ASTRON JIVE Daily Image Archive

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31-12-2008Alien IceJan Noordam
30-12-2008Icy Exloo 2008Jan Noordam
23-12-2008Born: The new AAVP logo Arnold van Ardenne
22-12-2008WSRT time around the clockGyula I.G. Jozsa, Rene Vermeulen
19-12-2008Water in the early UniverseOlaf Wucknitz
18-12-2008Today's colloquium: New Insights into the Physics of Stellar Flares (R. Osten)Griessmeier
17-12-2008The 2008 Great World Wide Star Count Marijke Haverkorn
16-12-2008First fringes DIGESTIF - MFFEAPERTIF team (Wim van Cappellen)
15-12-2008Dedication of the eSMAHuib Jan van Langevelde
12-12-2008The Spindle Unwound Tom Oosterloo
11-12-2008Girl PowerMarjan Tibbe
10-12-2008Na zdorovje!Michael Garrett
09-12-2008Radio observations of Hanny's Voorwerp and IC 2497G.I.G. Jozsa, M.A. Garrett, T.A. Oosterloo, H. Rampadarath
08-12-2008 LOFAR's first HBA station trackJoeri van Leeuwen for the pulsar working group
06-12-2008Panoramic Radio AstronomyGeorge Heald
05-12-2008The mysticism of SinterklaasMarjan Tibbe
04-12-2008Today's colloquium: Between Stars and Planets: Simulation of Particle and Energy Transport by the Cosmic Plasma (U. Motschmann, TU Braunschweig)Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
03-12-2008Venus occultedAlbert van Duin
02-12-2008A Successful Pulsar Busy Week for LOFARJason Hessels on behalf of the LOFAR Pulsar Working Group
01-12-2008Hanny's GebeurtenisJan Noordam
28-11-2008The ultimate e-EVN milestone: 1 Gbps observationsZsolt Paragi
27-11-2008Hanny van Arkel - This week's colloquium speaker!Michael Garrett
25-11-2008Checkmate!Michael Garrett
24-11-20083C196 and the A-team Ger de Bruyn
21-11-2008The protection of Earth-like exoplanets against galactic cosmic raysJean-Mathias Griessmeier
20-11-2008EVN directors high in the sky Huib Jan van Langevelde
19-11-2008Unshrouding LOFAR's station visionStefan Wijnholds
18-11-2008TADU operationalArie Doorduin
17-11-2008Comparing faces: ASTRON & JIVE staff of 1980 and 2008Femke Boekhorst
14-11-2008Connecting Oases of KnowledgeAlister Bailey
13-11-2008Today's colloquium: Dark matter and modified dynamics: observational clues (G. Gentile)Griessmeier
12-11-2008Microstrip phased-array antennas and printed reflectarraysMarianna Ivashina
11-11-2008First pulsar detection by CAMRASPaul Boven
10-11-2008ASTRON/JIVE Open Day: A Big SuccesHarm Jan Stiepel
07-11-2008Goodbye Titus and HennyJan Noordam
06-11-2008Today's colloquium: Radio telescopes rooted in Miyun observatory: past, present and future (B. Peng)J.-M. Griessmeier
05-11-2008The hot and cold outflows in NGC 3079 Tom Oosterloo
04-11-2008A useful tool for RFI mitigationPeter Fridman
03-11-2008Sucking Up (to) the SunArnold van Ardenne
31-10-2008ITR's and NOTES DistributionRoelof Kiers
30-10-2008Newest ASTRON astronomer wins CAGS08 awardRaffaella Morganti
29-10-2008Big is Beautiful: e-VLBI with and without EffelsbergMichael Garrett
28-10-200860 years ago: the first meeting of the SRZM boardRichard Strom
24-10-2008Measured DIGESTIF scanning compound beamAPERTIF team (Wim van Cappellen)
23-10-2008Today's colloquium: The trial and transport of cosmic metalsStefanie Muehle
22-10-2008WoW: Westerbork on the Web, a database of reduced WSRT data Lilith Grassi & Raffaella Morganti
20-10-2008LOFAR receiver unit in productionMenno Norden
18-10-2008The lopsided HI disk of UGC 11891George Heald
16-10-2008Today's colloquium: Planet formation (J. Blum)J.-M. Griessmeier
