersLeandro Fiorin
02-06-2015WSRT mosaic for ApertifMpati Ramatsoku; Davide Punzo; Marc Verheijen
01-06-2015UniBoard2 first blinking LEDSjouke Zwier & Gijs Schoonderbeek
29-05-2015The Netherlands Astronomy Conference 2015Joeri van Leeuwen & Marjan Tibbe
28-05-2015Today's colloquium: The mm-VLBI view of Gamma-ray blazars. Jeff Hodgson (MPIfR)
27-05-2015Fringe rate and delay mapping of LOBOS long-baseline dataNeal Jackson
26-05-2015Draco TripletAlbert van Duin
25-05-2015A Sharp Straight Edge over the Dwingeloo VeldtJan Noordam
22-05-2015Solar Eclipse through Radio EyesMichiel Brentjens
21-05-2015VICI grant for Apertif researchTom Oosterloo
20-05-2015Fact Finding MissionJan Noordam
19-05-2015Apertif Correlator Firmware UpdateHajee Pepping & Daniel van der Schuur
18-05-2015Calibratability Fundamentals (3): the PSF sidelobe troubles of radio astronomyStefan Wijnholds
15-05-2015UvA Radio Astronomy Field TripJason Hessels, Joeri van Leeuwen, Michael Wise
14-05-2015Quiet Satisfaction for the Old GangJan Noordam
13-05-2015Nepal Earthquake also hits Astronomy Group in KathmanduTom Oosterloo
12-05-20152nd MIDPREP workshop at MAAD2015 in AveiroArnold van Ardenne/Jan Geralt bij de Vaate/Truus van den Brink
11-05-2015Beating the Drum (literally!) Juergen Morawietz
09-05-2015Dutch-RSA Radio Continuum Science Workshop in Cape TownRaffaella Morganti
07-05-2015Today's colloquium: Black Holes in Globular ClustersCraig Heinke (University of Alberta)
06-05-2015The restarted radio galaxy 4C 35.06 as seen by LOFARAleksandar Shulevski
04-05-2015House PreservationJan Noordam
01-05-2015Visit of the Winner of the National Science contest junior 2014Roy van der Werp
30-04-2015You gotta love you job! Pieter Benthem
29-04-2015The Wideband Low Noise Tile - A detection of the HI-lineBert Woestenburg, Roel Witvers
28-04-2015ASTRON-SHAO Radio Astronomy Science Data Centres CollaborationAlbert-Jan Boonstra
27-04-2015Suffused by Golden (orange) LightJan Noordam
24-04-2015ASTRON/DOME at the Hannover Messe 2015Roy van der Werp
23-04-2015Girlsday 2015Roy van der Werp
22-04-2015What's in a name?Zsolt Paragi
21-04-2015An invitationZsolt Paragi
20-04-2015JIVE VLBI School 1995Zsolt Paragi
17-04-2015When water and EM waves meetWim van Cappellen
16-04-2015Today's colloquium: The Tenacious Helical Magnetic Fields of AGN JetsDenise Gabuzda (University College Cork)
15-04-2015LOFAR LBA amplitude solutions with LoSoToFrancesco de Gasperin
14-04-2015WEAVE Spectrograph Final Design ReviewJohan Pragt
13-04-2015The Wideband Low Noise Tile - The effect of RFI on noise measurementsBert Woestenburg, Roel Witvers
10-04-2015LOFAR Discovers its First RRATDaniele Michilli
09-04-2015Today's colloquium: The phase-lag technique: Distance determinations of obscured red giantsDieter Engels
08-04-2015Phase solution of LOFAR LBA stations plotted with LoSoToFrancesco de Gasperin
07-04-2015Today's colloquium: How stars from out of molecular gas in spiral galaxiesEva Schinnerer (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy)
06-04-2015Dome face-to-face meeting (reschedule)Albert-Jan Boonstra and Ton Engbersen
03-04-2015Observing the onset of outflow collimation in a massive protostarGabriele Surcis
02-04-2015Today's colloquium: Sub-Eddington accretion in neutron-star X-ray binariesRudy Wijnands (Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy)
01-04-2015Mock-up boards for the Apertif correlator subrackEric Kooistra
31-03-2015Candi2 - LOFAR Discovers a Pulsar in a Targeted Search of the 3C196 EOR FieldVlad Kondratiev, Ger de Bruyn, Jason Hessels, Vibor Jelic, Michiel Brentjens, Cees Bassa, and Vishambhar Pandey
30-03-2015Dwingeloo wildlifeTom Oosterloo/Cees Bassa
28-03-2015Astron timeline of Key Events Tom Oosterloo
27-03-2015ASTRON timeline - 65+ years of making discoveries in radio astronomy happen! Michael Garrett
26-03-2015Today's colloquium: Polarization as a probe of magnetized gas in and around galaxiesAnn Mao (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy)
25-03-2015Deploying the RFoF upgrade on AAVS0.5Pieter Benthem
24-03-2015Data rates during ILT survey observation at LOFAR OnsalaHenrik Olofsson
23-03-2015The Low Noise Tile - Bandwidth extensionBert Woestenburg, Roel Witvers
20-03-2015WSRT in the snow.Richard Blaauw
