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25-12-2011Season's Greetings from ASTRON and JIVEASTRON and JIVE
24-12-2011Merry X-Mas office humourMarjan Tibbe
23-12-2011The Smiling Face of ASTRONMadroon, E.J.
22-12-2011ASTRON News December edition is out!Femke Boekhorst
21-12-2011Doctor Kalle TorstenssonHuib van Langevelde
20-12-2011RS409 FochtelooJan-Pieter de Reijer
19-12-2011Hans van Someren Greve turns 70Jan Noordam
16-12-201110th e-VLBI WorkshopZsolt Paragi
15-12-2011Christmas High TeaHiddo Hanenburg
14-12-2011SKA Organisation makes an important step forward. Michael Garrett
13-12-2011Fire-Fighting at ASTRONAnne Veendijk
12-12-2011The making of the ASTRON Christmas card 2011 Michael Garrett
10-12-2011Lunar Eclipse on 10th December 2011Sandeep Parkhi
09-12-2011MSSS begins!George Heald
08-12-2011Today's colloquium: Hunting for Fast Radio Transients - is it worth the effort? (Jean-Pierre Macquart, Curtin University)Colloquium
07-12-2011An improved map of the Galactic Faraday skyGeorge Heald
06-12-2011Today's Colloquium: The Simple Structure but Puzzling Evolution of Massive Galaxies - Matthew Auger (University of Cambridge)colloquium
05-12-2011Saint Nicolas at Astron 2011Sjouke Zwier
02-12-2011ET calling LOFAR?Olaf Wucknitz
01-12-2011Today's colloquium: The importance of radio-mode feedback in massive galaxy formation (Vernesa Smolcic, AIfA-Bonn)Colloquium
30-11-2011The extended radio emission of the gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057Javier Moldon
29-11-2011A heart transplant for ZIMPOLJohan Pragt
28-11-2011HBA embedded element patternsDion Kant
25-11-2011Forming up to 450 Tied-Array BeamsJan David Mol, Jason Hessels, John Romein
24-11-2011Today's Colloquium: Towards the ultra-precise determination of spacecraft state vectors- Dmitry Duev (JIVE/Moscow State University)colloquium
23-11-2011The adventures of the SKAnimalsMegan Argo
22-11-2011Atlas3D and the importance of galaxy environmentPaolo Serra
21-11-2011Just another day out of the officePaul Boven, Emmy Boerma & Stefan Wijnholds
18-11-2011High resolution radio snapshotsAdam Deller
17-11-2011Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions for Radio Astronomical Source ModelingParisa Noorishad and Sarod Yatawatta
16-11-2011Today's Colloquium: Design and Study on Moon-based Very Low Frequency Radio Interferometer (Linjie Chen, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen/JIVE)colloquium
15-11-2011Microwave meets millingJohan Pragt
14-11-2011250th student for the ASTRON RF-courseRonald Halfwerk
13-11-2011Nijmegen Astronomers observed close fly-by of large asteroid 2005 YU55Sander ter Veen
11-11-2011NWO Director General visits ASTRON Michael Garrett
10-11-2011Today's colloquium: The coupling between accretion processes and ejection mechanisms in accreting compact objects (Paolo Soleri, University of Groningen)Colloquium
09-11-2011Millisecond pulsar formation for 12-year-oldsJoeri van Leeuwen
08-11-2011Flashing new "DC free" control firmwareMenno Norden
07-11-2011Meet EMMAEMMA team
04-11-2011An ASTRON Poster MontageJoeri van Leeuwen & Roelof Kiers
03-11-2011Today's colloquium: On growth and form - radio galaxy morphologies and the ATLBS radio continuum survey (Lakshmi Saripalli, Raman Research Institute, Bangalore)Colloquium
02-11-2011Nikta Amiri got her PhD Huib van Langevelde
01-11-2011Scattering and absorption analysis of radomes using the Method of Equivalent Dipole Moments (MEDM)Majid Naeem