15-10-2008Astrophysics in the E-LOFAR eraLars Bähren, Corina Vogt, Michiel van Haarlem
14-10-2008Measured DIGESTIF beam patternsAPERTIF team (Wim van Cappellen)
10-10-2008Home sweet home: Aziz in Sweden! Margreet Bakker (Avenance)
09-10-2008Today's colloquium: Observing in the far-infrared: Herschel-HIFI and beyondStefanie Muehle
07-10-2008Production LOFAR cable assembliesMarchel Gerbers
06-10-2008LBA-LNA under testHenri Meulman
02-10-2008Today's colloquium: Stellar Winds and Mass Loss: mechanisms, stellar evolution, interstellar medium (H. Lamers, Utrecht)Griessmeier
01-10-2008The Medusa galaxy mergerEva Juette
30-09-2008400 years of the telescopeMichael Garrett
29-09-2008LOFAR RF station at Chios (Greece)Ronald Halfwerk
25-09-2008Today's colloquium: Effects of internal geomagnetic variations on the Earth’s space environment and the middle atmosphereGriessmeier
23-09-2008Ship Ahoy!Marjan Tibbe
22-09-2008CappedJan Geralt Bij de Vaate
17-09-2008LOFAR concentrator node building installedAndre Gunst
16-09-2008EMBRACE tile under testSteve Torchinsky
15-09-2008The LOFAR LBA-LNA in productionHenri Meulman
12-09-2008Final touches of the ASTRON huisstijl!Femke Boekhorst
11-09-2008Cosmic Bullseye! Michael Garrett
10-09-2008Tomorrow's colloquium: Radio pulsars and instrument innovation for supernovae/gravitational-wave researchJoeri van Leeuwen
09-09-2008Making an Impact in ChicagoNico Ebbendorf
08-09-2008The LOFAR Central Core in ExlooPeter Bennema
07-09-2008The LOFAR superterp from the airPeter Bennema, Jan Noordam
05-09-2008A Summer in DrenthePaolo Serra
04-09-2008Colloquium September 4, 2008 by A. Marecki (Torun CfA): "Post-active galaxies - more ubiquitous than we thought before"Antonis Polatidis
03-09-2008Bye, Bye, Pavilion ZuidLars Bähren
02-09-2008Has anyone ever told galaxies that "good fences make good neighbours"? Paolo Serra
01-09-2008TADUmax fringesRob Millenaar
29-08-2008The advantages of moving to GermanyMadroon E.J., Ranting.
26-08-2008New telescope?PACMAN
25-08-2008Afscheid Bert GeerkenMichael Garrett
22-08-2008LOFAR at the YERACChristian Struve
21-08-2008(partial) lunar eclipse 16/8/2008Harro Verkouter
18-08-2008Pictures of an ExhibitionTom Oosterloo
15-08-2008Improving seeing with Lucky ImagingRik ter Horst
13-08-2008First fringes with the Blue Gene/P correlatorJohn Romein
12-08-2008Galileo / GALSEE linear to circular polarity converterFrans Schreuder
10-08-2008The Sun doing a flybySarod Yatawatta and Michiel Brentjens
08-08-2008Venus Express @ MetsahoviDmitry Duev
07-08-2008Dwingeloo 1 & 2 revisited (again)Tom Oosterloo & Gyula Jozsa
06-08-2008What is feeding the monster in Centaurus A?Raffaella Morganti
05-08-2008SKA - the movie!Michael Garrett
04-08-2008Bob's Yearly SmileJan Noordam
01-08-2008Drifting lazily on a summer afternoonPaul Boven
31-07-2008Astrofest 2008Giuseppe Cimo
30-07-2008Maternity LeaveMarja Carnal en Patricia Breman
29-07-2008Female visitor programmeRaffaella Morganti
28-07-2008EMBRACE Centre BoardSieds Damstra, Erik van der Wal, Gijs Schoonderbeek
25-07-2008Watching a galaxy formingRaffaella Morganti
24-07-2008Hexboard environmental testingEmbrace Team
23-07-2008LOFAR sub-rackGijs Schoonderbeek
22-07-2008ASTRON presents new logoFemke Boekhorst
21-07-2008Bird's Eye View of the Super TerpPeter Bennema
18-07-2008HextileEmbrace Team
17-07-2008LOFAR field work has startedPeter Bennema
16-07-2008A touch of ColorMadroon E.J.
