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25-12-2013Season's Greetings from ASTRONFemke Boekhorst
24-12-2013Sinterklaas had gifts for LOFAR too on 5 DecemberAdriaan Renting
23-12-2013X-rays from the state-changing PSR J1023+0038Anne Archibald
21-12-20131993-2013: 20 years of supporting VLBI in EuropeHuib van Langevelde
20-12-2013The LOFAR core, on your desktopGeorge Heald
19-12-20131993-2013: 20 years of supporting VLBI in EuropeHuib van Langevelde
18-12-2013Low Noise Tile project, first frontend resultsRoel Witvers, Mark Ruiter, Bert Woestenburg
17-12-2013Pulsars/Westerbork on VPRO's LabyrintJoeri van Leeuwen
16-12-2013Bonn-Dwingeloo Neighbourhood Meeting 2013, BonnZsolt Paragi and Leonid Gurvits
13-12-2013MSSS-HBA is nearing completion!George Heald
12-12-2013Today's colloquium: The e-MERGE Star-formation Survey Tom Muxlow (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics)
11-12-2013APERTIF UniBoard observes pulsar over 300 MHzWim van Cappellen for the APERTIF team
10-12-2013PSR J1023+0038: The missing link gone missing (part 1)G. Janssen, C. Bassa, A. Archibald, J. Hessels, A. Patruno
09-12-2013Sliding OpticsRamon Navarro
06-12-2013ALERT -- The Apertif-LOFAR Exploration of the Radio Transient SkyJoeri van Leeuwen
05-12-2013Today's colloquium: More than LESS: First results from the ALMA survey of the Extended Chandra Deep Field SouthAlexander Karim (Argelander Institute, Univ. of Bonn)
04-12-2013Aperture Array Design and Construction consortium meetingPieter Benthem
03-12-2013The Eclipsing Pulsar PSR J1023+0038Anne Archibald
02-12-2013Optics GaloreRamon Navarro
29-11-2013Low Frequency Aperture ArraysJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
28-11-2013Today's colloquium: Tuning in to the Radio SunPeter Gallagher (Trinity College Dublin)
27-11-2013Burgeoning Astronomy in GabonPatrice OKOUMA
26-11-2013Red galaxies in the Lockman Hole: gas properties from an HI stacking experimentKatinka Gereb, Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo
25-11-2013The Radio Universe @ Ger's wavelengthVibor Jelic, Wim Brouw, Saleem Zaroubi and Raffaella Morganti
24-11-2013Mercury, ISON and SpicaRamon Navarro
22-11-2013Visitors @ ASTRON in 2013!Femke Boekhorst
21-11-2013Today's colloquium: From HI measurements to the nature of dark matter - can it be done?Andrew Pontzen
20-11-2013Harm-Jan Stiepel RetiresHarm Munk
19-11-2013Thermal analysis of a SKA AA MID antenna in the desertHiddo Hanenburg
18-11-2013The first LOFAR operational observing CycleRoberto Pizzo
17-11-2013Ghost NebulaAlbert van Duin
15-11-2013Nature pulls a fast one!George Heald
14-11-2013(no) Sun Outage for Geostationary SatelliteKoos Kegel
13-11-2013Today's Colloquium: Early Science Results of the RadioAstron Space VLBI missionYuri Kovalev
12-11-2013Wide-field EVN imaging of the Perseus Cluster core and the detection of an over-massive black hole in NGC 1277Jun Yang (for Songyoun Park)
11-11-2013Spinning Wheels at 38K?Ramon Navarro
08-11-2013GerFeestJan Noordam
07-11-2013Directors of regional Dutch radio & TV stations tour ASTRONFemke Boekhorst
06-11-2013First fringes with CobaltMichiel Brentjens
05-11-2013New Horizons Message InitiativeMichael Garrett
04-11-2013MATISSE Slit and Pinhole SliderRamon Navarro
03-11-2013Space InvadersMadroon E.J.
