ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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29-12-2009Promises to keepMichael Garrett
25-12-2009Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!Femke Boekhorst
24-12-2009Receiving HomageJan Noordam
23-12-2009Cassiopeia A seen through LOFARSarod Yatawatta
22-12-2009The Crab Pulsar with LOFARTom Hassall (LOFAR Pulsar Working Group)
21-12-2009EXPReS project hailed as Extraordinarily SuccessfulKristine Yun
18-12-2009MICADO the movieMarco Drost
17-12-2009Sisterly FringesJan Noordam
16-12-2009The importance of LOFAR HBA station calibrationJason Hessels (LOFAR Pulsar Working Group)
15-12-2009Today's colloquium: The disc-jet coupling in X-ray binary systems (V. Tudose, ASTRON)Valeriu Tudose
14-12-2009WSRT graces MayorPeter Bennema
12-12-2009Watching LOFAR Grow UpGeorge Heald on behalf of the LOFAR collaboration
11-12-2009Arie Doorduin retiresSjouke, Bauke, Gijs and Andre G.
10-12-2009Today's colloquium: The Astrobiological Implications of Near-Earth Asteroids (A. Harris, Berlin)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
09-12-2009A prestigious grant for Marijke!Raffaella Morganti
08-12-2009Star Trails and the Dwingeloo 25mGeorge Privon
07-12-2009New information panels at the Dwingeloo telescopeFemke Boekhorst
04-12-2009Aql X-1 in outburstValeriu Tudose
03-12-2009Today's colloquium: Maser measurements of magnetic fields during Massive Star-formation (W. Vlemmings, Argelander Institut)Stefanie Muehle
02-12-2009Come rain, come shine...Marchel Gerbers
01-12-2009From Dwingeloo with LoveIan Heywood
30-11-2009SKA NL Industry DayASTRON SKA Programme Office
27-11-2009Twinkle twinkle little starTom Oosterloo & Paolo Serra
26-11-2009Today's colloquium: Pulsar science with the SKA (Roy Smits, ASTRON, U. of Manchester)Stefanie Muehle
25-11-2009Exploring the Nature of the Rotating Radio TransientsPatrick Lazarus and Jason Hessels
24-11-2009LOFAR Low frequency all-sky snapshot imageSef Welles
23-11-2009Ramesh Karuppusamy succesfully defends PhD thesisJoeri van Leeuwen
20-11-2009METIS at the European – Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT).Gabby Kroes
19-11-2009Today's colloquium: Galaxy interactions and their impact on the observed properties of galaxies (P. di Matteo, Paris)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
18-11-2009The LBA and HBA LOFAR Sky Above EffelsbergJames M Anderson
17-11-2009VVD Senate fraction visits Dwingeloo and WesterborkPaul Boven
16-11-2009SPHERE-ZIMPOL first planet detected in the labJohan Pragt
13-11-2009International LOFAR Station Tautenburg completedAnnette Haas (on behalf of the Thuringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg Team)
12-11-2009Today's colloquium: Stars under stress - new results from neutron star seismology (Anna L. Watts, University of Amsterdam)Stefanie Muehle
11-11-2009LOFAR stampJan Noordam
10-11-2009Galaxy Zoo at ASTRONHanny van Arkel
09-11-2009First fringes of EMBRACEStefan Wijnholds on behalf of the EMBRACE team
06-11-2009Onderzoek van de Melkweg (1980)Joeri van Leeuwen
05-11-2009Today's colloquium: Space Weather - An Applications Perspective (A. Glover, ESA)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
04-11-2009Full-sky imaging with a single LOFAR baselineOlaf Wucknitz
03-11-2009First e-VLBI with BadaryArpad Szomoru
02-11-2009Acoustic quality of the anechoic chamberJohan Pragt
30-10-2009Drifting with LOFARBen Stappers
29-10-2009Today's Colloquim: Searching for Helical Magnetic Fields in AGN (Mehreen Mahmud, JIVE)Mehreen Mahmud
28-10-2009A Radio Rosette nebula?Michiel Brentjens