15-07-2008I can see for miles and miles!Mike Garrett
14-07-2008Blazar in galaxy Markarian 501Albert van Duin
11-07-2008e-EVN detection of the candidate radio counterpart of a gamma-ray sourceAlfonso Trejo and Zsolt Paragi
10-07-2008All the colors of the rainbow, and then somePaul Boven
09-07-2008A CART without a HorseDean Chalmers and Tony Willis
08-07-20087th international e-VLBI workshop, ShanghaiCharles Yun
07-07-2008On the MoveMarjan Tibbe
04-07-2008Hup LOFAR hup!Michael Garrett
03-07-2008Our Core BusinessJan Noordam
02-07-2008The first LOFAR board in production!Menno Norden, Gijs Schoonderbeek, Adriaan Renting
01-07-2008Saving the Dwingeloo TelescopePaul Boven and Lars Bahren
30-06-2008Lenticulars over CASLEORob Millenaar
27-06-2008Mown around HBAR.H.vandenBrink
26-06-2008Aziz on the MoonAdriaan Renting
24-06-2008Fine feathered friends!Michael Garrett
22-06-2008Sunny FutureHiddo Hanenburg
20-06-2008www.pulsars.nlJoeri van Leeuwen
17-06-2008Low-frequency pulsar scienceJoeri van Leeuwen
16-06-2008Norwegian ambassador visits ASTRON & JIVEMichael Garrett
12-06-2008SETI experts descend on DwingelooMichael Garrett
11-06-2008Quasar near the edge of the visible UniverseZsolt Paragi
10-06-2008PrepSKA - the SKA just got serious!Michael Garrett
09-06-2008The Yebes 40-m Telescope joins the European VLBI NetworkStefanie Muehle
06-06-2008ALMA Band 9: Production of 208 mirrors startedJohan Pragt
05-06-2008Final IAP Drenthe progress meetingIAP Drenthe
04-06-2008Eva und MarcusCorina Vogt
03-06-2008Hands-on RFRonald Halfwerk
02-06-2008Turning soil for EMBRACE at WSRTArnold van Ardenne
30-05-2008Live demo of e-VLBI from four continentsKristine Yun
29-05-2008FLOWPAD^3 passive demonstrator readyRaYmond van den Brink
28-05-2008A Consummate InsiderJan Noordam
27-05-2008The right tool for the right jobPeter Fridman
25-05-2008First meeting of the SKA Science & Engineering CommitteeMichael Garrett
23-05-2008LOFAR/CS1 observes Jupiter in outburstCasey Law
22-05-2008Highly recycled pulsar discovered -- culprit unknownJoeri van Leeuwen
21-05-2008Royal attention for LOFARFemke Boekhorst
20-05-2008The Crab Pulsar and NebulaJoeri van Leeuwen
19-05-2008Traditional wedding ceremony in Pakistan. Engagement of Shafaat Ali and Nida.Marianna Ivashina
16-05-2008The Dwingeloo Radio Telescope moves againPaul Boven
15-05-2008In Search of Failure and SerendipityJan Noordam and Vincent Icke
14-05-2008The second Giove-B spectrum recorded by the WSRTHans van der Marel and Koos Kegel
13-05-2008The first Giove-B spectrum recorded by the WSRTHans van der Marel
07-05-2008NAC 1941 (the first)OC NAC 2008
06-05-2008ASTRON/JIVE, c'est une familleJan Noordam
01-05-2008The father of radio astronomy in the Netherlands?Richard Strom
29-04-2008LOFAR weekly status meetingJan Noordam
28-04-2008Our (step-) sister institute in MunichJean-Mathias Griessmeier
25-04-2008Single Pulses from Pulsar B0329+54 with LOFAR HBAsJason Hessels (with B. Stappers, R. Karuppusamy, & J. Masters)
24-04-2008MIRI_Deck of Leicester University: final and crucial production by ASTRONJohan Pragt
23-04-2008The Foundation is 59 years oldRichard Strom
22-04-2008CascadeRun 2008CascadeRun-Team
21-04-2008A Student LOFAR AntennaRalph Spencer
18-04-2008X-Shooter left the buildingRik ter Horst
17-04-2008Gas in gas-poor galaxiesRaffaella Morganti & Tom Oosterloo
15-04-2008Embrace Hex-boardErik van der Wal
14-04-2008Twin QuasarAlbert van Duin
11-04-2008EXPReS sluit je aanZsolt Paragi
09-04-2008WSRT, LOFAR and EMBRACEPieter Benthem
08-04-2008Effelsberg joins the e-EVNZsolt Paragi
07-04-2008Driving Down the DifferencesTony Willis
04-04-2008ParbhuJan Noordam
03-04-2008EXPReS styleKristine Yun
02-04-2008Centaurus A: Infall or a circumnuclear disk?Christian Struve
01-04-2008ASTRON scoops the Higgs!Madroon E.J.