01-11-2013Cooling a low noise amplifier with a micromachined cryogenic coolerRoel Witvers
31-10-2013Today's Colloquium: The Location of the High-Energy Emission Region in AGN Blazars with VLBI and Multi-Messenger ObservationsIvan Agudo
30-10-2013AARTFAAC and the IonospherePeeyush Prasad
29-10-2013Aperture Array Polarization performanceB. Fiorelli, M. Arts
28-10-2013Focus and Concentration in the Clean RoomRamon Navarro
25-10-2013MIDPREP kicks off in MauritiusArnold van Ardenne and Andre van Es
24-10-2013Today's colloquium: Probing inner NGC 4258: Warped, Unstable and Eccentric?Elizabeth Humphreys (ESO)
23-10-2013LOFAR Imaging Busy Week 19Annalisa Bonafede and the Imaging Busy Week Team
22-10-2013Official opening of the Sardinia Radio TelescopeRaffaella Morganti
21-10-2013SKALA & LOFARJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
20-10-2013Early morning Jupiter with Io and EuropaPieter Benthem on behalf of Emil Kraaikamp
18-10-2013Our new Auditorium - open for business!Michael Garrett
17-10-2013EMBRACE receives SAR signals from a Galileo satelliteDion Kant
16-10-2013In Praise of (technical) StudentsJohan Pragt
15-10-2013Inclusive SKA Engineering MeetingJan Noordam
14-10-2013Time lapse Nieuwbouw ASTRONIngrid Arling
11-10-2013To boldly detect polarization where none was known before...George Heald
10-10-2013LOFAR Open Day Femke Boekhorst
09-10-2013Defocussing due to the IonosphereBill Cotton
08-10-2013URSI's long arm stretches to MauritiusArnold van Ardenne
07-10-2013MATISSE first light in the NOVA-ASTRON clean roomRamon Navarro
04-10-2013Peter Millenaar: (Junior) World ChampionJan Noordam
03-10-2013Today's Colloquium: Moonbounce and Brain Waves in ArtDaniela De Paulis (Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam)
02-10-2013The ring beam support of the FASTWim Brouw
01-10-2013Changes in the Dwingeloo LandscapeMadroon E.J.
30-09-2013Fireworks galaxyAlbert van Duin
27-09-2013Flying over the Moon Rik ter Horst
26-09-2013Today's Colloquium: A millisecond pulsar being bornAnne Archibald
25-09-2013NEXPReS project gets Huib van Langevelde
24-09-2013FIfth European Radio Interferometry SchoolRoberto Pizzo, Zsolt Paragi, Liesbet Elpenhof, Sandra Mellema, Fritz Moller, Gabriele Surcis, Carmen Toribio
23-09-2013Claudio Maccone - new SETI Permanent Committee Chief.Michael Garrett
20-09-2013Unveiling the Invisible Universe!Monique Ankone, Pedro Russo, Femke Boekhorst, Kristine Yun
19-09-2013First-ever 4Gbps real-time fringes with the EVNEuropean VLBI Network
18-09-2013Today's Colloquium: Supernova 1987A seen through ALMA's baby eyesJon Marcaide (Univ. of Valencia)
17-09-2013Summerstudent project: Ionospheric Faraday RotationDavid Starkey
16-09-2013WSRT, spotlight on!Jan-Pieter de Reijer
13-09-2013A polarised view of ExoplanetsJohan Pragt
12-09-2013The class of '88Huib, Leonid, Mike, Raffaella, René
11-09-2013Water-skiing 2013 Harm-Jan Pepping
10-09-2013Almost 3DRik ter Horst
09-09-2013Anchor test setup at SKA South Africa Karoo siteMarco Drost
06-09-2013It takes jet power to clean a galaxy!!Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo & Zsolt Paragi
05-09-2013ASTRON Board chair visits NancayMichael Garrett
04-09-2013Today's Colloquium: Booms, Burps & Bangs: The Dynamic UniverseShri Kulkarni (Caltech)
03-09-2013Dedication of UK LOFAR station as The Rawlings ArrayMichael Garrett
02-09-2013AstroFest 2013Tom Oosterloo
30-08-2013The end of Komkommer TimeMadroon E.J.