19-03-2015Today's colloquium: Understanding the Plasma-physical Processes Behind Pulsar RadiationJoanna Rankin (University of Vermont)
18-03-2015Immersed grating Demonstrator Delivered to NOVA-ASTRONLars Venema
17-03-2015Today's colloquium: Four years of detecting cosmic rays with LOFAR Anna Nelles (Radboud University Nijmegen)
16-03-2015Today, official opening of the new ASTRON buildingRoy van der Werp
13-03-2015SETI reloaded: Next Generation Radio Telescopes, Transients and Cognitive ComputingMichael Garrett
12-03-2015Today's Colloquium: Scattering in the turbulent and ionised intergalactic medium: Have we detected it and can we? Kevin Koay (University of Copenhagen)
11-03-2015SNOW-FARPoppy Martin
10-03-2015Dutch Astronomy in the 20th CenturyJan Noordam
09-03-2015How Truly Great Inventions are madeTom Oosterloo
06-03-2015Of Beams & Blue Ribands II: Depths and DoFsModhurita Mitra, Sphesihle Makhathini, Griffin Foster, Rick Perley, Oleg Smirnov
05-03-2015Digging up LOFAR in FinlandAnna Scaife
04-03-2015Meetings are better when people stand upJan Noordam
03-03-2015Near-Earth asteroid flybyCees Bassa
02-03-2015LOFAR data goes publicWilfred Frieswijk
27-02-2015Symbionos: Test of Simultaneous ObservationsJan Noordam
26-02-2015Today's colloquium: Investigating high energy particle acceleration and neutron star formation using pulsar wind nebulaeJoseph Gelfand (NYU Abu Dhabi)
25-02-2015SneeuwpretJan Noordam
24-02-2015Comet LovejoyAlbert van Duin
23-02-2015United we stand: get-together of LOFAR nearby AGN groupJeremy Harwood, Raffaella Morganti
20-02-2015Klokhuis 2015Joeri van Leeuwen
19-02-2015Today's colloquium: Continuing the search for fast radio burstsLaura Spitler (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy)
18-02-2015New LOFAR PhD thesis: AGN relics in the radio skyRaffaella Morganti
17-02-2015The outer filament of Centaurus A as seen by MUSESantoro, Oonk, Morganti, Oosterloo
16-02-2015UvA 2nd year research practicum - 2015 EditionJason Hessels
13-02-2015LOFAR's record-sharp view of the starburst galaxy M 82Eskil Varenius
12-02-2015Today's Colloquium: The Inner Workings of Mechanical AGN FeedbackAlexander Wagner (University of Tsukuba)
11-02-2015The 6th German LOFAR station now in production observingRoberto Pizzo
10-02-2015Winner - ASTRON-JIVE Daily Image 2014Michael Garrett
09-02-2015Jan Idserda 40 years at AstronGert Kruithof
06-02-2015Assembly instructions for a LOFAR station Pieter Benthem
05-02-2015Today's colloquium: On the Propagation Effects in the Pulsar MagnetosphereVasily Beskin (Lebedev Physical Institute & Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)
04-02-2015Mapping pulsar polarisation across 3 octaves in frequencyAristeidis Noutsos
03-02-2015DSL2015 Science WorkshopAlbert-Jan Boonstra
02-02-2015Apertif Correlator ProgressHajee Pepping and Daniel van der Schuur
30-01-2015APERTIF BeamformingBoudewijn Hut for the APERTIF team
29-01-2015Today's Colloquium: Probing the Galactic Magnetic Field using the Gum NebulaCormac Purcell (Sydney Uni)
28-01-2015Symbionos: Using LOFAR data to improve GNSS accuracyJan Noordam
27-01-2015ASTRON Pulsar Group meetingsAnne Archibald
26-01-2015World Map of VLBI TelescopesZsolt Paragi
23-01-2015Over 100,000 Views for Pulsar AnimationJoeri van Leeuwen
22-01-2015Today's Colloquium: Radio-loud AGN -- fuelling and triggeringClive Tadhunter
21-01-2015The jet-ISM interaction in the Outer Filament of Centaurus AFrancesco Santoro & Raffaella Morganti
20-01-2015Today's colloquium: The Large Synoptic Survey TelescopeSteve Kahn (Stanford University)
19-01-2015Panta Rhei, also @ R&DRonald Nijboer
16-01-2015The 26th Solvay ConferenceGer de Bruyn
15-01-2015Singing in the RainJan Noordam
14-01-2015Searches for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with the SKA: Detectability of Terrestrial AnaloguesAndrew Siemion
13-01-2015AJDI of the Year (2014)AJDI editors
12-01-2015The New Year's SpeechesJan Noordam
09-01-2015The Sheep of Obi-WanTom Oosterloo
08-01-2015Today's colloquium: The Era of Time Domain Radio AstronomyAssaf Horesh (Weizmann Institute of Science)
07-01-2015Mapping the LOFAR antennasTammo Jan Dijkema
06-01-2015An Extreme Scattering Event of the Crab PulsarLaura Driessen
05-01-2015ASTRON RFoF towards AAVS0.5Pieter Benthem
02-01-2015We welcome the ATNF Daily Astronomy PictureJan Noordam