31-03-2008Founding fathers in VeldhovenMichel Arts
28-03-2008A polar ring of neutral hydrogen around an Atlas3D galaxyPaolo Serra
27-03-2008FPA Jigsaw puzzleAPERTIF team (Wim van Cappellen)
26-03-2008Easter 2008Paul Boven
24-03-2008ASTRON signs agreement concerning finance of LOFAR areaFemke Boekhorst
21-03-2008X-Shooter: Mission accomplishedRik ter Horst/ Ramon Navarro
20-03-2008From the Horsehead nebula to HorseshoesRonald Halfwerk
19-03-2008Citius, Altius, FortiusApertif team
18-03-2008RadioNet-FP7: Advanced Radio Astronomy in EuropeMichael Garrett
17-03-2008Towards a Common LanguageJan Noordam
14-03-2008Come NAC with us!Jan Noordam
13-03-2008Second astronomical image with an FPATom Oosterloo (for the APERTIF team)
12-03-2008One week of TBB data.Andreas Horneffer
11-03-2008EXPReS, a global leader in BledKristine Yun
10-03-2008Twinkle, twinkle little starStefan Wijnholds
07-03-2008Human CapitalJan Noordam
06-03-2008New Astron ToolJan-Pieter de Reijer
05-03-2008First astronomical image with an FPATom Oosterloo (for the APERTIF team)
04-03-2008Owl ClanNico Vermaas
01-03-2008Missing magnetic fields in NGC 6946George Heald
29-02-2008Bedrijfs Hulp VerleningSjouke Kuindersma
28-02-2008Simultaneous overlapping FPA beams in a deep dishWim van Cappellen
27-02-2008LOFAR as a passive radarMichiel Brentjens
26-02-2008Heart of GoldRik ter Horst
25-02-2008MIRI Spectrometer Main Optics Flight Model Vibration TestMichael Meijers
22-02-2008Cross over LeydenRoelof Kiers
21-02-2008Deep LOFAR HBA ImageSarod Yatawatta
20-02-2008Pioneers in international BusinessRonald Halfwerk
19-02-2008A New Dawn Rob Millenaar
15-02-2008Farewell to Hayley and CormacHuib Jan van Langevelde & Bob Campbell
14-02-2008LOFAR image with HBA tilesSarod Yatawatta
13-02-2008LOFAR HBA Tile in ActionSarod Yatawatta
11-02-2008A dream has come true...Zsolt Paragi
06-02-2008e-EVN observes gamma binary LSI +61 303 in MAGIC collaboration campaignZsolt Paragi
05-02-2008EXPReS Progress and Board MeetingsKristine Yun
04-02-2008Obscured Galaxy IC342Albert van Duin
31-01-2008More women at ASTRON!?Raffaella Morganti (for the Diversity Committee)
30-01-2008First LOFAR PhD thesisLars Bähren
29-01-2008ESKAC - e pluribus unum!Michael Garrett
28-01-2008Firmware update of all LOFAR receiver unitsAndre Gunst, Gijs Schoonderbeek, Menno Norden and Marchel Gerbers
25-01-2008Richard Schilizzi - the Dwingeloo years. Michael Garrett
24-01-2008First laboratory light of JWST-MIRIRieks Jager
23-01-2008"The Bug" has been squashed!Michiel Brentjens (On behalf of the CS-1 commisioning team)
22-01-2008To infinity and beyond (2007 version)Tom Oosterloo (for the AstroGroup)
21-01-2008Rainy daysMarchel Gerbers
16-01-2008E-LOFAR calibration challenges - the cruel sea ?Michael Garrett
15-01-2008Food for the monster?Raffaella Morganti
14-01-2008X-shooter NIR Spectrograph Mirror 6Ramon Navarro
11-01-2008Search for ExoplanetsRonald Roelfsema
10-01-2008Sources from the DEVOS surveyZsolt Paragi
09-01-2008DIGESTIF previewTom Oosterloo en Oleg Smirnov
08-01-2008North America nebulaAlbert van Duin
07-01-2008HASTHenri Meulman
04-01-2008e-VLBI Observing Opportunities with the EVNKristine Yun
03-01-2008fractional sampling rate conversion system implementation in WSRTRonald de Wild
02-01-2008Striding into 2008Arie Huijgen