29-08-2013Wadlopen 2013Summer students 2013
28-08-2013Hunting for radio-loud gravitational lensesMinju Lee
27-08-2013The 6.7-GHz methanol maser in the high mass star forming region G213.70-12.6Maria Grazia Blasi, Gabriele Surcis
26-08-2013LOFAR Stone ArtPeter Bennema
23-08-2013The Einstein @ Home discovery of pulsar J2007+2722Joeri van Leeuwen, George Heald & Jason Hessels
22-08-2013Vivaldi at SKA Karoo sitePieter Benthem
21-08-2013Midsummer Caption CompetitionAJDI editors
20-08-2013First optical test on Matisse hardwareRik ter Horst
19-08-2013Shelling a galaxyErwin de Blok
16-08-2013Pulsar beacon shines light on black hole dietAdam Deller
15-08-2013Young children obtain proof that the Earth is round !Nicolas Vilchez
14-08-2013SKA Board meets (July 2013) Michael Garrett
13-08-2013Holland Doc: Radio-quiet ZoneRoy Smits
12-08-2013Searching for maximum flux density.Michel Arts
09-08-2013ERC Advanced Grant for Ger de BruynMichael Garrett
08-08-2013LEAPing with 5 TelescopesRoy Smits
07-08-2013Field of Dreams (II)Michael Garrett
06-08-2013Pictures LOFAR ExpeditieMarchel Gerbers
05-08-2013High Fidelity pays off!A. van Ardenne
02-08-2013The WSRT - boldy going where no radio telescope has gone before...Michael Garrett
31-07-2013The LOFAR Expedition has kicked off!Femke Boekhorst
30-07-2013HALOGAS - NGC 5023: galactic tomographyGyula I. G. Jozsa
29-07-2013A spider's web in the early morning dew with the Dwingeloo telescope in the backgroundHiddo Hanenburg
26-07-2013Veni grant awarded to astronomer Vibor Jelic'Tom Oosterloo
25-07-2013HI in HO: a myth debunkedTom Oosterloo
24-07-2013Evidence for jet-driven outflows of cold gas: the case of 3C293Elizabeth Mahony
23-07-2013Studying the ASTRON/SRZM archiveDavid Baneke
22-07-2013Who knows what LOFAR is?Femke Boekhorst
19-07-2013Snapshot Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Sun with LOFARRichard Fallows
18-07-2013Educational visit: students from the Electrical Engineering faculty of the Technical University of EindhovenMonique Ankona
17-07-2013Is GBT1355+5439 a dark galaxy?Tom Oosterloo
16-07-2013AARTFAAC Hardware TestsAndre Gunst
15-07-2013We want you as the new recruit! Michael Garrett
12-07-2013The LOFAR SkylineMadroon E.J.