31-10-2011First KVN-EVN real-time e-VLBI fringesMark Kettenis
28-10-2011The ATA Fly's Eye Survey for Fast Radio TransientsJoeri van Leeuwen
27-10-2011Today's Colloquium: Secular evolution of galaxies (Francoise Combes, Observatoire de Paris)colloquium
26-10-2011UniBoard receives samples from ADU at 800 MSpsEric Kooistra on behalf of the APERTIF digital team
25-10-2011Today's Extra Colloquium: The Antikythera Mechanism Decoded (Mike Edmunds, Cardiff University)colloquium
24-10-2011Raymond Oonk successfully defends his PhD thesis on cool gas in clustersRaffaella Morganti
21-10-2011Five!Michael Garrett
20-10-2011Today's colloquium: The multiphase extraplanar medium in spiral galaxies (George Heald, ASTRON)Colloquium
19-10-2011127 Tied-Array Beams from the LOFAR Superterp StationsThe LOFAR Pulsar Working Group
18-10-2011Public observatory Zwolle now open for business.Annette de Boer
17-10-2011Netherlands Committee for Astronomy (NCA) - changing of the guard.Michael Garrett
14-10-2011Direction-dependent calibration in EVLA observations at 8.4 GHzIan Heywood
13-10-2011Todays colloquium: Star clusters - links between stellar and galactic astrophysics (Soeren Larsen)Adam Deller
12-10-2011Heavens above - spectacular aerial images of the LOFAR core region!Michael Garrett
11-10-2011Visit primary teachers ASTRON in Dwingeloo, September 28, 2011Annette de Boer
10-10-2011Medical design engineer in VietnamLeon Hiemstra
07-10-2011Jupiter with 16 inch telescopeRik ter Horst
06-10-2011Today's Colloquium: The appearance and spin evolution of strongly magnetic stars - Caroline D'Angelo (UvA)colloquium
05-10-2011 First detection of water at z=3.9 in a lensed QSOAlicia Berciano Alba
04-10-2011SKA Founding Board at London Heathrow.Michael Garrett
03-10-2011Aperture Array Noise Temperature MeasurementsBert Woestenburg, Laurens Bakker
30-09-2011Tripole antenna in LOFAR CS011Linjie Chen, Menno Norden
29-09-2011Todays colloquium: Atomic gas and star formation in the faintest dwarfs (Sambit Roychowdhury)Colloquium organisers
28-09-2011No radio emission from SN2011fe in M101Ger de Bruyn
27-09-20113-dimensional sketch of the massive protostar NGC7538-IRS1.Gabriele Surcis
26-09-2011Just another Day at the OfficeJan Noordam
23-09-2011The LOFAR core and the Drentse MondenHans van der Marel
22-09-2011Today's colloquium: Radio relics- probes of galaxy cluster mergers (Reinout van Weeren, Leiden Observatory)colloquium
21-09-2011A third VENI grant!Raffaella Morganti
20-09-2011Aperture Array Noise Temperature MeasurementsBert Woestenburg, Laurens Bakker
19-09-2011An Impostor among Radio GalaxiesRaffaella Morganti
16-09-2011Standing on the Shoulders of GiantsJan Noordam
15-09-2011LOFAR@homeWim Apon
14-09-2011LOFAR detects ionospheric waveIlse van Bemmel
13-09-2011Today's Colloquium: A quest for cold gas at high-z (R. Srianand, IUCAA, Pune, India)colloquium
12-09-2011SARA case: understanding space-time with pulsars.Joeri van Leeuwen
11-09-2011A different view of M27Albert van Duin
09-09-2011CoDR SKA Dish Array subsystemR.H. van den Brink
08-09-2011Mission PossibleArnold van Ardenne
07-09-2011WSRT goes opticalWim van Cappellen
06-09-2011RFI at high time resolutionPaolo Serra and the Apertif team
05-09-2011First Real-Time e-VLBI Fringes with the SFXC Software CorrelatorMark Kettenis
04-09-2011LOFAR superterp Peter Bennema
02-09-2011The nearest Type 1a supernova in decadesAlbert van Duin and Ger de Bruyn