27-10-2009Today's colloquium: Wideband Very Low Noise Amplifiers and Antenna Feeds (S. Weinreb, CALTECH)Jan Geralt Bij de Vaate
26-10-2009SPHERE-ZIMPOL aligned by team from ESO-Paranal and NOVA-ASTRONJohan Pragt
23-10-2009LOFAR Pulsar Busy Week 4: Add it up!Jason Hessels on behalf of the LOFAR Pulsar Working Group
22-10-2009ASTRON "lucky bags" go down well with visitors from OCWMichael Garrett
21-10-2009A Party for Richard Strom!Raffaella Morganti
19-10-2009Lowest frequency LOFAR observation so farSarod Yatawatta and John McKean
18-10-2009Bezoek aan de Eemshaven 2009Bert Poot
17-10-2009Bezoek aan de Eemshaven 2009Bert Poot
16-10-2009The eventful life of elliptical galaxiesPaolo Serra
15-10-2009Today's colloquium: Aspects of precision polarimetry in radio astronomy (A. Carozzi, Glasgow)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
14-10-2009DARIS 5-Star satellite configuration : Relative OrbitsRaj Thilak Rajan, Albert Jan Boonstra on behalf of the DARIS Team
13-10-2009X-shooter available for scienceRamon Navarro
12-10-2009The shape of things to comeRob Millenaar
11-10-2009Liefhebbers instappen. 2009Bert Poot
09-10-2009MCCT SKADS Workshop Nancay: Towards 3rd Generation CalibrationSteve Torchinsky
08-10-2009Today's colloquium: Determining the mass loss limit for close-in exoplanets (H. Lammer, Graz)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
07-10-2009UNAWE - inspiring children with the wonders of the Universe!Michael Garrett
06-10-2009X-shooter last minute repairEddy Elswijk
05-10-2009ASKAP gets animated with Swinburne Astronomy ProductionsMichael Garrett
04-10-2009Helix nebulaAlbert van Duin
02-10-2009LOFAR fringes on long baselinesOlaf Wucknitz
01-10-2009Richard Strom 65 yrGer de Bruyn
30-09-2009We'll make you an offer you can't refuse...!Raffaella Morganti
29-09-2009We like to be on top of thingsPieter Benthem
28-09-2009World famous, not only in DwingelooTom Oosterloo
25-09-2009Sensitivity of APERTIF front-end prototype makes sense!APERTIF team
24-09-2009Today's colloquium: GASS in the lower Milky Way halo (N. McClure-Griffiths, ATNF)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
23-09-2009Altered Images - new views of SKA Michael Garrett
22-09-2009Visitors from PapenburgJean-Mathias Griessmeier
21-09-2009The Flux LordsJan Noordam
18-09-2009LOFAR superterp, as it will Never Be Seen againPeter Bennema
17-09-2009An unequal pairNancy Irisarri
16-09-2009Seismic Interferometry Works!Guy Drijkoningen (TU Delft)
15-09-2009Today's colloquium: Contemplating the Low Mass Star Formation Road Map to ALMA (D. Johnstone, Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
13-09-2009Prototype APERTIF ready for mountingR.H. van den Brink
11-09-2009LOFAR LBA image of the 3C196 fieldGeorge Heald on behalf of the Imaging Busy Week I Team
10-09-2009Today's colloquium: De spacegirls en de CanSat competitie (The Spacegirls, Assen)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
09-09-2009Stars in their eyes! Michael Garrett
08-09-2009Today's colloquium: High-Resolution Modelling of the Interstellar Medium in Spiral Galaxies (M. de Avillez, Evora)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
07-09-2009Square Kilometre Array (SKA) timeline updateMichael Garrett
04-09-2009First Remote Astronomical Observations with Effelsberg LOFARJames M Anderson
03-09-2009Today's colloquium: Dark matter in early-type galaxies: mapping dark haloes with integral-field spectrography (A.-M. Weijmans, Leiden)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
02-09-2009HBA First Light at EffelsbergJames M Anderson