11-07-2013Summer Student Garden Party - 2013Michael Garrett
10-07-20132013 Mountainbike afternoonJoeri van Leeuwen
09-07-2013Fáilte! - the I-LOFAR event at Space EXPOMichael Garrett
08-07-2013SKA outreach: A Global EnterpriseFemke Boekhorst
05-07-2013Twinkle, Twinkle, Little PulsarTom Hassall, Jess Broderick, Adam Stewart and Rob Fender (On behalf of 4 Pi Sky and the LOFAR Transients KSP)
04-07-2013Astronomy, Radio Sources and Society: The Wonderful CenturyWendy Williams
03-07-2013How large do HI disks grow? Gyula I. G. Józsa on behalf of the Bluedisk team
02-07-2013Official Opening of KAIRADerek McKay-Bukowski
01-07-2013ASTRON Newsletter Summer 2013 is outFemke Boekhorst
30-06-2013ASTRON/JIVE Summer Students 2013Jan Noordam
28-06-2013Faint radio sources in the HDF-N - Seungyoup Chi et al. 2013Michael Garrett
27-06-2013Colloquium: Recent developments in the QUBiC4 platformSaswata Bhaumik
26-06-2013ERC grant for ASTRON astronomer Jason HesselsTom Oosterloo
25-06-2013Today's Colloquium: CTA and the future of extreme astronomyDavid Berge (Univ. of Amsterdam)
24-06-2013APERTIF phased array prototype ready!Mark Ruiter on behalf of the APERTIF team
23-06-2013Behold, the first EVN Uniboard Fringes!Harro Verkouter
21-06-2013AERAP honours Arnold van ArdenneTruus van den Brink
20-06-2013Today's Colloquium: A long wavelength view of low-mass star formationAnna Scaife
19-06-2013Demonstration of dynamic Bandwidth on Demand at TNC2013Kristine Yun
18-06-2013Astronomers use precision pulsar positions to break record Tom Oosterloo
17-06-2013SKA MFFA (mechanical) prototypes at the WSRT Marco Drost
14-06-2013Bert Woestenburg retires with moderate noiseArnold van Ardenne
13-06-2013Today's Colloquium: Probing the dark Universe with optical imaging surveysFilipe Abdalla (UCL)
12-06-2013Nederlandse Astronomen Conferentie 2013 Raffaella Morganti
11-06-2013Proper Motion of the Young Pulsar in the Supernova Remnant 3C58Vlad Kondratiev
10-06-2013New LOFAR guides complete training courseFemke Boekhorst
07-06-2013Royal Visit(s) to DwingelooPeter Bennema
06-06-2013Today's Colloquium: Relativistic jets: Some unconventional notions; An annoying X-ray problem; and how LOFAR might helpDan Harris (CfA)
05-06-2013A new frontend for APERTIFMark Ruiter on behalf of the APERTIF team
04-06-2013The GBT 350 MHz drift-scan survey, and the massive relativistic pulsar J0348+0432.Joeri van Leeuwen, Vlad Kondratiev & Jason Hessels
03-06-2013Dwingeloo-live expandsRoy Smits
31-05-2013UniBoard accelerates radio astronomyFemke Boekhorst
30-05-2013Today's Colloquium: Radio-FIR correlation: A probe to interplay between star formation and interstellar mediumFatemeh Tabatabaei (MPIA)
29-05-2013Arnold retires, at least formallyHarvey Butcher
28-05-2013Today's Colloquium: Enabling discoveries - instruments for radio-astronomyArnold van Ardenne
27-05-2013LOFAR overview paper acceptedMichael Wise
24-05-2013SKA1 Baseline Design - Speak now or forever hold your peace.Michael Garrett
23-05-2013Today's Colloquium: A VLBIer's view to the structure and formation of relativistic jetsTuomas Savolainen (MPIfR)
22-05-2013Vidi grant for Jason HesselsTom Oosterloo
21-05-2013MATISSE backbones completedFelix Bettonvil
20-05-2013Girlsday DrawingsRoy Smits
17-05-2013Four score years ago...Zsolt Paragi and Madroon E.J. (for Leonid Gurvits)
16-05-2013HALOGAS reveals extraplanar gas in NGC 3198George Heald
15-05-2013"Locating Astrophysical Transients"Joeri van Leeuwen & Zsolt Paragi
14-05-2013Today's Colloquium: Probing the Milky Way's dark-matter distribution with tidal streamsRobyn Sanderson Grier (Kapteyn Institute)