01-09-2011Detecting fast radio transients with the VLBAAdam Deller
31-08-2011Rotation Measure Gradient Reversals in 0716+714.Ronan Murphy
30-08-2011The EVN TOG (Technical & Operations Group)Bob Campbell
29-08-2011Radio Astronomy needs IndustryArnold van Ardenne
26-08-2011HI observations of cool-core galaxy clustersRaymond Oonk, Dyas Utomo, Raffaela Morganti (ASTRON)
25-08-2011Noise Coupling in Aperture Arrays as a Function of FrequencyBert Woestenburg, Laurens Bakker
24-08-2011Radio Emission from a Shock Heated Region Detected through SZEMichael Wise
23-08-2011RadioNet FP7 judged excellentMichael Garrett
22-08-2011Simulation of heat exchangeHiddo Hanenburg
19-08-2011Looking for radio pulsars around sub-luminous B dwarfsThijs Coenen, Joeri van Leeuwen
18-08-2011Perseid radio echoesPieter-Tjerk de Boer
17-08-2011SSEC @ Int. SKA Forum 2011 Michael Garrett
16-08-2011Summer students 2011: Lars FloerVibor Jelic
15-08-2011Noise Coupling Effects in Aperture ArraysBert Woestenburg, Laurens Bakker
12-08-2011Perseid meteor shower (as seen by a radio telescope)Megan Argo
11-08-2011Today's Colloquium: The Arecibo Zone of Avoidance Survey (Travis McIntyre, Arecibo Observatory)colloquium
10-08-2011Changing of the Guard Michael Garrett
09-08-2011Spectral implications of the Smilde tower collapseHans van der Marel
08-08-2011Cresent NebulaAlbert van Duin
05-08-2011A grand day outKristine Yun
04-08-2011Colours in the summer skyAlbert van Duin
02-08-2011ASTRON @Lofardag 2011 Michael Garrett
01-08-2011Jubilee Pieter JagerAnne Veendijk
29-07-2011Aperture Array Noise Temperature as a function of Scan AngleBert Woestenburg, Laurens Bakker, Marianna Ivashina
28-07-2011Summer Student Garden Party - 2011.Michael Garrett
27-07-201119 Times the FunThe LOFAR Pulsar Working Group
25-07-2011VV124: a galaxy re-bornTom Oosterloo
22-07-2011Launch RadioAstron (2)Leonid Gurvits
21-07-2011Spektr-R - RadioAstron Observatory in orbitWillem Baan & Lout Sondaar
20-07-2011Final resting placeDerek McKay-Bukowski
19-07-2011Hoogersmilde Communication Tower Fire & Collapse as seen by LOFARHeino Falcke
18-07-2011Cygnus Soap BubbleAlbert van Duin
15-07-2011The AGN component in deep radio fields: the Lockman Hole projectGabriele Guglielmino, Isabella Prandoni, Raffaella Morganti
14-07-2011LOFAR HBA tile installation begins at KAIRADerek McKay-Bukowski
13-07-2011First LOFAR cosmic ray detectionSander ter Veen
12-07-201113 TFLOPS at 2400 WattJohn Romein
11-07-2011THACO: A Test Facility for Characterizing the Noise Performance of Active Antenna ArraysBert Woestenburg
08-07-2011LOFAR DAY, Exloo, 10 July 2011peter bennema
07-07-2011The Next Generation of LOFAR UsersJason Hessels
06-07-2011Combiboard AAVS /SKA-NNSieds Damstra
05-07-2011A new record: 2 Gbit/s fringes between Shanghai and KunmingZsolt Paragi
04-07-2011Tsunami alarm!Hanno Holties
01-07-2011Jaap Bregman's partyTruus van den Brink-Havinga
30-06-2011The International LOFAR Telescope has come of ageRene Vermeulen
29-06-2011Visit students 'Natuurkunde Olympiade’, June 8thAnnette de Boer
28-06-2011István Fejes (1939-2011)Willem Baan
27-06-2011Solar Sound EnsemblePaul Boven
24-06-2011Foreground conference 2011, Zadar, Croatia Vibor Jelic
23-06-2011Today's Colloquium (4PM!): HI properties of massive galaxiesColloquium
22-06-2011Retuning Hubble's forkTom Oosterloo
21-06-2011ASTRON/JIVE MTB outing 2011Joeri van Leeuwen