01-09-2009Twittering AntennasStefan Wijnholds on behalf of the LOFAR beam team
31-08-2009Five Dutch LOFAR stations onlineAndre Gunst
28-08-2009BBS Global Gain SolutionsGeorge Heald on behalf of the Imaging Busy Week I Team
27-08-2009Dislocaciones - Pictures at an ExhibitionZsolt Paragi
26-08-2009Today's colloquium: "The next 25 years of computer architecture?" (Peter Hofstee, IBM)Stefanie Muehle
25-08-2009APERTIF PDRApertif team
24-08-2009Modeling the Neutral Hydrogen of UGC 09519Phil Cigan
21-08-2009Pulsar First Light for the LOFAR Low-Band AntennasJason Hessels on behalf of the LOFAR Pulsar and HPC Groups
20-08-2009LOFAR wide-field imaging with only 3 baselines !Ger de Bruyn for the LOFAR calibration team
19-08-2009The intricacies of phased array telescopesStefan Wijnholds
18-08-2009ASTRON & RadioNet @ IAU XXVII General Assembly Femke Boekhorst
17-08-2009Ambassadors visit to ASTRON and JIVEMichael Garrett
14-08-2009ASTRON borrel at the IAU!Raffaella Morganti & Andre van Es
13-08-2009The Artist's EyeJan Noordam
12-08-2009First Tip/Tilt mirror prototype cryogenicly operationalEddy Elswijk
11-08-2009Summer Student LectureValeriu Tudose
10-08-2009First fringes to the Miyun 50m radio telescopeJun Yang
07-08-2009Digestif Active Element Test BoxPieter Benthem
06-08-2009Samba kicks-off IAU carnival! Michael Garrett
05-08-2009World Famous in DwingelooTom Oosterloo
04-08-2009Summer Student LectureTom Oosterloo
03-08-2009Dragon's TeethDion Kant
31-07-2009Optical BeamformingPeter Maat
30-07-2009Completion of the First International LOFAR StationJames M Anderson
29-07-2009Status of the LOFAR station roll-outAndre Gunst
28-07-2009Summer Student LectureGuiseppe Cimo
26-07-2009Play Ball!Jan Noordam
24-07-20093500 EMBRACE elements in position!Pieter Benthem
23-07-2009LOFAR HBA Progress at EffelsbergJames M Anderson
22-07-20091964: Questions in dutch parliament about Benelux cross antennaMichel Arts
21-07-2009Summer Student LectureJoeri van Leeuwen
20-07-2009EMBRACE Radôme NançayR.H.vandenBrink
17-07-2009ASTRON-built 2-PAD array under testJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
16-07-2009Images from first LOFAR fringesSarod Yatawatta
15-07-2009LOFAR Polarization Busy WeekGeorge Heald on behalf of the Polarization Busy Week Team
14-07-2009First Fringes for LOFAR!Michiel Brentjens
13-07-2009 ASTRON astronomers make light work of pulsars!Joeri van Leeuwen
12-07-2009Harry for EverJan Noordam
10-07-2009EMBRACE in full-steam roll-outEMBRACE team
09-07-2009Power, Responsibility, Leadership.Harry van der Laan
08-07-2009Our Space Girls have won! Jan Noordam
07-07-2009ASTRON/JIVE Summer student lectures 2009Marijke Haverkorn
06-07-2009An Instant ClassicJan Noordam
03-07-2009Hanny's first scientific publicationGyula I.G. Jozsa
02-07-2009Today's colloquium: Energy release and particle acceleration in solar flares and coronal mass ejections (L. Fletcher, Glasgow University)Stefanie Muehle
01-07-2009The 8th International e-VLBI Workshop, Madrid, June 22-26Harro Verkouter
29-06-2009Building CS302 - the first LOFAR station: V. Placement of the cabinetsLOFAR Roll Out Team (submitted by Michiel van Haarlem)
26-06-2009the Arecibo Science Advocacy PartnershipMarijke Haverkorn
25-06-2009Today's colloquium: Five years of Saturn lightning observations with Cassini (G. Fischer, IWF Graz)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
24-06-2009First fringes to the new Kunming 40-m radio telescopeJun YANG
22-06-2009Building CS302 - the first LOFAR station: IV. Placing the High Band AntennasLOFAR Roll Out Team (submitted by Michiel van Haarlem)
21-06-2009The ASTRON kaboutertjesMadroon E.J.