13-05-2013Cold Chopper Demonstrator Hardware ReadyLars Venema
10-05-2013Girlsday 2013Monique Ankone
08-05-2013Orange websGer de Bruyn, Vibor Jelic and Hans van Someren Greve
07-05-2013"Radio Astronomy" MSc course at U. AmsterdamJoeri van Leeuwen, Mike Wise & Jason Hessels
05-05-2013Special message received by LOFARHenri Meulman
03-05-2013First solar radio burst observed by LOFAR test array at Birr Castle, Ireland Peter T Gallagher
02-05-2013Karting, karting, karting,.... Rawhide!Jan Noordam
01-05-2013IAUS291 Joeri van Leeuwen
30-04-2013Royal PatronageJan Noordam
29-04-2013Comet meets GalaxyAlbert van Duin
26-04-2013Prof. Steve Rawlings SKA Board RoomMichael Garrett
25-04-2013Physics Teacher of the Year: award for former educational coordinator ASTRONFemke Boekhorst
24-04-2013Successful integration and test of new APERTIF receiversWim van Cappellen for the APERTIF team
23-04-2013Third DOME face-to-face meeting: progress and plansAlbert-Jan Boonstra, Ton Engbersen
22-04-2013UCU students visit WSRT and LOFARGer de Bruyn
19-04-2013SKA - One View of the LFAAPeter Hall
18-04-2013Today's Colloquium: Detecting accreting HI gas between galaxiesAttila Popping (ICRAR)
17-04-2013NWO-M grant for ARTS - the Apertif Radio Transient SystemJoeri van Leeuwen
16-04-2013OPTICON FP7 phase 2: WP5 kicked-offLars Venema
15-04-2013Visit from the Harm Smeengeschool from BeilenMonique Ankone
12-04-2013Holland High-Tech: Top Talent for Top PerformanceRonald Halfwerk
11-04-2013Today's Colloquium: The Bologna Complete Sample update: results on compact and faint nuclear sources.Elisabetta Liuzzo
10-04-2013Apertif digital beamformer gets final shapeGijs Schoonderbeek
09-04-2013Today's Colloquium: Understanding the evolving galaxies in the Local UniverseIvy Wong (ATNF)
08-04-2013Irbene first e-VLBI fringes with the e-EVNZsolt Paragi
05-04-2013Greening LOFAR toward Green Science operationArnold van Ardenne
04-04-2013Today's Colloquium: Unveiling the nature of the unidentified gamma-ray sources: blazar counterparts at low radio frequenciesFrancesco Massaro (Stanford University)
03-04-2013Green ScienceMadroon E.J.
02-04-2013The Royal Eise Eisinga PlanetariumRoy Smits
29-03-2013Image processing of M51Albert van Duin
28-03-2013Today's Colloquium: Unveiling the high-frequency radio source population with the AT20G surveyElizabeth Mahony (ASTRON)
27-03-2013Building 1980, starting almost from scratchAnne Veendijk & Diana Verweij
26-03-2013To the Jovian Moons, with PRIDE.Leonid Gurvits
25-03-2013The effect of Wet Snow on the WSRTHarm Munk, Geert Kuper
22-03-2013A LOFAR PhD thesis in Bologna Raffaella Morganti
21-03-2013Today's Colloquium: Galaxies in 21-cm absorption at 0 < z < 3.5Neeraj Gupta (ASTRON)
20-03-2013The first source discovered by MSSS: a new giant radio galaxy!George Heald
19-03-2013WEAVE for the William Herschel Telescope at La PalmaJohan Pragt
18-03-2013A long-standing relationship with the JCMT comes to an endArnold van Ardenne
17-03-2013Comet PANSTARRS and Crescent MoonRamon Navarro
16-03-2013Comet PanSTARRS C/2011 L4Albert van Duin
15-03-2013The Heart NebulaAdam Stewart
14-03-2013Today's Colloquium: High-redshift proto-cluster radio galaxies: an ATCA search for molecules in the Early UniverseBjorn Emonts (CSIRO, Australia)
13-03-2013On-wafer Noise characterization of SiGe QUBiC4XI process of NXP SemiconductorsSaswata Bhaumik
12-03-2013Work, Finish, Publish!Michael Garrett
08-03-2013DOME at CeBITAlbert-Jan Boonstra