20-06-2011Monitoring the water maser in MG J0414+0534John McKean
17-06-2011LOFAR roll out in Onsala SwedenMarchel Gerbers
16-06-2011Today's colloquium: FUV emission in Brightest Cluster Galaxies (Raymond Oonk, ASTRON)Valeriu Tudose
15-06-2011Herschel OT2 Announcement of Opportunity released! Alicia Berciano Alba
14-06-2011Arise Heino Falcke - Spinoza winner 2011 Michael Garrett
13-06-2011Supernovae in M51Albert van Duin
10-06-2011Gravitational lensing of a bright submillimetre galaxyJohn McKean
09-06-2011Today's Colloquium: How massive is the Great Attractor?Colloquium
08-06-2011Summer student lectures 2011Marijke Haverkorn
07-06-2011And the winner is..... Lava Sulayman!Annette de Boer
06-06-2011LOFAR Low Band Antenna (LBA) installation at Juelich international station, 20th April 2011 Charlotte Sobey
03-06-2011In Memoriam: Prof. dr. Koos Duppen (1953-2011)Michael Garrett
01-06-2011A real-time experience with the EVN at JIVEZsolt Paragi
31-05-2011Today's Colloquium: The complex gas environment of Active Galactic Nuclei: emission and absorption in the X-ray band - Elisa Constantini (SRON)colloquium
30-05-2011UniBoard shipping now!Andre Gunst
27-05-2011The 4th East Asia VLBI WorkshopZsolt Paragi
26-05-2011Today's colloquium: A slice of PSRPI: mapping the Galactic distribution of pulsars (Adam Deller, ASTRON)Valeriu Tudose
25-05-2011Galactic HI cloud "Dolphin"Yurii Pidopryhora
24-05-2011Digitizing SRZM/ASTRON HistoryAndré van Es
23-05-2011Stargazing near the Dwingeloo TelescopeRoy Smits
20-05-2011Jaap, ah Jaap!Jan Noordam
19-05-2011The sunny smiles of the EVN directors at Torun, PolandHuib van Langevelde
18-05-2011Encouraging Collaboration by leveling IPR barriersJaap D. Bregman
17-05-2011Excursion primary school ‘de Kloostertuin’Annette de Boer
16-05-2011A game of BaseballRoy Smits
13-05-2011Air-borne broadband interference detection by LOFARHans van der Marel/Olaf Wucknitz
12-05-2011Today's Colloquium: The Australian SKA Pathfinder - status update (Carole Jackson, CSIRO)Colloquium
11-05-201160 years of Dutch HI Tom Oosterloo
10-05-2011What does an astronomer look like?Marijke Haverkorn
09-05-2011Girls Day 2011Annette de Boer
06-05-2011The Daily Image goes SocialRoy Smits
05-05-2011Russian and Dutch students at ASTRONJohan Pragt
04-05-20111/4 AAVS / SKA-NN TILESieds Damstra / AAVS TEAM
03-05-2011Today's Colloquium: Galaxy Dissection: The Detailed Mass Budget of UGC 463 (Kyle B. Westfall, Kapteyn)Colloquium
02-05-2011Royal Honours for Thijs van der HulstTom Oosterloo
30-04-2011An Oranje Zonnetje on April 30thMadroon, E. J.
29-04-2011ALMA invites proposals for Early Science ObservationsAlicia Berciano Alba
28-04-2011Today's colloquium: Time variability and X-ray spectra: probe of the inner accretion disc in compact objects (Mariano Mendez, University of Groningen)Valeriu Tudose
27-04-2011Wide-field Imaging on a GPUPanos Labropoulos & Vamsi Krishna Veligatla
26-04-2011The last thing(s) lucky low frequency photons seeGeorge Heald and Olaf Wucknitz
25-04-2011The BirdsGyula I.G. Jozsa
24-04-2011Solar EnergyHenri Meulman
22-04-2011Redundant baseline data in LOFARGer de Bruyn
21-04-2011Today's Colloquium: Studying the dark hearts of luminous infrared galaxies with HerschelColloquium
20-04-2011CEP 2.0 clusterChris Broekema
19-04-2011Asteroid 9497 "Dwingeloo"Albert van Duin
18-04-2011Stars in their eyes (Take 2) - Leiden MSc Class of 2010 Michael Garrett
17-04-2011A Sign! At last!Madroon, E. J.