19-06-2009Pulsar Busy Week 3: Pulsar observations with the first full LOFAR station, CS302LOFAR Pulsar Working Group and ASTRON High-Performance Computing Group
18-06-2009Today's colloquium: The direct detection of exo-planets (R. Waters, Amsterdam)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
17-06-2009ASTRON patent paves the way to SKAJaap D.Bregman
16-06-2009AstroFest 2009Tom Oosterloo
15-06-2009Building CS302 - the first LOFAR station: III. Placing the Low Band AntennasLOFAR Roll Out Team (submitted by Michiel van Haarlem)
12-06-2009First LOFAR TBB busy weekJean-Mathias Griessmeier for the LOFAR TBB team
11-06-2009Today's colloquium: Harry van der Laan: SRZM 1967 - 1987: Exciting but turbulent years.Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
10-06-2009Dwarf and lonely: a serendipitous HI discoveryPaolo Serra
09-06-2009Today's colloquium: Studying Fundamental Physics with Radio Astronomy (M. Kramer , Bonn)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
08-06-2009Building CS302 - the first LOFAR station: II. Digging trenches and laying cablesLOFAR Roll Out Team (submitted by Michiel van Haarlem)
05-06-2009Building CS302 - the first LOFAR station: I. Flattening the field and setting out antenna positionsLOFAR Roll Out Team (submitted by Michiel van Haarlem)
04-06-2009An exploding star in an "exploding" galaxyAndreas Brunthaler; Heino Falcke
03-06-2009The new DROP clusterJoeri van Leeuwen
02-06-2009Panoramic Radio Astronomy conference begins!Paolo Serra
01-06-2009VIPS@ExlooMichael Garrett
29-05-2009LOFAR from an airplanePeter Bennema
28-05-2009Today's colloquium: An Automated Design-flow for FPGA-based Sequential Simulation, Pascal Wolkotte, U.Twente / Alcatel-LucentAlbert-Jan Boonstra
27-05-2009The Nature of LOFARMichael Garrett
26-05-2009Westerbork Observes the Eclipses in a Unique Millisecond Pulsar Binary SystemJason Hessels, Joeri van Leeuwen, and Ben Stappers
25-05-2009Discovery of a Missing Link Joeri van Leeuwen and Jason Hessels
21-05-2009PhD position in Galactic Magnetism and Radio AstronomyMarijke Haverkorn
20-05-2009Astron turns 60Tom Oosterloo
19-05-2009Today's colloquium: Array processing and its application to radio astronomy (A. Leshem, Bar Ilan)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
18-05-2009LOFAR et EmergoPeter Bennema
15-05-2009B2 0722+30: A classical radio source hosted by a disc galaxyBjorn Emonts (ATNF)
14-05-2009Cyclostationary Spatial Filtering of Interference in LOFARRym Feliachi and Albert-Jan Boonstra
13-05-2009ASTRON builds one of UK SKADS arraysJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
12-05-2009LOFAR station 302Jan Noordam
11-05-2009The CART Mk2Jan Kragt
08-05-2009ASTRON tweets!Michael Garrett
07-05-2009Detection of Giant Pulses from the Crab PulsarTom Hassall
06-05-2009Distributed Aperture Array for Radio Astronomy In Space, DARISAlbert-Jan Boonstra
05-05-2009De Bouw van een Radiotelescoop (1957)Joeri van Leeuwen
04-05-2009Control signaling of the LOFAR High Band Antenna tileEric Kooistra
30-04-2009Girls Day ASTRON&JIVE 2009Boekhorst