07-03-2013Today's Colloquium: Synchronous X-ray and Radio Mode Changing in a Pulsar: a challenge for all proposed pulsar emission theoriesWim Hermsen (SRON & UvA)
06-03-2013MOONS for the VLT at ParanalJohan Pragt
05-03-20134MOST for the VISTA telescope at ParanalJohan Pragt
04-03-2013Imaging Busy Week 16Emanuela Orru'
01-03-2013Tracing the extreme interplay between radio jets and the ISM in IC 5063Raffaella Morganti
28-02-2013Today's Colloquium: The Scintillating Solar System Richard Fallows
27-02-2013It came from the Pulsar Magnetosphere!!Tom Hassall
26-02-2013MSSS-HBA 6-field mosaicGeorge Heald
25-02-2013Cryogenic testing for MATISSEFelix Bettonvil
22-02-2013Bringing LOFAR into the classroomFemke Boekhhorst
21-02-2013A beautiful barred spiral galaxyAlbert van Duin
20-02-2013Beam Verification of EMBRACEDion Kant
19-02-2013Today's Colloquium: Here Be Dragons: The Dynamic Radio SkyGeoffrey Bower (Univ. of California, Berkeley)
18-02-2013Temporary Hooghoudt and Minnaert meeting roomsAnne Veendijk & Diana Verweij
15-02-2013Training to be a LOFAR guideFemke Boekhorst
14-02-2013Today's Colloquium: Chasing AGN at z>1: a New IR Diagnostic Karina Caputi (Univ. of Groningen)
13-02-2013Phase calibration transfer for International LOFARAdam Deller (for the long baseline working group)
12-02-2013LOFAR phase systematic effectsFrancesco de Gasperin
11-02-2013Building apace Jan Noordam
08-02-2013SKA Board Meets at new HQ for the first time.Michael Garrett
07-02-2013This week's colloquium: Cosmology in the radio: from LOFAR to the SKA Mario Santos (CENTRA, Istituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon)
06-02-2013APERTIF Telescope Cabins have arrivedWim van Cappellen for the APERTIF team
05-02-2013Investigating compact ultra-steep spectrum radio souces with e-VLBIMegan Argo
04-02-2013Herschel reveals a web of cold gas in PerseusRaymond Oonk
03-02-2013Ijspret 2013Jan Noordam
01-02-2013The AJDI ArchiveAJDI editors
31-01-2013Today's Colloquium: Orion BN/KL: A laboratory for high-mass star formation.Ciriaco Goddi
30-01-2013ASTRON visits Long Beach!George Heald
29-01-2013The LOFAR view of the Galactic foreground toward the Fan region.Marco Iacobelli
28-01-2013NOVA-ASTRON finishes milling MATISSE reimagersFelix Bettonvil
25-01-2013Synchronous X-ray and Radio Mode Switches: a Rapid Transformation of the Pulsar MagnetosphereJoeri van Leeuwen & Jason Hessels
24-01-2013Today's Colloquium: Interactions between radio galaxies and their environmentsMartin Hardcastle
23-01-2013JIVE coffee: then and nowKristine Yun
22-01-2013First fringes at Metsahovi with the new dBBCGuifre Molera and Juha Kallunki
21-01-2013A Charming Ritual Jan Noordam
18-01-2013WSRT versus LOFARGer de Bruyn
17-01-2013The structured magneto-ionic medium toward the Fan region: unveiling nearby screens and bubbles by RM-synthesisMarco Iacobelli
16-01-2013New mast and test transmitter at the LOFAR station in OnsalaHenrik Olofsson
15-01-2013Weekendschool in GroningenRoy Smits
14-01-2013Today 10:30-12:00: The New Year's SpeechesJan Noordam
11-01-2013The Stuff of PoetryPeter Barthel
10-01-2013The last JIVE MT 80's styleHuib van Langevelde
09-01-2013First steps in Liquid Cooling of UniBoardUniboard Team
08-01-2013Full chain APERTIF digital beamformer demonstratedAndre Gunst
07-01-2013Songs of PraiseJan Noordam
04-01-2013The ASTRON News winter edition is outFemke Boekhorst
03-01-2013RTS 2012 - Proceedings onlineMichael Garrett
02-01-2013Workshop in Portugal; more European Interest for SKA?Arnold van Ardenne, Domingos Barbosa
01-01-2013Yes, but what if...?Madroon, E.J.