16-04-2011Oh Deer!Henri Meulman
15-04-2011The Netherlands signs up for SKAMichael Garrett
14-04-2011Today's colloquium: The first year of science with VLT/X-shooterColloquium
13-04-2011Observing pulsars and fast transients with LOFARBen Stappers
12-04-2011"Soviet Man in Space"Tom Oosterloo (with thanks to Vlad Kondratiev)
11-04-2011SMF demonstrationSMF team
10-04-2011Spaghetti NebulaAlbert van Duin
08-04-2011ASTRON/NOVA at the Fotonica EvenementPeter Maat, Ronald Halfwerk, Klaas Dijkstra, Ramon Navarro
07-04-2011Evolution and luminosity functions of sub-mJy radio sourcesColloquium
06-04-2011Test-station for Galileo validation at WSRTSMF team
05-04-2011Crab giant radio pulses: are they coincident with Fermi photons?Vlad Kondratiev
04-04-2011UniBoard is in productionCorina Vogt, Arpad Szomoru
01-04-2011Spring TimeHiddo Hanenburg
31-03-2011Today's colloquium: Direct imaging of protoplanetary disks in scattered lightColloquium
30-03-2011Prospects for accurate distance measurements of pulsars with the SKARoy Smits
29-03-2011Galactic fog towards the Perseus clusterMichiel Brentjens
28-03-2011First sunrise of spring 2011 over the WSRTHarm Munk
25-03-2011The formation of the eccentric-orbit millisecond pulsar J1903+0327 and the origin of single millisecond pulsarsJoeri van Leeuwen
24-03-2011Today's Colloquium: Advances in Galactic Cartography- Robert A. Benjamin (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)Colloquium
23-03-2011Double vision for EMBRACEEMBRACE team
22-03-2011In Memoriam: Rad (1929-2011)Richard Strom
21-03-2011How wet is it here?Rob Millenaar
18-03-2011Cygnus A at 239 MHz with LOFARJohn McKean
17-03-2011Today's Colloquium: Potentially hazardous near Earth Asteroids - a clear and present danger (Karel A. van der Hucht, SRON)Colloquium
16-03-2011First probe of ionospheric RM variability with LOFARMichael Bell
15-03-2011Marathon e-VLBI runZsolt Paragi
13-03-2011Vague Feelings of GuiltMadroon, E. J.
11-03-2011MESMERIan Heywood
10-03-2011Today's Colloquium:Optical atomic clock signals through optical fiber networks - Jeroen Koelmeij (LaserLaB Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)Colloquium
09-03-2011Work in ProgressJuergen Morawietz
08-03-2011Foreground Conference 2011Vibor Jelic
07-03-2011A Binary Pulsar Discovery by Volunteer ComputingJoeri van Leeuwen and Jason Hessels
04-03-2011First global e-VLBI experiment reveals relativistic jet in a Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxyZsolt Paragi
03-03-2011Today's Colloquium: Neutrinos on the RocksColloquium
02-03-2011Radar image of the moon made with the Dwingeloo telescopePieter-Tjerk de Boer
01-03-2011Visit of students applied physics from EnschedeAnnette de Boer
28-02-2011Presentatie Cascaderunshirt 2011Cascaderun
25-02-2011M42 from Mound EwerRik ter Horst
24-02-2011Maciej Serylak succesfully defends PhD thesis on radio pulsars with WSRTJoeri van Leeuwen
23-02-2011A UniBoard-based Phase 1 SKA Correlator and Beamformer Arpad Szomoru
22-02-2011Art of Noise: In Visible SilencePaul Riemers, Ronald Halfwerk
21-02-2011Receding horizons behind LOFAR station FR606Jean-Mathias Griessmeier
18-02-2011LOFAR Pulsar Data Joins Archive Flow to GridJoeri van Leeuwen, Hanno Holties
17-02-2011Today's colloquium: Storage in astronomy - beyond the limits of bandwidth, capacity, and location (Ari Mujunen, Aalto University)Valeriu Tudose
16-02-2011First Pulsar Polarisation Profiles with LOFARCharlotte Sobey, Aristeidis Noutsos, Joris Verbiest, Masaya Kuniyoshi, LOFAR PWG
15-02-2011Lord Rosse, Birr Castle and I-LOFARGer de Bruyn, Michiel Brentjens and George Heald
14-02-2011A sky image from LOFAR station FR606 in NançayJean-Mathias Griessmeier
11-02-2011There is no such a thing as a boring galaxy!Raffaella Morganti for the Atlas3D team
10-02-2011Today's Colloquium: Quantifying HI MorphologyColloquium
09-02-2011Partial Solar Eclipse, January 4, 2011Sarod Yatawatta and Michiel Brentjens
08-02-2011Lightpath connection beats SupermanJoeri van Leeuwen
07-02-2011First LOFAR Tied-Array Beam AchievedThe LOFAR Pulsar Working Group and
06-02-2011Lofar is Fun!Lofar is Fun!