29-04-2009European Pulsar Timing Array Members at ASTRON to Plan the Next Big "LEAP" in Pulsar ScienceJason Hessels
28-04-2009Contenda ForrestJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
27-04-2009MeqTrees version 1.0 releasedJan Noordam for the MeqTrees team
24-04-2009RadioNet FP7 Kicks Off André van Es
23-04-2009ASTRON at 60 - the digital celebration! Femke Boekhorst
22-04-2009Tomorrow's colloquium: The surprising Sun: Does the Sun have a subsolar metallicity? (M. Asplund, MPA)Stefanie Muehle
21-04-2009A closer look at the Moon with lucky imagingRik ter Horst
20-04-2009Waste not, want not - a 327 MHz VLBA SurveyMichael Garrett
19-04-2009Spies everywhere....Madroon E.J.
17-04-2009Veder prize-giving at ASTRONArnold van Ardenne
16-04-2009Today's Colloquium: Cryo-cooling (ter Brake, Twente)Jan Geralt Bij de Vaate
15-04-2009Pulsars & PoniesJoeri van Leeuwen
14-04-2009"High precision radio pulsar timing" doctorate granted Joeri van Leeuwen
11-04-2009The radio sky above LOFARMichiel Brentjens
10-04-2009EasterJan-Pieter de Reijer
09-04-2009Today's colloquium: what's happening in our backyard?Robert Langenhuysen & Paul Boven
08-04-2009Radio, optical and UV light: how to turn a simple galaxy into a puzzlePaolo Serra
07-04-2009More HALOGAS survey - UGC 2082Gyula Jozsa
06-04-2009Introducing the WSRT HALOGAS SurveyGeorge Heald
05-04-2009Buy them a drink sometime...Madroon E.J.
03-04-2009100 Hours of AstronomyZsolt Paragi
02-04-2009Today's colloquium: Internal structure of galaxies along the red sequence (D. Krajnovic, Oxford)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
30-03-2009The SEFD of DigestifGeorge Heald for the Apertif team
27-03-2009The classic warp of NGC 5907 revisitedElizaveta Rastorgueva & Tom Oosterloo
24-03-2009Testing the second generation hextilePieter Benthem
23-03-2009Today's colloquium: Random fluctuations in the diffuse interstellar medium (A. Fletcher, Newcastle)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
20-03-2009LOFAR station surface mapMichiel Brentjens
19-03-2009Today's colloquium: High Precision Radio Pulsar Timing (G. Janssen, Amsterdam)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
18-03-2009SPHERE, the VLT planet finderJohan Pragt
17-03-2009Goodbye to EvaJean-Mathias Griessmeier
16-03-2009RFI in Portugal?Jan Geralt Bij de Vaate
13-03-2009Pulsar Busy Week 2LOFAR Pulsar and High-Performance Computing Groups
12-03-2009Installation of the data network hardware at the LOFAR Central Processor completedPeter Maat
11-03-2009Temporary Storage of the HBA-TilesHenri Meulman
10-03-2009MICADO Phase AR.H.vandenBrink
09-03-200992nd meeting of the ASTRON boardMichael Garrett
06-03-2009HBA-Tile production at the LOFAR Assembly UnitHenri Meulman
05-03-2009Today's colloquium: Strong Gravitational Lens Modeling: The Structure & Evolution of Early-type Galaxies to z=1 and beyond (L. Koopmans, Groningen)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
04-03-2009Announcement: 8th International e-VLBI WorkshopKristine Yun
03-03-2009WSRT finds supermassive binary black hole?Raffaella Morganti