04-02-2011Let's dance!Ilse van Bemmel, Cyril Tasse
03-02-2011Today's Colloquium (Peter Frick): Wavelets and Faraday Rotation Measure SynthesisColloquium
02-02-2011First Light Online Coherent Dedispersion with LOFARJason Hessels, John Romein, Jan David Mol, LOFAR PWG
01-02-2011Photonic TilePeter Maat
31-01-2011The Active SunAlbert van Duin
28-01-2011LOFAR HBA tiles undergoing winter testing in Finnish LaplandThomas Ulich & Corina Vogt
27-01-2011Westerbork Observatory donated its Mark4 VLBI backend to the Yunnan Astronomical Observator, ChinaJun Yang
26-01-2011Astronomy at the Weekendschool in GroningenRoy Smits
25-01-2011Today's colloquium: The LOFAR Epoch of Reionization experiment data model: simulations, calibration and inversion (Panos Labropoulos, ASTRON)Valeriu Tudose
24-01-2011First SFXC correlation of a millisecond pulsar VLBI experiment at JIVEJun YANG
21-01-2011Modeling the Invisible Interstellar MediumJo-Anne Brown, Cameron Van Eck and Marijke Haverkorn
20-01-2011Radio and X-ray absorption in compact radio galaxiesRaffaella Morganti & Luisa Ostorero
19-01-2011Today's Homework: LOFAR Pulsar Data ReductionJason Hessels
18-01-2011Today's Colloquium: LOFAR's UHEP mode, NuMoon, and the global search for extremely energetic cosmic particles (Clancy James, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)Colloquium
17-01-2011Live LOFAR observing at AAS2011 (video)Joeri van Leeuwen, George Heald, Michiel Brentjens, Michael Wise
14-01-2011Hanny van Arkel visits the ASTRON stand in SeattleHanny van Arkel
13-01-2011Today's colloquium: Early Science Opportunities with ALMA (Michiel Hogerheijde, Allegro - ALMA Regional Center Node in NL)Valeriu Tudose
12-01-2011Training day...Arno Schoenmakers
11-01-2011ASTRON booth and Lofar model at the AAS in SeattleRaffaella Morganti on behalf of the AAS expedition team
10-01-2011The Balance of Power in the Interstellar MediumMarijke Haverkorn
07-01-2011Quasars at the Cosmic HorizonZsolt Paragi
06-01-2011In Memoriam: Seungyoup Chi, 1974-2011Alicia Berciano, Edo Loenen, Roberto Pizzo, Peter Barthel & Michael Garrett
05-01-2011In Memoriam: Seungyoup Chi, 1974-2011. Alicia Berciano, Edo Loenen, Roberto Pizzo, Peter Barthel & Michael Garrett
04-01-2011ASTRON news enters its 7th yearFemke Boekhorst, Raffaella Morganti & Michael Garrett
03-01-2011Onwards into 2011Your AJDI editors