02-03-2009Today's colloquium: Magnetic fields during high-mass star formation (Wouter Vlemmings)Stefanie Muehle
27-02-2009First correlation between LOFAR CS010 and NancayJean-Mathias Griessmeier (for the LOFAR-Nancay correlation team)
26-02-2009The X-shooter NIR spectrometer leaves for ParanalEddy Elswijk
25-02-2009Molding the LBA-LNAHenri Meulman
24-02-2009Three decades of gravitational lensesOlaf Wucknitz
23-02-2009Wildlife on the LOFAR CoreHenri Meulman
20-02-2009First synthesis image using an FPA compound beamWim van Cappellen, George Heald, and Marianna Ivashina for the Apertif team
19-02-2009Placing the EMBRACE backend containerPieter Benthem
18-02-2009Workshop on snow-planet interactionJean-Mathias Griessmeier
17-02-2009EMBRACE Centre BoardPieter Benthem
16-02-2009LOFAR assembly unitHenri Meulman
13-02-2009LOFAR Data Processing SchoolLars Bahren
12-02-2009Goodbye THEAJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
11-02-2009Successful tied-array beamformingPulsar & HPC teams
10-02-2009Scanning the sky with DigestifGeorge Heald for the Apertif team
09-02-2009The Parkes Galactic Meridian Survey (PGMS)Marijke Haverkorn
06-02-2009First images made with the FABRIC software correlatorYurii Pidopryhora
05-02-2009Today's colloquium: "Centaurus A - the nearest AGN" (by Frank Israel, Leiden) Stefanie Muehle
04-02-2009First synthesis image Digestif & WSRTApertif team
03-02-2009e-VLBI kick-off at the IYA 2009 a great successPaul Boven
02-02-2009400 mm F/5 telescopes finishedRik ter Horst
30-01-2009Full Wave EM simulation of a 7x8x2 Vivaldi Antenna ArrayOleg Iupikov, Rob Maaskant and Marianna Ivashina
29-01-2009Today's colloquium: Young Supernovae in Arp 299 and Related Starbursts (J. Ulvestad, NRAO)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
28-01-2009Kickstarting the LOFAR LCUsArno Schoenmakers
27-01-2009ASTRON MT meets SACFemke Boekhorst
26-01-2009EMBRACE HexboxEmbrace Team
23-01-2009Simulated CosmologyTony Willis
22-01-2009Today's colloquium: The first stages of planet formation: how to grow from small to large (C.Ormel, MPIA Heidelberg)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
21-01-2009Tribute to Peter Nijkamp Michael Garrett
20-01-2009Three is a crowdTom Oosterloo
16-01-2009Undergraduate Students Observe Pulsars with LOFARJason Hessels
15-01-20092009: the International Year of Astronomy Tom Oosterloo
14-01-2009Tomorrow's Colloquium: Millisecond Pulsars (J. Hessels)Jason Hessels
13-01-2009ASTRON colored the European Microwave Week 2008Ronald Halfwerk
12-01-2009LofarTafel - sensing the UniverseMichael Garrett
09-01-2009Dr Rense's Spiral - The Official VersionTom Oosterloo
08-01-2009Today's colloquium: Chemistry and Excitation of Molecular Gas in the Planetforming Region of Young Circumstellar Disks (Rowin Meijerink)Stefanie Muehle
07-01-2009NGC 1167: Interacting with its neighbour?Christian Struve
06-01-2009LOFAR configurations - take twoMichael Garrett
05-01-2009Hydrogen in the Galactic plane by CAMRASPaul Boven
02-01-2009Hanny's Voorwerp seen from BeilenAlbert van Duin
01-01-2009Seasons greetings from Astron and JiveAstron